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  • Damn my top 4 are duking it out right now. I can probably place these 4 games in any order but I don't want to sabotage the chances of some less likely ones succeeding by placing them lower down.

    All I know is that my Top 4 are all GOTY games to me and it's too hard to pick.

    Hottake but Mass Effect 2 wasn't something I played in 2010. I played it in 2012 when the trilogy released on EA Origin. I played the original and really liked it despite the flaws but Mass Effect 2 felt like such a massive step backwards in many regards but mainly the level design. It was barely improved if not worsened. I don't understand how The Order 1886 got roasted so badly for having bland level design and mundane shootouts 4ish years later, but Mass Effect 2, a game with a significant amount of combat, got away with such boring shootouts and corridor levels.

    It's good, but not great. In terms of raw gameplay experience, I don't think its a GOTY contender.

    All this to say, 2010 is a competitive year and I think I'm going to respect however this list pans out. There are A LOT of HQ games here.

  • @ffff0 said in Vote for the forum's GOTY 2010!:

    and 1 that I can't say anything good or bad about.

    I have a game like that. I remember finishing the game on a laptop that I borrowed from a friend. But I can't recall anything about the game, so I left it off my list entirely.

  • @dipset Had to kill some babies too. Crazy year.

  • Finally submitted. I think it's really hard because 2010 is so varied. Every game in my list is different, and they're all exceptional at what they set out to do. 2010 is the year of 10s imo.

  • My list is in. If I pondered it too much longer, I might go mad.

    I'm now starting my campaign for Battlefield Bad Company 2 to make your lists. For some reason, really great shooters get omitted from our GOTY Top 25 lists but I'm telling you, if you're not sure how to fill a slot, this game was amazing.

    Obviously with any multiplayer shooter, the bread and butter is the nuance that could maybe be described perfectly by somebody more talented at writing than myself, but most of the time, it just has to be played for yourself to fully appreciate.

    Considering that, I'm not going to focus on the feel of the game, the balance of guns, and all that. I'm just going to list points that I think make it a GOTY contender and also a game changer:

    PC Quality on Consoles

    Battlefield was always a PC dominant franchise and through the power of 360 and PS3, and the work and finesse of the Frostbite Engine, DICE managed to bring a PC quality shooter onto consoles for the first time ever. It wasn't a watered down version of the PC game, it was the exact same game with minor differences.

    This introduced console players to an entirely new experience of a massive scale multiplayer battle. Not only this, but the presentation in this game was world class. In fact, BFBC2 cleaned house at various industry awards shows for its audio design

    Meaningful Destruction

    Other games had destructibility, but in BFBC2, you didn't have to think about what is and isn't destructible when almost everything on the map can be destroyed. You can flatline entire buildings, you can radio in an airstrike on an enemy tank, you can sneak up on enemy vehicles and plant C4.

    But think about this - BFBC2 had this destructibility in an online competitive multiplayer game. The netcode worked fantastic. Everything was 1:1, with no noticeable lag. You could flatline a multiplayer map with a high graphical fidelity and no hiccups. That's still amazing by today's standards.

    Not only was is impressive but it changed tactics and I think this is where BFBC2 shined the most and left an industry wide influence. The "Rush" mode involved one team attacking two targets, and the other defending them. Some of these targets were in very destructible areas meaning the attackers could just flatline a building and be done with it. That meant in some Rush maps, the defenders couldn't just have a meta-strategy of hiding in one spot every time because the offence could just destroy the target from a distance. By this, a good defence often meant a strong offence to protect the target. In the end, no two games of Rush mode were the same.

    Nowadays, any shooter worth anything has destruction in some form. I think of the influence BFBC2 had on games like Rainbow 6 Siege where destruction just brings another degree of tactics pushing the genre forward.

    Unique Map Design

    An online shooter lives and dies by its map design. Some arena shooters like Halo have iconic maps that are both large and small. Some entries in popular franchises are panned by fans because they didn't have any interesting maps. BFBC2 has some of the most interesting maps in the series and I don't think any game has made maps like this since.

    In BFBC2, one Rush map feels like a story. You have to plant a bomb and destroy two targets before the map opens up into a new area and you have to destroy 2 more targets. This makes one map feel like 3-4 maps all in one.

    Take the map "Africa Harbor"

    • It starts in a military base and progresses into a battle in a quaint harbor town.

    • Next it moves into a railway with a cargo bridge creating chokepoint. Now the map goes from open to closed with CQC.

    • Finally, it winds down on the shore of harbor at a massive industrial shipping area. Here the map opens up again.

    This is one example of many great map designs in BFBC2. Keep this in mind as a comparison; Zipper Interactive's "MAG" released in 2010 and nobody remembers that game despite 120 people fighting on a massive battlefield map. It's because the maps were these copy-n-paste fragmented sections with empty space between generic battle areas with little to no art direction.

    By contrast, a BFBC2 map unfolds like a good novel. I have never seen something like that in games since BFBC2, including other BF games.

  • @dipset The main thing I remember from BFBC2 is how Rush was this incredible new game mode that captured my attention for a few weeks. It was like discovering Search and Destroy from Modern Warfare all over again.

    In my opinion Rush is one of Battlefield's finest exports.

  • @hazz3r

    I think Rush in BFBC2 was a top contender of my best gameplay experiences last gen. Rush in Battlefield 3 was also very good, but the limited destruction and faster time to kill in BF3 made it feels slightly different and less exciting.

    You call Rush mode an export but did any other games copy it? I wish they did copy Rush mode because it's incredible, but I'm surprised more games didn't run away with it.

  • @dipset
    War Mode in Call of Duty World War 2 takes a lot of inspiration from Rush. That’s the main one I think of. Didn’t Battlefront also use it.

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  • I just happened to feel like checking in. Sure I shall give it a go!

    13 games for me to rank! How fun.

  • Nice one, loads of good memories there

  • 2010 is a good year. Not necessarily the greatest year of games but a bunch of games I really liked. My first run has 13 games in there... need to work on this

  • @shoulderguy

    I just watched it and wow! They didn't even nominate GoW III!

  • This is the first time that it is really tough to put together a Top 8, will have to leave off some games i really like and enjoyed playing. Honestly though Alpha Protocol should win this. :P

  • A family friend did freelance coding on Alpha Protocol back when @Exist-2-Inspire

    Told me Obsidian are hard workers but they just didn’t have any solid gigs at the time other than South Park. Crazy how far they’ve come.

  • I want to give a shout out to Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. It narrowly missed my list, but it's still my favorite Spider-Man game, and played a big role in Spider Noir and Miguel O'Hara becoming as popular as they are today.

  • @capnbobamous Noooo! I mean, it didn't miss my list. But it'll propably miss our master list. A super fun game to play, even more so as a Spidey fan.

  • New update: I've now received 37 votes, spread between 82 different games!

    We've got exactly 25 games at 8 points or over, so technically we've got a top 25 already secured, but each new vote can switch it up (there are 9 games between 8 and 10 points).

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  • 40 votes now, keep it up keep it up!

  • I'll end the votes tomorrow so final chance for those who haven't voted yet :)