Vote for the forum's GOTY 2010!

  • 2010 is a good year. Not necessarily the greatest year of games but a bunch of games I really liked. My first run has 13 games in there... need to work on this

  • @shoulderguy

    I just watched it and wow! They didn't even nominate GoW III!

  • This is the first time that it is really tough to put together a Top 8, will have to leave off some games i really like and enjoyed playing. Honestly though Alpha Protocol should win this. :P

  • A family friend did freelance coding on Alpha Protocol back when @Exist-2-Inspire

    Told me Obsidian are hard workers but they just didn’t have any solid gigs at the time other than South Park. Crazy how far they’ve come.

  • I want to give a shout out to Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. It narrowly missed my list, but it's still my favorite Spider-Man game, and played a big role in Spider Noir and Miguel O'Hara becoming as popular as they are today.

  • @capnbobamous Noooo! I mean, it didn't miss my list. But it'll propably miss our master list. A super fun game to play, even more so as a Spidey fan.

  • New update: I've now received 37 votes, spread between 82 different games!

    We've got exactly 25 games at 8 points or over, so technically we've got a top 25 already secured, but each new vote can switch it up (there are 9 games between 8 and 10 points).

    Please keep voting and shake things up! i'll probably close the votes at the end of the weekend.

  • 40 votes now, keep it up keep it up!

  • I'll end the votes tomorrow so final chance for those who haven't voted yet :)

  • Banned

    I'm so sorry I'll get right on this.
    Had a crazy past couple days. Some crazy guy on Facebook figured out where I work and called my job to report me for "dubious comments" because I blew him the fuck out in a comments section regarding The Last of Us 2 and queer visibility in videogames.
    Yeah... still blown away that that shit happened.

    Fortunately my boss and I just had a good laugh at how crazy people on Facebook can be so I'm not too worried about it. Still absolutely insane that people have to put up with this kind of shit in 2020.

  • @el-shmiablo Damn, that's one hell of a piece of shit right there.

  • Banned

    @bam541 I know, right?
    FYI I've narrowed my list down to 14 games and I'll get it done by today. Sorry for the wait!

  • @el-shmiablo Was it Acid Trip 69

  • @el-shmiablo Sorry mate that wus me # bcell4eva

  • I sent in my list.

  • @el-shmiablo Unfortunately, speaking on the Internet has become a constant case of walking on eggshells; it's getting worse, not better though. Really sad that that happened.

  • Banned

    @sheria I mean, I wasn't really worried in the first place. I literally just made the case that a game having queer characters shouldn't be seen as a negative, and that anybody who thinks so or considers that to be "SJW progaganda" is either politically infantile or has some deep seated issues that they should probably seek professional help for, or both. If my job had found issue with me considering trans people to be valid as human beings, I think I would rather not work for them. Luckily my employers are not trash humans like that.

    I was more blown away that somebody would try to ruin my livelihood over losing a FaceBook argument. Like really how much of a sad creature does somebody have to be to do something like that?

    On the subject of the thread...
    I had a really hard time narrowing my 8 down. There were just so many games in 2010 that I absolutely adored, and I narrowing it down to that many was brutal.

  • Fun story about internet people. On my work we've recently received a complain from a person, who claimed that our web-server host his baby photo without his permission. He couldn't provide any proof that it was his photo, but he was still demanding to delete it. What makes this especially funny is that image in question was a photo of 1970 baby food that was openly sold in food stores. However this person couldn't understand things like "it's 50 years old, so its public domain" and "consumers can post images of their purchases".

  • @el-shmiablo said in Vote for the forum's GOTY 2010!:

    I was more blown away that somebody would try to ruin my livelihood over losing a FaceBook argument. Like really how much of a sad creature does somebody have to be to do something like that?

    While it might be coming from a different angle than you normally see, It's honestly just another, albeit smaller scale, example of cancel culture going on. The person who did it needs to just get a life.

  • Aaaaand voting is now closed! Thanks everyone, I'll start posting the results soon!