Favourite GT/EZA Review?

  • Which GameTrailers/Easy Allies reviews have you enjoyed the most?

  • Propably something from Bloodworth. The man's so thorough in his writing, I love it. Even the racing game reviews from him are a joy to watch and to listen to because he details so well all the different aspects of a game.

    Ben's another one who does that very well, though with him it's more about the feeling and describing things through that. A ten-minute Ben review? Settle in and enjoy.

  • When GT gave Kirby's Epic Yarn "Best Graphics of the year" and the GT forums went completely ape shit because it wasn't a realistic artstyle and because it was on the Wii on not their HD consoles.

  • The Banner Saga 3, particularly its last paragraph:
    "The Banner Saga 3 is both heavy and beautiful. The characters that you get to know throughout the Trilogy are not invincible heroes but ragged, flawed, and incredibly vulnerable. It’s melancholy and fraught with distress, yet even its darkest moments tend to have some form of silver lining. In every struggle, as you question whether you’ll live or die, there’s a sense of satisfaction that at least this is a life worth living. "

    I've played half an hour of the first game, didn't like what I saw, and decided to ignore this series. But this passage had changed my mind, so I've bought the whole trilogy, finished it and felt in love.

  • By the way @ffff0 Do you find it hard to translate the reviews to Russian? I mean you seem to work those subtitles for every EZA review. How'd you end up taking such a project?

  • @sentinel-beach Initially I wanted to show Detroit: Become Human review to someone who doesn’t speak English well. So I made subtitles for it. At that time there was some interest to subtitles from the community and somebody had asked Blood about subtitle submission. So I’ve submitted mine as well. I understood that by doing so I’m agreeing to keep doing them (because it will be weird if only one review will be translated), but my desire to show that review was stronger. A few months later Blood asked me to also do English subtitles, so I’ve started doing them too.

    I don’t find it hard in terms of translation, because most of the time I’m not trying to write a piece of literature (except for the beautiful passages like the one above) – just to convey the meaning with the smallest amount of words (to make it easier for reading). There’s a lot of repetition in phrases and in subtitle creation process, so I quickly found what works efficiently and just kept doing it.

    Yes, this is an unpaid work that I don’t have to do. But I have time to do it, I found it useful immediately (when you translate a script, you understand the game much better than when you watch a video) and I hope that it will be somehow useful in my future. So until something changes, I’ll keep doing them.

    P.S. My December 2018 Community Showcase submission features my translation process if you’re interested.

    Youtube Video – [2:37:50..]

  • I don't know if favorite is the right description, but I always remember the Fallout 76 review, you could feel Ben's anger in that one.

  • STALKER review i remember where they complain about AI is too hard you cant snip with shotgun.
    I remember it was incredibly funny review. and that I enjoyed most.