Games you remember playing, but can't remember the name of

  • Hey Allies!

    I saw a thread like this on a couple different websites, but thought it would be fun and beneficial to bring over.

    For years, my sister and I have been searching for an old educational game from Windows 95/98 that we used to rent at the local library. From what we both remember, it had two jesters in it that would do different activities with you. One was dropping water balloons in what I think were Erlenmeyer flasks to measure volume. Another involved reading a book, and you'd put different animal characters in wherever you wanted mad-lib style, and when the story was read to you, they'd have a sound byte that they'd play for each animal.

    Given the nature of PC games at this time, there are a lot of things that were from small companies that just evaporated after the era. Regardless, that and other hazy game memories continue to lead me to do Google detective work every couple months in hopes that maybe I'll find them again.

    Do you have any games that you have vague memories of playing, but just can't figure out what they were called? Describe it as best you can, and we can work together to figure out what those long lost memories were from!

  • Was it Big Thinkers? Specifically, the First Grade one?

    Here's a video of the playthrough. Check out 16:00 for a mad libs section, and 27:42 for a game that could be remembered as a game teaching you about volume.

    Youtube Video

    I'm not super confident in this find, specifically the lack of water balloons, but I'm still looking!

    Edit: I also want to drop in this playthrough of Fisher-Price Great Adventures Castle, since it prominently features a jester that guides you through the game. It doesn't have anything else you mentioned, though.

    Youtube Video

  • @inflorescence It wasn't either of those, but I do remember checking out that Big Thinkers game from the library as well. It's entirely possible that I'm combining different memories into a single game and they didn't all come from the same thing.

    Thanks for the suggestions though!

  • Some kind of Diablo clone from Edios that was on a PC demo disc.

  • @dmcmaster Do you remember around what year the demo disc came out?

  • @happygaming
    No, I personally got the demo disc around 2003 when I grabbed a bunch of PC games from a local thrift store for dirt cheap (one I still frequent for some cheap games)

  • My top guess would be Revenant, which appeared on multiple Eidos demo discs, which have a criminally low amount of information about them lying around on the internet.

    Youtube Video

  • @inflorescence
    That's it

  • @inflorescence Holy shit I haven't thought about that castle game in probably over 20 years haha. Thanks for posting!

  • I remember playing a PC graphic adventure game, prob late 80s or early 90s, which was sortof a Leisure Suit Larry wannabee. It involved some nerdy protagonist whose name I think started with an L (leroy? Leonard?) and he basically tried to get lucky with (maybe space?) chicks. It was mostly PG13 type stuff. I've always wondered what the hell that game was called but my pubescent self was very into it lol.

  • What about Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender? It came to PC in 92, and can definitely be thought of as Leisure Suit Larry in space, even down to the cutesy subtitle.

    Youtube Video

    Also worth noting that one of the Leisure Suit Larry games was actually set in space.

  • Lol. I vaguely remember that one but that's not it. I feel like maybe the little nerd was also a sorcerer? I know this sounds like a completely absurd pitch for a game but it was real.

  • Maybe Simon the Sorcerer? It was a '93 PC game that seemed to have less of a sleazy angle than LSL, but you absolutely tried to pick up every woman you saw. 1:17:00 for the interaction with Rapunzel:

    Youtube Video

    It also had a sequel in '94:

    Youtube Video

  • There's this game I remember on I want to say the Super Nintendo. It may have been Japanese, and it may have been played on someone's computer using an emulator, but from what I remember, it played like a typical JRPG, but when the protagonist died, the person who killed you would become the new protagonist, and the story would shift to following them. I was pretty young, so I may be remembering wrong, and this may not even exist, but if anyone has any ideas, I would be happy to look into it for my collection.

  • @happygaming
    I want to say Terranigma maybe?

  • No, it wasn't that. I actually played that a couple years ago thinking it might be though!

  • Romancing SaGa 2 has permadeath and a multigenerational storyline:

    Youtube Video

    I hope we find this one, I am very very interested in seeing more of this game. Do you remember anything else about it? How it looked? The way the battle screen was set up? Was the person that killed you the antagonist?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Yoooooooo, what a weird game, I love this!