What does your dream next-gen launch lineup look like?

  • I mostly wish for new IPs and unexpected sequels.

  • XSX:

    New Perfect Dark that's like the original
    New Splinter Cell that's like the original trilogy
    Halo Infinite has the atmosphere of Halo 1
    Some dream IP rebirth (MechAssault, Jet Set Radio, Project Gotham Racing, pre-Paradise Burnout)

  • Ahhh so we're dreaming here - I like this. I kinda want the PlayStation 5 lineup, launch or later down the road, to emulate the wonderful PS2-era where there were all sorts of games and major companies like EA and Activision made more than 2 games per year.

    1. Gran Turismo 7 - The dream: Full PSVR2 and wheel support. State of the art graphics and physics. Sport Mode is still primary but there are also at least a dozen fictional road circuits like old GT games. Dual Sense Haptic feedback to represent fresh tires vs desegregated ones, or wet and dirty tires feedback differently than dry ones.
      Remember when we played GT3 on PS2 and our jaws were on the floor? Then it happened again when we played GT5 on PS3 - we didn't know graphics can be so lifelike. As Director Kazunori Yamauchi would say, "better than real life". The PS5 version of GT needs to floor us again, because GT Sport didn't.

    2. SOCOM Remastered - I don't trust Sony to find the right studio for a true SOCOM sequel yet. A remaster of SOCOM 1 & 2 would be a perfect way to test the waters of the series again. Eliminate the single player and just have it multiplayer only with maps from both games. In a world where the Battle Royal genre is the number one genre in multiplayer today, why the hell not bring back a hardcore military shooter? Not to mention that PUBG proves that a realistic and simple "art direction" can sell millions of copies.

    3. Arcade Sports Game - Give me anything. NBA Street 4, Need For Speed Underground 3, NHL 3 on 3, SSX 4.
      A N Y T H I N G.

    4. Warhawk - Do the right thing. Bring it back Sony. Huge battlefield maps, 32 or 64 player Capture The Flag, 4 player split screen, lots of destruction.

    5. 50 Cent game made by Naughty Dog - Imagine an Uncharted style game but you play as 50 Cent. The drama is real, the song "Heat" plays in the background. You sometimes are an Executive Producer making hit TV shows, sometimes you tour with Snoop and Warren G, sometimes you fight ISIS. Naughty Dog can make the story make sense.

  • @dipset have you tried 3's in NHL 20? No progression or anything but good with a group.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I know of this 3 on 3 mode but the NHL series has been pretty bad since NHL 10 in my opinion. Once the "physics" changed in 2011 (they aren't physics, they were a bunch of different animations), I felt the series got pretty sluggish. Then the controls kept getting slower and more sluggish and I outright stopped playing them in like 2013. I can't believe that even in NHL 20, you can still do those moves where you kinda skate a bit left, then switch to the right, and just blow past the defenceman. You could pull that in like NHL 08.

    I want just a good arcadey sports game. Even something like NHL 06 would do for me. Just something unrealistic and fun.

  • Fallen Order 2
    Having just recently watched the first season of Mandalorian and having just started playing this, it is evident that Star Wars still has "the juice", even if the sequel trilogy was a giant, directionless clusterfuck.

    God of War 2
    I don't think I need to repeat everything I've said about this game on this forums yet again.

    Wipeout Next
    Since Nintendo will never release a new F-Zero, I'll count on Sony to bring us into the next generation of hover racing.

    DmC Devil May Cry 2
    Fuck the haters I loved this game.

    Silent Hills
    Just rent the license to Sony and let Kojima go bonkers like he was supposed to.

    NFL Blitz 2020
    Like bro it's not hard just add wrestling moves to Madden.

  • I just thought of something else seeing the mention of NFL Blitz

    A Blood Bowl game that is not the board game translated to a video game, but just actually an american football game with fantasy creatures killing each other, like I love the concept but I dont have the patience to learn what is a fairly complex game when I just want to smash creatures into each other while pretending to play ball.

  • @bard91 you're looking for Mutant League Football, friend.

  • Yeah, Mutant League Football was hype. I'd be down for a new one of those!

  • I think after Xboxs disastrous start last gen they really need to come out swinging or it's another domination from Sony.

    Halo Infinite

    Think this has already been confirmed as a launch tile. With Halo 4 & 5 being mediocre at best 343 really need to knock it out of the park they can't afford to fuck this up or Halos dead. I love a full game of the open levels from earlier Halos with loads of vehicles & some linear sections aswell with good level design.

    Fable reboot

    I think this one's in the works also. I hope Fable keeps close to its aesthetics & humour but with a Witcher 3 like open world with deeper rpg & dialogue mechanics but easy enough for a more casual gamer to get into
    like the earlier Fables.

    Pefect Dark Reboot

    Again this has been going around the rumormill. I'd like a 3rd person action adverture with loads of cool gadgets & with multiple ways to approach a level.

    Lost Odyssey 2

    I loved the first game. Mistwalker don't seem to be up to to much I could go for another decent sized budget traditional JRPG from the mind of sakaguchi I think he's 1 left in him.

    Conker or Banjo-Kazooie

    Don't get enough 3d platformers nowadays. This would be a big win for nostalgic older gamers & something the kids could play also (well maybe not conker)

    Sega Arcade racing game

    I know Phil has been cozying up to Sega lately. I'd like an old style arcade racer from Sega like Daytona or Sega Rally no customisation or other bullshit, just pure fun pick up a play arcady goodness

  • Legend of dragoon remake giving a similar treatment as the ff7 remake.
    Demon's souls remastered/remake From bluepoint games (its been rumored to long to not be a thing)
    New digimon story game just more of the same with a new setting is good enough for me

  • @paulmci27 realtalk it's so sad to see how far Halo has fallen as a series.
    realtalk #2 I would do some things to get another Lost Odyssey.

  • Sadly I don't think we will see another big project from Sakaguchi but I would love to be wrong about that, and from someone that was unbelivably hyped by Fable 2, ended up pretty dissapointed, and then sickened by 3 I would be curious on what they do with that franchise, but I would just say to thrash all the systems they had and start from zero, cause man if morality systems generally suck, Fable's was a whole other level of bad, still loved playing 2 though, despite how bad it was.

  • @el-shmiablo I played Halo 4 for a couple of hours walked down some bland corridors shot some metal looking thingy in the head about 25 times before it died & went fuck that uninstalled

    Lost Odysseys such a great game hits ya right in the feels . Even them bastard kids Cookie & Mac couldn't ruin it for me.

  • I just have zero excitement for Halo Infinite knowing that 343 are behind it. They made two games in a row that clearly show they don't really know why people fell in love with Halo in the first place.

  • @bard91 You're probably right about Sakaguchi but a boy can dream. The Fable games were always better in theory than practice but there's definitely something there if put in the right hands.

  • @el-shmiablo as someone with close to zero experience with Halo can you elaborate a bit on how it is they've dropped the ball with the later games?

  • @el-shmiablo I totally forgot about WipEout! Crazy racing games need to come back in the next gen, it's been a long time coming.

  • @el-shmiablo said in What does your dream next-gen launch lineup look like?:

    I just have zero excitement for Halo Infinite knowing that 343 are behind it. They made two games in a row that clearly show they don't really know why people fell in love with Halo in the first place.

    I’m with you.

    I just bought Halo MCC because I’ve wanted to play Halo with my friends for years but we all refuse to buy Xbox’s (except for my one friend who is a die hard Halo fan who needs Halo at all costs). Kinda funny that it took M$ so long to bring Halo to PC that I care so much less now. Fun fact - I bought a used X360 for Halo Reach and it broke immediately after my XBL Gold free trial expired and I paid for a full year. Microsoft basically told me to go fuck myself even though a firmware update killed it.

    I digress.

    This PC version of MCC is kinda weird. Only game that’s ever chugged for me in the start menu. I have to restart my computer to play it normally. I have no issues like this with any other game. Allegedly it’s bug riddled at the moment too but I haven’t noticed anything too bad.

    343 did some good work in making Halo Reach have less obnoxious reticle bloom but fixing the obvious problems in Reach is as obvious as fixing a leaky hydro dam. 343’s work on upgrading Halo CE and Halo 2 is visually nice but it’s weird that their best work as a studio is spending a bajillion years updating really old games.

    Halo 4 and 5 are absolute dog dirt across all departments. I basically want to believe that Halo Infinite will be good but I somehow doubt it. At least if it’s good, it’ll be on PC but how the hell are the supposed to release Halo Infinite when they still haven’t finished releasing the full MCC on PC after announcing it like 2 years ago?