Best/Worst Remakes and Remasters

  • @hazz3r I agree HG / SS were great, but the one place I think they dropped the ball was the music.

  • @oscillator
    I think the brighter look fits well with OOT3D, but for MM3D it certainly detracts from the visual atmosphere that MM created.

    That said I do hope the we see a Switch version of OOT/MM3D and they use it as a chance to retool MM back to feeling/ looking more like the original.

  • I recall the Turok 2: Seeds of Evil remaster being another disappointment for pairing technical improvements with undesired changes. The sheer number of modifications to remove rough edges and make completion straightforward feels like the developers were paranoid. The maps in Turok 2 are huge and you were meant to remember to fully explore places before you move on completely. When non-linearity and mission objectives intersect, a player might be playing a while before realizing they missed something earlier in the level. Everyone experiences this when they are new... becoming more attentive and learning the maps is a normal part of mastering the game. In the remastered version, every level (except one, I think) was modified and mission critical side branches have been relocated onto the paths of forward progress into the level. In addition to screwing up the level layout for returning players, it asks less of the player to complete. You can now pretend the map is a long tunnel (where there would be little need to retain old locations in your memory) and you won't get lost or miss much. Key items are also placed in more obvious/prominent places, for no real reason.

    There are also several changes aimed at directly making the core gameplay -- the combat -- easier. Several weapons are more lethal, there's more health and ammo to be found in many sections, many enemies feel like they have less health and are less threatening, and some have armor plating that is less resistant. It's also really weird that these incremental changes are paired with a giant increase in "full restocks" at checkpoints. Originally, there was 1 full ammo restock and 1 full health restock shared across all save points & checkpoints in a level, mostly for emergencies and the resource taxing Oblivion Portals. In the remaster, each checkpoint has its own supply of restocks, and you can now warp between all save points instantly. That just feels like way too many free resources (several times as many as before!). And separately they are way too immediately accessible by player. Like, you can be deep into level 5 and all those extra restocks you never needed in level 1 are no more "distant" than the ones within the level. Using one of your now dozens of restocks is more convenient than organically acquiring the small bits of health and ammo pickups that were meant to keep you going.

    I also don't know why a remaster that was primarily about technical improvements (these gameplay changes mostly weren't advertised or picked up by reviewers) removed small but useful technical features from the original. There is no longer an auto-aim option in the control menu, and there are no longer individual bindable hotkeys for each weapon (keep in mind Turok 2 has something like 23 weapons).

    On the positive side, the fan game AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake is fantastic. It approaches remaking Metroid 2 with a similiar "modernize & reinvent the familiar" mindset that Zero Mission did, while not feeling like a romhack of either game. It's as good as any official Nintendo game or any commercial indie game. It's probably even better than a Nintendo game, because there are some design risks and ambitious ideas -- all pulled off successfully -- that I don't think Nintendo would do without dumbing them down or even attempt in the first place. The difficulty and challenge is also completely on point. Playing on hard is unlocked from the start and is a perfectly reasonable way to start playing (even if you've only ever played Super or something), offering more than just damage scaling. Having a well balanced difficulty mode is not really what you would expect from fan projects, which can create "romhack-y" fears about their difficulty, nor what you expect from official Nintendo games, where hard modes are usually unlockable only and feel like they overcompensate (too much damage scaling poured onto a base of relatively less threatening twitch challenges.)

  • The fact that the Wonderful 101 has even gotten a remaster is pretty amazing in itself imo.

  • I just finished Chapter 9 in FF7 Remake and I was just smiling the whole time. They took one of my favourite parts of the original game and made it that much better. FF7 Remake is more like a reimagining and I love it so much for it going its own way in some areas.

    Fyi, I'm staying clear of that thread for spoiler reasons.

  • @mbun

    Looks great. ''Remastered''s have to have this much improvement. Don't just stick a 60 FPS, 4K and a little bit better lighting; make it count.

    I didn't play it myself but remasters of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were looking bad. I checked the pictures of comparisons and I prefer the originals. Just one from google pictures:


    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a good remaster even tough after remaster collection it annoys me Nate looks like somebody else in second game after first game's Nate looks like third game's Nate right now(which they went with and improved for fourth game).

  • @Scotty
    Yeah the Arkham remasters are one hell of a mixed bag. I do like that Color's pop out a bit more in some areas (especially in Asylum) but in other areas it looks like a badly colorized version of a black & white movie.

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    @yoshi Shame about that Switch port tho.

  • How the hell did that happen?

  • @el-shmiablo So buy the PC version if you're that concerned about it mr cherrypicker

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  • He can't but anything, he just spent all his money on a security flamethrower for his car.

  • Looks like Saints Row 3 Remaster is somehow one of the best ever

    We're Not Kidding - Saints Row The Third Remastered Is An Exceptional Effort
    Youtube Video

  • @dipset That is fantastic news. I never actually played the PS3 Full Package I bought for more than an hour or two.

  • Best remake:

    Worst remake:

    I'm not a warcraft 3 fan. In fact I don't play RTS games at all. But Warcraft 3 Reforged wasn't just a shitty remake, it literally ruined the old version of the game. There are a lot of shitty remakes, a lot of disappointing ones, but you can always go back and play the original. I don't think any other remake has retroactively gone back and destroyed the original game. Blizzard outdid themselves with this one.

  • @paper-lion said in Best/Worst Remakes and Remasters:

    But Warcraft 3 Reforged wasn't just a shitty remake, it literally ruined the old version of the game.

    How? I'm not aware of this.

  • @scotty Apparently in addition to rebalancing the whole game for the worse, they added a bunch of text in the legal mumbo jumbo parts to literally say that any mods or game modes you make for WC3 are Blizzard's intellectual property, your ideas that you come up with belong to them if you implement them into their game. They are likely salty that DOTA is so popular and they don't get a piece of the action, so they want to make sure if anyone creates some new thing they can claim it's their thing.

    If you make a mod now in WC3, you have by making the mod in WC3 agreed that Blizzard owns all "titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialog, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights,"

    They also made it bannable to make mods using other games' assets, which apparently ruined a lot of popular mods for WC3 that relied on stuff like that. Super mario themed things etc. etc. and they ruined a bunch of quality of life things like tournament ladders and everything competitive was removed, and the game is just filled with bugs and issues. They also sold it with a trailer featuring a cinematic cutscene, and none of those exist in the game. They had promised them, but changed their minds, trailer is still up on the WC3 Reforged website tho, pretending that's the game you're buying.

    But here's the kicker. They've removed the original game. If you want to play the original WC3, tough shit. The Blizzard launcher will download Reforged, and simply disable HD textures for you. You are forced to play the remake. It also means the $30 you pay for Reforged is simply a texture pack.

    It's wild how they thought they could get away with this shit.

  • @paper-lion

    I didn't understand the mod part. Can't other companies also claim that mods that gamers created are theirs? Like can't Bethesda say that ''This mod is mine'' or Rockstar for example? Is there anything to prevent that?

  • @scotty Technically they can all do that, but I don't think it would hold up well in court. It was made in their game, but it is not by any means their property. That's how games like DOTA were able to branch out and become their own things. What Blizzard has done is put it in the fine-print that all mods made with their game are their property, thereby getting free ownership of any mod that could make it big.

  • @capnbobamous said in Best/Worst Remakes and Remasters:

    Technically they can all do that, but I don't think it would hold up well in court.

    So, you are saying court wouldn't accept to give the mods to companies and would claim ''This is made in your game but not yours''?

    @capnbobamous said in Best/Worst Remakes and Remasters:

    That's how games like DOTA were able to branch out and become their own things.

    I know.

    @capnbobamous said in Best/Worst Remakes and Remasters:

    What Blizzard has done is put it in the fine-print that all mods made with their game are their property, thereby getting free ownership of any mod that could make it big.

    Other companies would have a problem about claiming mods legally even if its their own properties territory but Blizzard made sure that they can claim everything by this extra fine-print; did I get it right?