30 Day Music challenge

  • Day 28: Music that makes you nostalgic

    The Amiga days of my childhood have an everlasting memory on my mind when it comes to the music. This is one of the most cherished ones.

    Turrican II: Desert Rocks / Chris Hülsbeck
    Youtube Video

  • Day 28: Sonic Mega Collection Plus - History

    Youtube Video

    Can not tell you how hard this one hits, all that time wasted just checking out manuals or concept art or even just comic covers. This collection was something special back in the day.

  • Day 28

    I left my last 3 favorite games for the last days, and while many songs in the franchise would fit the bill for today, this is one that had a big effect on my love for Persona 3 and paved the way for my love of the franchise.

    Youtube Video – [00:00..]

  • Day 28 - Music that makes you nostalgic

    Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved

    I think this is probably my favorite variation of all of the games' title music.

    Youtube Video

  • Day 28, music that makes you nostalgic

    This track has already been in this thread, but I feel it didn't qualify for the day it was used. So consider this its official use.

    Youtube Video

    I'm not sure if I've ever heard music in a game that better connected with its environment. The Forest Temple feels empty and unused, but also unsettling, like something's lurking somewhere behind its walls. Its music is sparse, but incredibly enhanced by an echo that sounds like it's bouncing down the longest and darkest hallway in existence. It feels like it's making the old air in the temple shimmer with an ethereal energy. Being in that temple was the first time I realized video games could be bold experiences rather than just pressing buttons to make things move on a TV screen.

  • Day 29: Assassin's Creed II - End Fight

    Youtube Video

  • Day 29, final boss music

    Youtube Video

  • Day 29: Final boss music

    Hotline Miami / El Huervo: Turf
    Youtube Video

  • Day 29: Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion - Fly Octo Fly/Ebb and Flow

    Youtube Video

    Octo Expansion's final boss isn't the hardest or most insane final boss I've ever fought but it's probably one of my favorites and this music sets the perfect tone for it.

  • Day 29 - Final Boss Music

    Undertale - Hopes and Dreams

    This song has such good Earthbound vibes when that guitar comes in reminiscent of Pokey Means Business, but less aggressive. The fight also successfully captures some of my favorite Shounen anime vibes of every character coming in at the end to help the protagonist save the day (and in this track, all of their themes represented respectively)

    Youtube Video

  • Day 29

    I just love the progression this track had and how well it fitted the battle.

    Youtube Video

  • Day 30: Super Mario World - Ending Theme

    Youtube Video

  • Missed doing this yesterday so I'll do Day 29 and 30 now.

    Day 29: Persona 5 - ... - Shoji Meguro
    Youtube Video

    I enjoyed every last second of that boss fight, it's so damn good.

    Day 30: Persona 3 - Memories of You - Shoji Meguro
    Youtube Video

    P3's ending fucking wrecked me.

  • Day 30: Credits music

    This has stayed with me ever since I first finished the game. Man, I love the first two games! Cole's story. It's just perfectly written and performed. Powerful!

    Infamous / Working for a Nuclear Free City: Silent Melody
    Youtube Video

  • Day 30: God Hand - GOD HAND (Credits)

    Youtube Video

    If every game had an ending like this the gaming industry would be a much better place.

  • Day 30

    I tear up every time

    Youtube Video

  • Day 30 - End Credits Music

    Journey - I Was Born For This

    What an emotional ride it is every time. It doesn't matter how many times I play through Journey, I'm in tears by the time the credits are rolling.

    Youtube Video

    Also be sure to check out the piano variation of the album. Has Austin Wintory playing and gives the music a whole different feel. Here's the same song from the alternate album:

    Youtube Video – [00:00..]

  • Optional Day 31: The Last of Us Part II - Longing - Gustavo Santaolalla

    Youtube Video

    This is probably the most skeletal track in the OST, and it broke me the hardest. I don't remember when exactly they played this track in the game, but it must have caught me in a vulnerable moment. The staggered guitar plucks feel so heavy.

    ... and that's it, I guess. It's been fun, y'all. Time to browse back through this thread for tracks that I missed.

  • Day 30, credits

    Halo 3

    Stop at 5:55 on the offchance you don't want to be spoiled on the Legendary ending (or click here for music only if you don't want to be spoiled on the staff roll).