What does your dream next-gen launch lineup look like?

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    Yeah I know taking over one of the most beloved franchises in gaming is a herculean task let alone the behemoth that is remastering 5 other Halo games to be played on 2 different platforms. That alone is a massive undertaking and hats off to 343 and their support studios for even getting it done. If 343 Industries handed in words on paper, it would still be impressive that the managed to just get it done, but they definitely have something of high quality in MCC. So I fully acknowledge my sarcasm is a bit unfounded when I say "what have they done other than spend a decade making ports".

    I think you're right that the 'shooting' element of Halo 4 and 5 are solid but they also streamlined the types of weapons you use, and the alien weapons vs the spartan weapons only aesthetically feel different. It kinda goes back to El Shim's original point that 343 kinda misses what made Halo good in the first place.

    Sure the feel of the guns and overall balance of MP is a massive part of what made the original trilogy fantastic - and that cannot be understated - so 343 having strong gunplay is important, but they completely miss the rest of it: an area multiplayer shooter, weapon pickups, a diverse selection of weapons, a diverse selection of asymmetrical and symmetrical maps, new innovative improvements to the meta with every entry. I feel like when we talk about valuable additions to the franchise, 343 Industries has just run though the motions of putting an FPS game together by following marketplace trends rather than making Halo feel unique. On paper, the Halo series isn't very different from Quake or Unreal Tournament, but in practice it plays differently.

    I rarely place the blame on evil corporate overlords "ruining" experiences but I know its true time to time and it wouldn't surprise me that Microsoft mandated Halo 4 and 5 to have some trendy features like sprinting, climbing, and ADS among other changes. Hell, Sony essentially mandated my favorite shooter SOCOM goes from a hardcore multiplayer game to a gimmick to sell PlayStation Move controllers so I know the publish can horribly impact development at times. So only time will tell whether a pressure free environment from Microsoft will make Halo Infinite that much better.

    Since this is a thread about "dreams" I'll add it to my list. I definitely hope Halo Infinite launches this year and it pushes the FPS genre forward through recognizing what made it great in the first place. In the end, it's possible 343 pulls through, but I'm definitely not holding my breath.

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    Pefect Dark Reboot

    Again this has been going around the rumormill. I'd like a 3rd person action adverture with loads of cool gadgets & with multiple ways to approach a level.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Perfect Dark going 3rd person??? That would make it like the majority of AAA games out there today. What we DON'T have a lot of right now is arena shooters, or just non-COD FPSes.

  • Because it's in vogue 3d person games is what made Sony this gen. If Microsoft can do a 3st person as beloved I'm in.

  • Damn! SOOO close!



    I got my hopes up for a hot second there until...


    Apparently it is the media's fault for Next Level Racing making up a fake logo and laying it out among three other real racing games that are coming out in 2020. Hmmmm... yep that makes sense!

    I think despite the fact that they are deflecting any blame, they might know something. Could GT7 be a PS5 launch title?

  • @dipset lol I saw that too, that logo looked a bit too good for me to be a mockup tbh... there's something about that number 7 placement that feels so right for me. I don't feel confident about Polyphony delivering a launch day release though, unless if it's more like a GT Sport 1.5 or something of the sort. Those guys love taking their time.

  • @bam541

    I feel like GT Sport in Oct 2017 to GT7 in, say, Oct 2020 = Polyphony's fastest turnaround I know of.

    Although Yamauchi and Polyphony in general are a bit illusive in the media, I believe I read somewhere that the assets in GT Sport were mostly ground up with minimal reuse from the PS3 games. That's why the game launched with so few vehicles relative to their older games. But as a result of these ground up assets, a lot of them can be "scaled up" to a higher quality than currently available on PS4. Sorta like they future-proofed some assets or something like that.

    So that can speed up production time. They also have pretty much every important road circuit in the world already in GT Sport and the only improvements they need would be plus ups.

    So maaaaaaybe, the three year turnaround is believable assuming some of this work on GT Sport is applicable to GT7.

  • @dipset I totally forgot about the future proofed assets. I remember Digital Foundry talking about them and saying that the models are just way too detailed than other racing games. That definitely makes it more plausible. There's also a possibility that they just port GT Sport to PS5 and continue the current model of the game there, which is less hype, but still could be pretty cool if they really turn up the graphics and such.

  • I think 7 built on a Sport base could work pretty well. We've already been shown that Sport looks incredible in 4k+ resolutions, so just taking the assets and doing some spring cleaning like enhancing the ray tracing that is already in the PS4 version, improve lighting, and I think the turnaround on 7 could be a lot faster than previous games.

  • Demons souls remaster and a proper ratchet and clank game and I'm set for ps5.

    Wild dreams
    Starfield and a naughty dog jak game.

  • Backyard Baseball 2001 Remastered. Comes with the added bonus of being able to relive your childhood, but only the good parts when you weren't a hormone monster driven purely by your Id. Man, those ten minutes would be worth the price of admission alone!

  • I just realized that a horror game is probably the best way to show off PS5's 3D audio tech. Surely Cerny is aware of it since he used Dead Space as an example. Maybe Silent Hill could be just that...

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    Backyard Baseball 2001 Remastered. Comes with the added bonus of being able to relive your childhood, but only the good parts when you weren't a hormone monster driven purely by your Id. Man, those ten minutes would be worth the price of admission alone!

    Even better - High Heat Baseball 2003!

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