Interesting Allies gift idea I had, looking for thoughts.

  • After seeing presents become a staple of the group streams I've been thinking of what I might do if were to send something, and after seeing a lot of the great art they've gotten I had this kind of weird idea that's exciting to me, but I'm not sure if it would turn out how I hope, and the whole premise might be a too "about me" to work well as a gift.

    I'm an aspiring indie game developer that should hopefully be releasing something next year, but art isn't my strong suit so I wondered if there was a way I could do something with whatever game design skills I have, but obviously making a whole game just for them is totally impractical if I wanted it to be good (which I obviously would). So then I got to thinking I could just make a series of levels in an existing game, so I don''t have to worry about mechanics and graphics and whatnot and just write a wacky EZA-themed story and design levels to support it. The game I'm thinking of is Timesplitters: Future Perfect, because of course it's still a great game with a great editor, but also that way I could send them a PS2 memory card, which seems a lot more "special" than giving them a download link or list of level codes. I'm thinking it would also include some kind of printed script to help them RP in between levels since it'd be hard to present dialogue in the game. I think there's a lot of cool possibilities like that to expand it into some kind of neat package.

    This isn't something I would rush to get done any particular time, but I'm just curious if it seems like it'd actually be as cool as I hope it would in my head.

  • That sounds like a really neat idea :) I think it's better saving any actual fully fleshed games for a potential EZA Game jam somewhere down the line (As discussed on Cup of Jones), personally I would like to see a Tabletop Adventures/Escapades Fighting Game! It is a cool idea, go for it.