Video Game 180's

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    Nah, California Games is somewhere lower around 10.

  • My friends and I were only 13 when Mass Effect came out and we didn’t get the hype. We rented in on Xbox 360 and we hated the shooting, we felt like the story was so cliched, and we didn’t find any of the side quests interesting. It was also pretty janky time to time. We called it Mass Defect like the little twirps we were.

    In 2012 I replayed ME1 when the trilogy went on sale and I really loved it as I sunk my teeth into the world. The plot is still extremely generic but I really enjoyed getting into the world.

    However, I’ve never come around on the series as a whole. Mass Effect 2 lost me when it recycled the exact same plot and just made new planets to explore.

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    @dipset As somebody who got into the series with 2 on PS3 and only went back to play 1 years after the fact when I finally got the trilogy on PC, 1 is a very unintuitive mess and, yeah, I felt like I was just repeating the same beats I'd already experienced with 2.
    I'm hoping the rumored remaster brings 1 up to speed with the rest of the series gameplay wise.

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    If you started on ME2 then I'd agree that the story has extremely similar beats and ME1 would feel backwards. To me, Mass Effect 2 takes the same threat but renames it (Geth = Reapers) and then rather than clearing your name like ME1, you are "gathering the gang" in ME2. So the core is the same, but the goal is slightly different.

    ME2 is basically the video game equivalent of the plot that we've seen over and over in Ocean's Eleven, Fast Five, The Avengers, Guns of Navarone, The Italian Job, and sooooo many others. I don't understand how it got so much praise when its the same story we've seen a thousand times but now with TV-caliber actors (in a video game).

    What do you think ME2 improved on though? Obviously shooting is tighter, but the corridor after corridor drove me crazy. It wasn't good in ME1 but I felt like it got worse in ME2.

  • Ori & the Blind Forest

    When I first tried it out I somehow ended up in the bonus Dungeon straight off that is in complete Darkness didnt have any up grades & was getting completely destroyed. I thought if this is how hard it is at the beginning then fuck that. Came back to it after I finished Will of the Wisps played the game in the correct order & ended up loving it.

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    "gathering the gang"

    I fucking love this concept!

  • @dipset I feel like you are looking for a grand narrative in 2 that doesn't have to be there. To me Mass Effect has always been about the characters and your relationship with them. Yes you are out there trying to save the world, but the way in which it makes you care is to give you characters that grow and develop in the same way you do. I don't see a "gather the crew" storyline as a bad thing when the characters are easily the most important part of the narrative.

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    Maybe you and the majority of people like those characters a lot more than I do, but I didn't even go there other than my "TV caliber acting" statement. I'm not kidding when I say I wasn't impressed with this game very much and I really didn't find myself attached to any of the newcomers.

    I really liked the music and the art design of some of the planets in ME2. I saw a dance punk band called "Shout Out Out Out Out" that had their music in the game so I think its kinda cool that a game in a space future used licensed music for that time.

    If we're talking 180s, I did one on ME1 so in theory I can do it again in ME2, but between people calling the final game a massive disappointment, and my dislike of the action, story, and acting in ME2, I'm not really champing at the bit to give it another try.

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    Funny enough for me I really enjoyed the first hour or so of Horizon Zero Dawn, but then I wasnt feeling it and after about 11 hours of playing I decided to drop it as it might not been for me. A week or so later I picked it up and decided to push on to next story point. Ended up absolutely loving it and by the end it became one of my GOTYs. Turned out I just had to get out to the bigger world and have more to discover and for the story to kick off, funny how that works sometimes.

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    Turned out I just had to get out to the bigger world and have more to discover

    Reminded me of Breath of the Wild; if someone left it within first 2-3 hours before going to real world of the game, he can miss a lot.

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    Funny enough for me I really enjoyed the first hour or so of Horizon Zero Dawn, but then I wasnt feeling it and after about 11 hours of playing I decided to drop it as it might not been for me.

    I also loved the intro to Horizon. I played it on my parent's / little bro's PS4 at their house over Christmas and even my non-gamer mom was glued to the story.

    I never ended up disliking Horizon, but I got overwhelmed when it opened up and I figured this wasn't my PS4 anyways, so I quit playing. I really should give it another go.

  • @dipset Currently $9.99 on Amazon Canada.

  • Don't know how I forgot about this one, but I experienced a huge 180 on Witcher 3. First time I played it I made it to Velen and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of quest markers that were on the map. I ended up turning it off and not playing it again until I restarted five months later, and ended up loving it.

  • I had a pretty big 180 on Horizon Zero Dawn. Not to spoil anything for those who haven't played it yet, but a lot of the story is in the last ten percent of the game. I'm not huge on open world games as much as I try, and wasn't exactly in love with Horizon until the story took that shift in that last portion that made things much more interesting and investing for me. I keep thinking about going back to Horizon now because of how much the story ended up moving me, but then I think of the other 90% of the game I would have to sit through and get turned off again.

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    the amount of quest markers

    That's one of the things that turn me off when I see it in open worlds.

  • @scotty Yeah it can be a bit too much sometimes.