What's your current gaming setup?

  • Kind of a vague premise, but I thought it could be fun to have a thread where we share what we're playing on, which may include:

    • the consoles we currently own
    • our PC specs for those who use one
    • the TV/monitor we use for gaming
    • our sound setup
    • and so on

    You don't have to list it all, it could also be a thread for questions and recommendations!

    I also felt like sharing that I just bought a new TV. For all of this generation I "only" had a low-end full HD TV, so I've never tasted the joys of 4K or HDR. And with the next-gen coming, I've been feeling the itch. I've always neglected the quality of the TV I was gaming on, but I finally want something beefy enough to get the most of my console. So I did some research and ended up picking a 55" Samsung Q70R. I should be getting it next week and I'm beyond excited, I can't wait to revisit all of my PS4 games, they're going to feel like next-gen come early.

    So here's what I've currently got:

    • base PS4 (never upgraded to a Pro because I didn't have the TV to make the most of it, and now I'm better off waiting for PS5)
    • Switch
    • New 3DS XL
    • Wii U
    • NES and SNES Classic

    What about the rest of you?

  • My main console/device for gaming is my PS4 Slim. I'm using the 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 controller, which I love very much. The TV i use for it is a 32 inch Samsung LED TV that I got for free, with the extremely high display resolution of 1366x768. For the sound, I use these cheap-ass Logitech Z121 speakers, and I have a bunch of headsets/earbuds to use. Most of the time I use my Audio Technica LS70is.

    I also have a Nintendo Switch Lite, and a hacked PS Vita, and sometimes I use my 11 inch laptop to play games... mostly CS:GO (and Valorant, hopefully). It has a Intel Pentium Silver N5000 CPU, 4GB of un-upgradable RAM and a integrated Intel graphics card. Perfect for gaming! I have a Logitech G402 mouse, which I bought back when I have a more suitable PC for gaming.

  • This is what I currently have:

    • PC
    • Switch
    • Xbox One S
    • PS4 Slim
    • Wii U
    • PS2 Slim
    • 2DS XL
    • DS Lite
    • GBA SP
    • SNES

    TV - Samsung 43" 4K UHD
    Monitor - Dell - 27" LED QHD G-SYNC Monitor 144Hz
    Sound - Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset + Corsair HS50 Wired Headset

    PC Specs:

    • CPU - Intel Core i5 8400
    • GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1070
    • RAM - 16 GB
    • Lights - Yes



  • @shoulderguy said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    Corsair HS50 Wired Headset

    I also have this, it's a super solid budget gaming headset.

    Lights - Yes

    This made me laugh out loud for some reason. Sick PC, btw.

  • On my office desk:

    • PC (Gaming Ultrawide, baby!)
    • Switch
    • PS3

    In the living room:

    • PS4
    • PS2
    • XBox 360
    • SNES/NES Mini
    • Wii U
    • Steam Link

    Other Portables:

    • PS Vita
    • DSXL
    • 3DS
    • 2DS
    • GameBoy Advance

    Not Connected/Not Used Currently:

    • ColecoVision
    • NES
    • SNES
    • PSTV
    • Wii
    • Tandy CC3 (I primarily gamed on it as a kid)

    I'm almost 40, and I've kept all my consoles over time. :P Really bummed that I ever sold by GameBoy and games back in High School. Also, I find my own list obnoxious, but there it all is.

  • I've got nothing special in terms of displays or sound. Although to the extent that I've gone out of my way to get special peripherals for my "setup" I use a mechanical keyboard (Das Keyboard Model S) and when I record Lets Plays or Streams I use an Audio-Technica headset for both sound and mic (ATH-PDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset). Regarding headsets, when I did research for microphones to do youtube/twitch stuff, I was reading that that no headset would be suitable for anything other than casual voicechat but I'm amazed by how good this one is. If it breaks I think I'm just going to replace it (perhaps with the closed ear version), because I can't imagine an improvement in quality with standard mics that is worth making my desk awkward during recording.

    I'm apparently the rare type of person who doesn't mind keeping only 1 system connected to my TV at a time, and even having no systems connected if I'm only playing PC games and portables. As a youngster I would sometimes daisy chain the RF adapters to hook up all my 8 and 16 bit systems at once, but eventually there was a need to keep my systems in boxes or drawers and I guess that habit stuck.

  • Regular Use
    Super NT

    Occasional Use
    Wii U
    GameCube (x3, I think)

    Rarely/Never Use

    My computer is a laptop that would prob struggle to run Gorillas.

    PS3 3D TV in the bedroom, crappy 60 inch LG plasma in the living room but I guess they have high refresh? Works well enough for the 2 hours I get after the fam is in bed. Also works for Totoro when they're not.

  • TV Sony Bravia 49" 4k HDR
    Yamaha soundbar

    Xbox X
    PS4 Pro
    Megadrive (My original from the 90s)
    PSOne mini (hacked)

    Ryzen 3700x
    16gb 3600mhz
    GTX 1660ti
    860 EVO SSD
    (I don't use it much for gaming)

  • I'll post photos later, but its nothing jaw dropping.

    I just moved so my living room is waaaaaay more cozy, but my PC area / office / cold ass cantina den looking thing, is waaaaay less comfortable.

    Living Room

    • 55" Samsung Q60R - 4K HDR
    • L/C/R Denton speakers (essentially stereo with a centre channel)
    • PS4 Pro (w/ x3 variably shitty DS4 controllers)
    • PS3 (with x2 boderline broken DS3 controllers, one is red)
    • Sony record player (also shitty, old, and quasi broken)
    • Dracaena trifasciata
    • Guiana Chestnut
    • Monstera deliciosa
    • Bok choy
    • Structube couch

    PC Gaming Room / Office / Spare Room / Cantina

    • 32" ASUS VA32AQ (1440p @60Hz) (not a good monitor, don't buy)
    • Razer mecha-membrane keyboard (can't remember the model)
    • Razer Deathadder Mouse
    • Bose Companion 2 (2011 model)
    • Nikon D780
    • Mariah Carey "Rainbow" album poster
    • A packed box of VHS tapes
    • A packed bag with x2 N64's, a GameCube, a slim PS2, and a bunch of games
    • Cold ass walls and floors
    • Needs a carpet

    PC Specs

    • GPU - Geforce GTX 1080
    • CPU Intel i7 6700k @4GHz
    • RAM - 16GB DDR4

    PC is nearly 3 years old and I haven't had any hiccups other than drive space. I use Lightroom, Photoshop, and Animate all with ease. I play games @ 2K resolution, 60fps with ease.

    These GPU's nowadays don't really go bad for a long time.

  • The TV I use for gaming is a run-of-the-mill 36" Sanyo CRT. Curved, 480i, no component, mediocre picture. I use it because I'm a CRT diehard, but not to the extent that I'll go through the rigmarole of finding somebody with a truck and going to the other side of town where all the high-end CRT owners are. I've had enough problems hauling around my CRT PC monitors for repair.

    An Xbox One base model (with an Elite controller, because the regular Xbox One controller is a piece of junk), Xbox 360, and Wii U are hooked up to it via S-Video. The switching is done with a Pelican System Selector Pro 2.0, which uses relays to avoid signal conversion.

    alt text

    The HDMI from the Xbox One is necessarily converted to component with an HDCP-compatible HDFury2 (the Xbox One doubles as a Blu-ray player), and then downscaled to 480i S-Video and letterboxed (the CRT is not HD ready, to add to its other drawbacks - buying these converters was still easier than getting a better CRT, though) with an AVT-3190.

    alt text
    alt text

    I also have my old Nintendo 64, which is currently in storage. When I do use it, I hook it up via RF to a 13" Hitachi CRT built in 1978, which has a much nicer picture than the Sanyo.

    I'm not totally against using a flat-panel TV, but most LCDs I've seen have this kind of fake contrast, limited colour depth look to them. Plasmas and OLEDs look the best, but have durability issues. The best LCD I've seen is the Sony XBR8, which uses full-array RGB backlighting. High-end 4K panels use it too, though the XBR8 used a denser array than they do nowadays. Everything I've just listed has always been way above my budget, though.

  • @oscillator Let me guess, you're into analogue synths?

  • @oscillator

    Wait what? You downscale your HD games to 480i? To what benefit?

    I guess you're the person to ask... what should I look out for in buying a CRT? I want to play my N64, GC, and PS2 but have nothing to connect it to. I have the space now so I may as well buy a CRT and a stand.

  • @Sazime I wish I'd kept my consoles too, but I usually sold them to buy the next one, sold my NES to buy an SNES, etc. As well as all the games. Really regret it now but I guess I didn't have much choice, wasn't making my own money as a kid!

    @dipset said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    • 55" Samsung Q60R - 4K HDR

    Oh that's the one I was going to get at first, highly recommended by several websites I checked, but then I saw it was the same price for a 65" Q60R and a 55" Q70R, I hesitated a lot but ultimately thought 65" might be too big for my living room setup so went for the Q70R.

    How do you like it?

    @Oscillator That's hardcore!!

  • @axel

    I love it. When I was a poor university student in 2015, my old HDTV from 2009 kicked the bucket. I used my hard earned student loan money to buy a 42" Vizio M-series, which was pretty good for the price. Skip ahead to the summer of 2019 and the power just suddenly dies on it. A repair wasn't on the table because Vizio doesn't do repairs. So I used my hard earned actual money to upgrade.

    My jaw was on the floor when I got home. I christened it with The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. The HDR looks sooooo great on shows / films that actually use modern film equipment to really capture those colours.

    For games everything looks very striking and vivid, which is good but definitely something I had to get used to. For some reason Call of Duty looks really bad with HDR and you don't have the option to turn it off. Most games just look waaaaaay better. Also the speed of the TV is pretty comparable to a fast PC monitor. The lines are blurring between TV and monitor these days.

    TL;DR - you'll love it.

    Icing on the cake, Samsung has a ton of warehouses in my province. I assume they are everywhere world wide. They have a warranty for any faults including power supply up to a year or two. Beyond that period, you can send it to a nearby warehouse for a reasonably priced repair need be.

  • PS4 Pro
    Un-hooked-up launch day Sega Dreamcast that's been chip modded to play ROMS
    PC :Intel i5 2600k/16gb ram/Nvidia GTX 1050ti
    Laptop: Surface Book 2 13.5" i5 7300U/8GB Ram

    "monitor" 65" Vizio P series quantum (also my tv)

  • @dipset Nice I can't wait! Since I don't have a Pro I won't be getting proper 4K yet, but just the overall better screen quality and HDR should be an awesome change, and I'll be ready for PS5!

    I heard the Vizio P Series Quantum are excellent too, but couldn't find any on sale in Singapore.

  • @axel said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    I heard the Vizio P Series Quantum are excellent too

    I think that when I bought it last year it was the best non OLED tv on the market. I got it for about 1/2 price as the demo from Costco, as they'd only gotten one shipment of them and were clearing them out.

    Pros: Full array dimming. Blacks are very black, banding is well controlled (but still there as with all LED tv's if you're looking for it). Color space is among the best in it's class. Low latency in gaming mode. High lumen brightness compared to most other tvs, which i need because my tv is in a relatively bright room. Also, supports HLG/Dolby Vision/HDR10/and HDR10+.

    Cons: Viewing angle is apparently pretty bad. Consider that my living room is so small though, that to get far enough to the side so that the viewing angle suffers -you're standing in my bathroom. So it's fine for me.

  • @dipset said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    @oscillator I guess you're the person to ask... what should I look out for in buying a CRT? I want to play my N64, GC, and PS2 but have nothing to connect it to. I have the space now so I may as well buy a CRT and a stand.

    I've always liked the look of the flat (flat-fronted, that is) Sony and RCA tubes. For retro consoles, a non-HD, 4:3, 480i or 480p model will get the job done. You can get one of the HD 16:9 tubes, but their advantages are better seen with newer gen consoles.

    S-Video (cleaner picture than composite) inputs are a must. For Xbox/PS2/GC, component inputs in combination with HD ready (being able to accept and properly display an HD and/or 16:9 signal) is even better.

    The biggest issue is moving the damn things. Not only are they bulky and heavy, but all the weight is at the front, making them awkward as hell to carry. I'd recommend a smaller set, though they may be less likely to have the above features.

    Back in the day, I saw some nice, maybe 21" Electrohome flat (fronted) CRTs. Maybe keep an eye out for one of those.

    I'm not an expert though, as I've never personally used a high-end CRT. If you need to be sure about this stuff, try these reddit pages, which are filled with legit experts:


    @axel said in What's your current gaming setup?:

    @Oscillator That's hardcore!!

    If I was truly hardcore, I'd be willing to put in the legwork to get a better CRT TV. As it is, all my efforts have gone into obtaining and repairing a high-end CRT PC monitor. It needs one more repair job, but the coronavirus restrictions are making accessing the repair joint a pain.

  • Here is a video from Digital Foundry where they play Control on a CRT. I had no idea CRT's were being used for modern games. I kind of wish I still had one so I could test it out.

    Youtube Video

  • Banned

    Oh man I remember my old Trinitron.
    Weighed about 80 lbs and made my desk bend in the middle, but was absolutely gigantic and had such an amazing picture.