PS5/Xbox Series X - Price and Release Date Predictions

  • With the PlayStation event scheduled for June 4th and the Xbox event scheduled for July. I wanted to create a place where we can all be wrong together by trying to guess the launch price and release date for these new consoles. And although we know more now than we did when 2020 started, price and release date are still unknown. So what do you all think?

    • My prediction for PS5 is US$555.55 on October 25 2020.

    That's five 5's for PS5 releasing on October 25 2020 at 5:55 pm, 10+25+20=55, 555.55. It all makes sense now. DualSense..., PS Now...


    • My prediction for Xbox Series X is US$499.99 on November 23 2020.

    I think Microsoft waits until the last second to undercut Sony. Every Xbox console has released in November, so no change this time around.

    Once PS5 gets undercut, I think they will offer a free year of PS Plus or a free digital game voucher to make up for the extra cost.

  • PS5 $450, october

    XSX $500, november

    Even one month headstart is important especially considering PS's success on Xbox.

  • I think they are both gonna be $450 and out in November.
    I think the Xbox might drop a week earlier than the PS5 tho.

  • PS5, $399 October 30th. I'll decide Xbox later in the year.

    PS5: October 15th Digital $399 Disc: $449

    XBSX: Nov 6th $499
    XBSS: Nov 20th $349

  • Kinda hard one. I'll say both at 450. Maybe MS will go 500 with one year of free Gamepass.

  • I was close

  • @scotty

    Not bad at all.