What's your current gaming setup?

  • PS4 Pro
    Un-hooked-up launch day Sega Dreamcast that's been chip modded to play ROMS
    PC :Intel i5 2600k/16gb ram/Nvidia GTX 1050ti
    Laptop: Surface Book 2 13.5" i5 7300U/8GB Ram

    "monitor" 65" Vizio P series quantum (also my tv)

  • @dipset Nice I can't wait! Since I don't have a Pro I won't be getting proper 4K yet, but just the overall better screen quality and HDR should be an awesome change, and I'll be ready for PS5!

    I heard the Vizio P Series Quantum are excellent too, but couldn't find any on sale in Singapore.

  • @axel said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    I heard the Vizio P Series Quantum are excellent too

    I think that when I bought it last year it was the best non OLED tv on the market. I got it for about 1/2 price as the demo from Costco, as they'd only gotten one shipment of them and were clearing them out.

    Pros: Full array dimming. Blacks are very black, banding is well controlled (but still there as with all LED tv's if you're looking for it). Color space is among the best in it's class. Low latency in gaming mode. High lumen brightness compared to most other tvs, which i need because my tv is in a relatively bright room. Also, supports HLG/Dolby Vision/HDR10/and HDR10+.

    Cons: Viewing angle is apparently pretty bad. Consider that my living room is so small though, that to get far enough to the side so that the viewing angle suffers -you're standing in my bathroom. So it's fine for me.

  • @dipset said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    @oscillator I guess you're the person to ask... what should I look out for in buying a CRT? I want to play my N64, GC, and PS2 but have nothing to connect it to. I have the space now so I may as well buy a CRT and a stand.

    I've always liked the look of the flat (flat-fronted, that is) Sony and RCA tubes. For retro consoles, a non-HD, 4:3, 480i or 480p model will get the job done. You can get one of the HD 16:9 tubes, but their advantages are better seen with newer gen consoles.

    S-Video (cleaner picture than composite) inputs are a must. For Xbox/PS2/GC, component inputs in combination with HD ready (being able to accept and properly display an HD and/or 16:9 signal) is even better.

    The biggest issue is moving the damn things. Not only are they bulky and heavy, but all the weight is at the front, making them awkward as hell to carry. I'd recommend a smaller set, though they may be less likely to have the above features.

    Back in the day, I saw some nice, maybe 21" Electrohome flat (fronted) CRTs. Maybe keep an eye out for one of those.

    I'm not an expert though, as I've never personally used a high-end CRT. If you need to be sure about this stuff, try these reddit pages, which are filled with legit experts:


    @axel said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    @Oscillator That's hardcore!!

    If I was truly hardcore, I'd be willing to put in the legwork to get a better CRT TV. As it is, all my efforts have gone into obtaining and repairing a high-end CRT PC monitor. It needs one more repair job, but the coronavirus restrictions are making accessing the repair joint a pain.

  • Here is a video from Digital Foundry where they play Control on a CRT. I had no idea CRT's were being used for modern games. I kind of wish I still had one so I could test it out.

    Youtube Video

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    Oh man I remember my old Trinitron.
    Weighed about 80 lbs and made my desk bend in the middle, but was absolutely gigantic and had such an amazing picture.

  • Office Desk

    Do most of my Gaming in our spare Bedroom / my Office / Junk room.

    PC with a 9700K, 16GB of RAM and an RTX 2080. I've been having issues with the thermals lately. The Tower has been on the floor as a space saving measure but I was worried that was causing the overheating issues, so the wood is just a DIY spacer that I made out of a pallet.

    It's a Samsung 1440p 144Hz monitor. Not sure on the make. The other monitor is a very cheap BenQ. It's nearly 10 years old. I use it exclusively as a code monitor when I don't have enough screen space on my Primary.

    PS4 Pro currently hooked up to the monitor too, and a Switch plugged in that I can play sat on the couch behind me.

    It's quite messy right now as it doubles as my work desk. I work on a Macbook Pro hooked up to the Samsung, lifting the keyboard on top of the books.

    I have an Xbox One downstairs hooked up to a 55 inch LG LED 4K TV. Mainly use it for 4K Media but also for Xbox Exclusives if they entice me.

    Not hooked up atm:

    PS3, PS2, PS1.

    PS2 and PS1 are both original fats. PS3 is a second hand 1st gen slim I bought last year when my Launch Day PS3 died. My PS1 is chipped, although I don't have any chipped games any more, just all my genuine games.

    Use a pair of Astro A50s. I generally have really bad luck with headsets. I've not happy with these ones but I've not even had them for 2 years. I think I'm going to look to buy a new headset whenever the new consoles release.

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    Recently got my computer back up and running. Cleaned up my desk and made everything look nice and spiffy.

    Unfortunately, it's fucking ancient. GTX 680, 8 GB RAM, and an i5 3450.

  • @oscillator Wait so is S-Video better than component on those tvs too?

  • Bedroom setup minus the Xbox which is in my living room atm because I was watching Evil Dead in 4K.

    Only downside to my TV is that the HDR on it absolutely sucks, gives everything a weird yellow/ orange tinted.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I used to have that same keyboard. I liked it but she kicked the bucket with a vengeance.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    @oscillator Wait so is S-Video better than component on those tvs too?

    No, but pre-PS2 consoles only support up to S-Video* unless modded.

    Also, S-Video is a more stress-free connection. Component cables can be hard to get, especially for the GameCube (and even then, only older models have the port). And video outputs varied per game on that era of consoles, ranging from 4:3 480i/p to 16:9 720p/1080i. TVs also vary in what they'll accept. I have a CRT with component input, but it will only accept 480i over it. So, if you want to go for component, HD ready is a must.

    *The Dreamcast supports VGA, but that's a rare port on televisions.

  • Any tips on how to cozy my spare room up? It's not large but also not tiny. 6' x 8' if I round up.




    All of these boxes are filled with VHS tapes, books, older game systems, and games. All of it can get cleaned up into one shelf or dresser perhaps. Bike can go somewhere else easily.

    Just wondering if you guys have any tips for making a little spare room cozy? I want to add: CRT, shelf or dresser, new lamp, and either a comfortable chair or small couch, carpet.

    I know it sounds like I'm answering my own question but I'm more curious if any of you have a small room like this? Ideally, my girlfriend and I can play games in here. For example, Overcooked is free on Epic Store right now but there is no comfortable way to get her and I around this desk.

    I don't have Pintrest but where do you look for aesthetic inspiration?

    Thanks for anybody that can help.

  • @dipset Is the interior wall drywall or is it masonry as well? If it's an option, a pocket door would give you some extra space. Then you could maybe mount a screen on that interior wall and put seating where your computer desk and bike are. That slope beside your computer desk looks like it'd be comfy if you throw a cushion on it. You could put storage underneath the seats for consoles or whatever. Small "area" rug in the middle with an even smaller coffee table on top and you're set.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    The wall to the right of my computer desk is drywall. The rest of the walls are masonry.

    I didn't think of turning the seats into storage but that's a really good idea actually. Now I'm wondering if I should bring my step dad into the mix and we do a custom seat where my desk currently is.

  • @dipset said in What's your current gaming setup?:


    Now I'm wondering if I should bring my step dad into the mix and we do a custom seat where my desk currently is.

    Yeah, I talk a big game but the pocket door on my pantry was entirely my dad.

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    My pictures are outdated. I've removed the rug, moved the lamp and put that box containing my headphones on the other side of the table, so that I can use them also while watching the TV. The headphones are boxed (with the wires coming out of the bottom of the box) because I don't want the foamies getting encrusted with dust like my old ones while not using them. I also have a slightly bigger bed now, a twin XL instead of that twin.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Sony 64 inch 900e
    All Sony speakers in front
    Pioneer speakers as surrounds
    Onkyo TX-NR575 receiver on the cabinet (I had to remove the doors from that closet to actually get the cabinet in there)
    LG 4K player under the center speaker
    PC has a Ryzen 5 2600X, GTX 1070, 16 GB RAM, 18 terabytes of storage. Ducky One 2 mechanical red keyboard, G403 wired mouse (G703 wireless on the coffee table). ASUS MX27AQ (horizontal) and Dell U2717D IPS 27 (vertical).
    Headphones are Massdrop (amp/DAC) x Sennheiser HD 6XX

  • @DIPSET A coat of paint.

  • Just made a few upgrades.. this is what I'm working with now


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    @faaip Love the minimalist aesthetic.