Maneater - You're the shark!

  • "Maneater is the first-ever open-world action-RPG (ShARkPG) where you play as a shark."
    Coming this Friday, May 22nd on PS4, XO and PC, and later this year on Switch. A sort of "medium priced" game with 40 €/$ price tag.

    Maneater - Launch Trailer
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    Could be a perfect "swimming in 7s" game. A unique piece in any case, I'm getting this. :)

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    I like the look of this, remember the E3 trailer had me laughing really hard. Might pick it up just because its a very different "off" game.

  • I like how it looks and the tone seems to be on point, looks like it should be at least a fun novelty, though as a shark lover I can't help but think a little that I don't like seeing them portraited as murderous beasts, again, but I think it has the right tone, and it couldn't hurt their image anymore than Jaws already did, so sure looks fun.

  • Whoa oh here she comes... she's a maaaaaaneaaaater

  • The game's getting pretty much what I anticipated with the OpenCritic score being 73 at the moment.

    EZA's review was very well done, good job from Brad (and Ian)! I think I can live with some repetition. About to start the game in just a moment now.

    Maneater - Easy Allies Review
    Youtube Video

  • Played about five hours on my first session. This is pretty sweet, being a shark. Things are simple, the game is, but I still enjoy seeing my shark growing bigger and stronger step by step. I really like that. And it's cool how the fish or predators that first took you multiple bites to chow down later on go down in one bite. Yes! There are five different stages when the shark changes drastically - I'm now on the third, "Adult" - but it also grows in size bit by bit with every level. And this makes me smile whenever I jump on land and stark bouncing and jumping after people, what a sight. :) Especially when the beast gets bigger and bigger, hah.

  • I finished the story in about 12 hours just now. I'll definitely go for the 100 %, the remaining collectables should be an easy task now with my megashark.

    I enjoyed this a good deal, a very well executed "seven" with some definite uniqueness. There's a level cap so your shark can't continue growing endlessly (sadly). A really cool idea for a game which was then developed into a fun and satisfying arcade-y form with some welcome minor rpg elements. Do consider if you're interested! At least from a sale. (Though it's already at 40 bucks.)