Videogame Hidden Gems

  • I guess I'm pushed to make sure my take is recorded somewhere amongst the standard reception. I love Mirror's Edge Catalyst and I love Mirror's Edge even more, and I don't shy away from saying that I don't just like the parkour in these games, I like the combat and characters/story as well. I even think keeping the intermittent FPS mechanics is better than pure melee & non-violent alternatives.

    Regarding Catalyst specifically, I thought that the open world design doesn't gel with the main story (making the open world one of several clear criticisms I have with Catalyst compared to the original), but I still found fun with it when I separated them. The developers wanted an open world in the original too, and I think trying to fully realize their original visions -- especially with a clean sheet game -- wasn't a good idea in this case. To put my perspective in the boldest way, it ended up separating the developers from the fans, since the fans of a given game don't necessarily fall in love with your unrealized visions/not fully realized visions. The biggest fans fall in love with the game as it is, including things that the creators might not expect people to attach onto. Catalyst is still great though, and playing both offers much more than only playing one or the other.

    It wouldn't be a future hidden gem if everyone liked it/fondly remembered it during its era :)

  • @ezekiel

    I think the pseudo-RPG stuff ruined Catalyst, but The Evil Within 2 is actually really good except for the bad open world levels. The original game did still have a lot of upgrading to make you better over time, but I do agree that the open world segments of TEW2 were terrible.


    I wouldn't disagree that there is fun to be had in Catalyst. It is certainly fun to run around and the main missions are solid, but I personally felt like the open world design kneecapped the fluidity that you just have immediately in the original.

    Fun fact - I posted a relatively mediocre photo that I took on Nvidia Ansel (at least compared to the other great art I've seen pulled from Catalyst on Flickr), and the voice actor of Icarus, Jeff Berg, followed me on Instagram. I feel bad because in my post I specifically said I didn't like it as much as the original but I guess he followed anyways. Sometimes he posts BTS stuff from the games he works on.