• Does anyone have a history of vertigo? I am looking for some answers or advice seen as we have to heal ourselves these day

  • I used to have it. I just went to my doctor & got a prescription (you can also order over the phone) . It was as easy as that. Saying that I live in a country where all medication is free. So I'm not sure if treatment is expensive or not for you, but it's easily treatable & there's a wide range of different medications available. A quick Google will give you a list.

  • Cheers pal, strange sensation. Did it just disappear? Feels like I'm typing this in space

  • Yeah comes and goes dramamine is what I used to help it but valium would help aswell. Most of the time it goes away by itself if I lay down & relax no staring & screens for a while. If it persists for a long period definitely see your doctor.

  • Heavy stuff. Gonna give some maneuvers a whirl