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    Look at the late days of Gametrailers - very similar vibes even though Defy was forcing them to still do things they didn't care for, like Top 10s.

    GT Countdown was great. If they ever get the chance to hire more editors, I'd totally want them to bring it back.

  • will they then all of a sudden become the next big IGN or GameSpot?

    Lol no.

  • I want to say Brandon said something about it during E3, that they would definitely replicate the feel of the garage.

    I mean, Brandon would probably love a place to put all of that stuff and actually have the room again.

  • @Oscillator I had no problems with it but they have said on several occasions they didn't enjoy having to do them weekly. It felt like more of a chore as opposed to something fun. If they brought them back because they want to do them, then I'm all for it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in About that 50k Patreon goal:

    but they have said on several occasions they didn't enjoy having to do them weekly.

    I don't recall it ever being weekly. Monthly more like. But I never really paid attention to GT's release schedule...

  • I feel like this worry pops up often here and there that's why I hope Brandon someday makes a video open to everyone talking about the studio.
    Meanwhile I'll just repeat what he's said on one of his Cup of Jones episodes as well as the obvious logistic advantages of having a studio.

    1. Jones alluded to that an EZA studio wouldn't necessarily mean losing that chill feel we have with the garage currently. But when he talked about it he basically that one of the most exciting things about a studio is them getting a chance of making it really an EZA studio. Meaning talking with everyone and totally customizing it to fit with them.

    I take that as basically that for now we should think of the studio more as a place where everyone can meet up to do work rather than how it will look and feel cause the latter could most likely end up being very different to what a lot of people would associate when they hear "studio".

    1. But what might be more important than how the studio will end up looking are the logistical advantages it will provide. Currently the way they shoot stuff is basically planning meet ups at Jones' place and shooting stuff in bulk. Add to that, that not everyone necessarily lives near Jones makes it a bit harder as well.

    So what a studio will do is basically allowing even higher EZA output.
    For now I think only Frame Trap being able to go weekly instead of bi weekly is the one confirmed thing. But it's very easy to imagine how things like "Just Played" or other small fun content could be produced in an environment where everyone could meet up(with less constraints) most of the days to do work.
    Beyond that maybe TTE might also change and improve in some other ways allowing a weekly shooting schedule instead of a monthly one(although they've been getting pretty good at getting back into things when I compare each new shooting episode with each other).

  • I'd rather have it so it's easier for them to make content than to "compromise the chillness of the garage setting". Honestly, it's just their attitude, not the garage that does it.

    Oh, and Sophie. Which I've put a question into Cup of Jones of whether Sophie will be at the new studio too.

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  • Honestly, as much as the garage is fun in an early 80s Apple sort of way, it's just impractical for a lot of reasons:

    • You can't do Interviews with bigger people in a garage.
    • The allies only meet once a week, which makes spontaneous get togethers/streams/reaction videos way less likely.
    • All software and hardware is scattered all over town. It's a real hassle to get stuff on a whim (like the 2nd cam for the Kyle/Brandon Pokemonfight)
    • You can't involve people in projects spontaneously
    • Flow of information is far slower

    And I'm sure there is alot more I can't think of right now.

  • I agree in that I love the feel of the garage and how it gives the shows a bit of personality, but I'm looking forward to them finally getting a studio.

    While their space wasn't shown on camera much, the Game Grumps had this same issue when they moved into a studio space. It allowed them to do not only do more content, but better content. Arin even said that he started to look forward to making shows again because he felt like he was always working since they had been operating out of his house. I don't believe the Allies (Jones in particular) are annoyed having to work out of his garage yet, but I think it will allow Jones to have some breathing room in terms of his work and home life. When your work is at home it's hard to pull yourself away from it.

    I'll be sad when the Easy Allies Garage is retired, but that all said I'll be extremely happy to see the Allies grow and get a new space! It'll also be nice that we'll all be able to say we were here for the garage days!

  • I understand where you're coming from, I even asked a similar question in one of the Q&As, saying that the relatively small, passionate audience is one of the reasons I like EZA, but then I remembered the GT days. They were just as down-to-earth in a studio, and while they did do more stuff with guests and interviews, they didn't take away from their more personal weekly shows. Afterall, with it being a patreon funded account, I imagine the crew would get our input, before or after the fact if they started doing more standard gaming website stuff like interviews.

    My only concern is the lack of Sophie. We need a cute animal to occasionally interject in a conversation.

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    Thank you everyone for your inputs!

    Maybe it won't be so bad when they reach the studio, who knows it might even get better! (If we get sophie that is).

    I really love the feel from the garage, but I guess a studio as mentioned before wont really mean that the nice feel disappears! maybe it becomes really nice instead. Worried that they will make some half cheesy podcast studio though like a certain channel that have mimic a bar. I don't know, I rather have the more intimate feel to a podcast, up close.

    We can all hope the material becomes more and even better! as long as we can keep mean people out and more fun people in! I mean EZA do deserve great success! Maybe during next years E3 they can invite people for interviews?

  • No they won't become anything too deviant from what they currently are. However, I'd imagine working professionally at Jones' house to be somewhat distracting in comparison to an actual work space. I look forward to it and I expect the Allies will be able to work happier and more efficiently.

    There is far too much gaming media as is. Allies exhibit the ethics of original internet gaming journalism except on YouTube as opposed to a major website. That's as close to IGN-status as they will likely get.