Easy Allies Q&A

  • Do you guys wish you could ask the Allies more questions and/or the Allies to host more than one Q&A a month? I find I usually have a boatload of questions I want to ask them, but they insist we only ask one question. Does anyone else feel this way?

  • I've jumped between supporting the Allies with $25-20 / month since day 1 on Patreon and I believe in both tiers I am able to write into the Q&A but haven't done that once.

    I've submitted L&R a few times and haven't been selected. Ben read a submission of mine on Frame Trap a long time ago, and I submitted a Community Showcase bit back when Jones still did video edits.

    I think the Allies provide A LOT of community interaction and answer a lot of questions. The amount of tolerance and restraint Jones has for all of the absolutely cockamamie "suggestions" people offer up on Cup of Jones is impressive. So to answer you, I think once a month is appropriate. They get through so many questions and they pretty much allow borderline non-questions to be answered. I think it's plenty if not above and beyond in terms of community engagement.

  • @dipset Fair comment, they work their tails off to provide us with amazing content-but I just love hearing what the Allies think about lots of topics and waiting for the next month to choose one question to ask is something I struggle to keep myself patient for.

  • @jdincinerator If it is a general business question, you can toss it at Jones during Cup of Jones. If it is a random question for a single ally, you can try to get an answer during a Twitch stream, just don't start spamming it if they don't see or choose not to comment since they're not obligated to answer you there. For some specific things, you could even hit them up on Twitter, but again be mindful of how often you're doing this and don't feel like they owe you a response, especially if it is a silly question like often what the Q&As are filled with.

    If they allowed more questions during the Q&As per Patron they'd end up ridiculously long. Jones struggles to even keep people within limits for CoJ and Community Showcase stuff. You really just gotta ask yourself what you want to know most and go with that one each time. As Dipset said, we're kind of lucky they'll answer our usually stupid questions at all.

  • I am a close personal friend of the allies and their families, you can ask me and I will pass on any questions

  • @asbestos How long have you known them?

    How do we know that we can trust you?

  • @sonmi Good to see a familiar face. We actually go back donkeys years believe it or not, you probably know me from when I knew them

  • @asbestos Always nice to see someone you haven't run into in ages.

    We are humbled by your presence, you being such a close friends of the Allies and whatnot.

  • Jones does take personal questions on Cup of Jones, though answers them in text. And Kyle is painfully easy to ask questions to on his streams. Though beware of asking him about oranges (meaning excessively random questions).

  • @sonmi That's good to hear, I am humbled by your humblings. Time flies, you're looking great by the way. How's tricks?

  • You could ask them during streams.