PS4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio Can't Play TRUE Native 4K

  • Its not gonna be, but it's still a step up to what this gen should have been

    my pc mostly can't play 4k on newer games and i spent quite a bit, i doubt that neo or scorpio can.

  • @ChaosBahamut Depends on AMD's new cards. The $239 rx480 card is competing in power with Nvidia's $600 cards.

    It can reach 4k with modest settings and FPS, so we can only imagine what the 490 can do.

  • Yea I think native 4k is practically out of the question for big budget titles. And my HDTV along with many others, won't even be able to display a resolution higher than 1080p anyways. Both upgraded consoles though should easily be able to do north of 1080p. But I doubt there will be much if any games to speak of; that truly push Neo & Scorpio to its limits.

    Neo has to retain some limitations of the earlier PS4 models. And while MS hasn't ruled out a developer making a Scorpio exclusive. They have enough trouble getting 1st and 2nd party games. Putting up the money for an absolute beast of a game spec wise. Will not be a great investment for a company whose looking for a return profit. Unless its just a PC port.

  • If the leaks are to be believed, the whole point of the PS4k is not to PLAY at native 4k, but to be compatible with 4k tvs. There's new 4k blu rays and Sony sells a lot of 4k televisions. The games aren't going to be natively 4k for a long time, and the hardware available now isn't really capable of doing that at the current level of graphical fidelity for under $400 USD.

    The PS4k is a relatively minor spec bump by basically overclocking the existing hardware a little, a new blu ray player, and the upgraded HDMI that supports 4k signal. Let's not assume it's remotely close to offering real 4k gaming. It'll probably upscale ok, but 4k TV's generally already do that.

  • No one but ignorant youtube commenters actually expects them to render in 4K.

  • I don't doubt that NEO can play in 4k, I mean - we're talking about SONY here. Ya know, the hardware king? Those guys.

  • @Carlos I can't tell if this sarcastic or not.
    The Neo is already aging hardware. You aren't going to be getting 4k out of anything save pixelshit indie games.

  • I'm pretty sure a GPU as powerful as the Scorpio claims to have can do 4K gaming. It's definitely not impossible. But I doubt most devs will use it for that. I bet most devs will target 1080p with higher visual fidelity and higher frame rates.

    I imagine that any games running at 4K would be locked to 30fps

  • @El-Shmiablo Aging hardware, and it's not even out? Please think about your statement.

  • Neither machine will probably run games at true 4k, but I'm not really into that sort of thing anyway. Just take the extra juice and ensure rock solid framerates with all the bells and whistles.

  • @Whoaness The specs have already been released, and the hardware included barely matches up to a mid-range PC.

    Listen, I know you are excited about these new consoles, but this is always what happens.

  • @El-Shmiablo They are not officially released for Neo, and Scorpio hasn't released complete details.

    Stop thinking rumors amount to anything.

  • Banned

    I also had another thought. When Microsoft talked about their console and their specs and how powerful they were saying it was going to be. Do you think Sony thought we are going have to bump up the specs a bit from what they were going to be. DO you think Sony is too far in to the R&D for Neo for them to make the console a bit closer to power to the Scorpio ?

  • I fully expect games to be upscaled anywhere from 1440p to 2160p. There will be some games that are optimized (See DOOM) and others that aren't.

  • @Whoaness Upscaling, sure. All that does is stretch the image.
    None of these consoles will be playing anything NATIVELY in those resolutions, and I doubt most will ever take advantage of the extra power in any significant way.

    All I'm really hoping for is a framerate bump for some games. Just Cause 3 is downright unplayable a lot of the time.