What's your current gaming setup?

  • UPDATE Allies.

    I made some improvements to my gaming room / office / spare room.

    • Cheap pull out futon for old school hover in front of the TV vibes, but also a place for my little bro to say if he's in town (display model discount baby).

    • TV bench. Quite small and won't house majority of my games / VHS tapes so I'll likely need to get a floating shelf or something.

    • Ergochair 2 (under the recommendation of @TokyoSlim - thanks!). Pretty good, better than what I had. Only complaint is that the arm rests are really far away from the elbows. EDIT: def installed them backwards.

    This room is officially cozy. Might get some plants (or steal some from my girlfriend's rain forest in our living room).


    I still need:

    • CRT or HDTV that'll play GC and N64
    • More storage
    • Picture frames (might hang my photography)
    • Better and less harsh lighting
    • MAYBE some LED lights to dive into boorish gamer aesthetics
    • A webcam for Google Meets @ work

    Thanks for the advice. Not that I followed it all.

    Just a very major warning about shopping @ IKEA:

    If you value your time and sanity, avoid IKEA unless the items you want are in-store and you have the means to pick it up. I live in a major city and nobody owns a car unless they are rich or a sadistic person who loves traffic. I ordered delivery and received 98% of my items in a timely manner. The last item, my new TV bench, was a saga of 15+ hours on support and multiple canceled orders for the reason that they think I didn't pay for it, despite multiple chat transcripts showing that I have. The order would get canceled the day of delivery every time without notice.

    If you have an issue with your order, you will suffer at a minimum of 4 hours to even get a hold of somebody to resolve the issue. Trust me, I've had to re-connect with support 3 times and every time it was a 4 hour wait. I believe I have been in contact with 9 representatives and only the last person was useful.

    My former roommate (who's house I moved out of in April) had ordered something that was out of stock in the store. It still hasn't arrived... it almost took me 2 months.

  • Shoutout to Mariah Carey.

  • I'm going to redesign my game room this winter because it's a mess.
    I will make pictures again after I finished :)



    My PS4 and Switch are in the living room.

  • @neocweeny
    Needs MOAR cables!!

  • @phbz

    I need to start labeling my cables...


    If anyone knows a good RGB SCART switch with more ports that would also be a great help =D

  • @phbz

  • @neocweeny Sick tower of power, btw

  • @neocweeny I did that for my music setup, was a nightmare before that.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Thanks!!!

    Definitely one of my prides in my collection, it's in great condition and region free =D

    Also all powered by only one AC adaptor, also got a cable that it takes the audio from the headphone port.

  • Let me know what your cleaned up gaming room is looking like. I need inspiration for my own room.

  • @NeoCweeny Good to see the original Xbox :)

    @Phbz Compared to my setup, you ain't seen cables! (Will try and get a pic in due course.)

  • 0_1608050736341_MvC ac 2.PNG

    Finally got my Marvel vs Capcom cabinet from Best Buy and got it all set up. Very happy with how it turned out.

  • @themarcv
    Looks nice, looking to grab one myself once I figure out where I could put it