A moment you got in trouble for something that wasn't your fault

  • So one day in the 4th grade, we had a reading test. There was a kid sitting next to me who I had an ok friendship with. Shortly after the test began, he started asking me for the answers. I didn't give him squat. And while I don't remember everything and what exactly I said (this was about 18 years ago). I didn't just played the silent game. I told him in a low tone something along the lines that I wasn't going to get involved in cheating. It was stupid for him to ask me anyways, cause I was an average student at best in the 4th grade.

    Then our 4th grade teacher comes rushing over, and the kid threw me under the bus. Saying that I was asking him for help and exchanging answers. I attempted to argue back that I told him to pretty much leave me alone.The teacher took both of our tests away, and I ended up failing that test. Along with having nothing to do, but wait for the rest of the class to finish the test. Cause my fellow classmate decided to start up his crap at the beginning of the test.

  • @-Jak- That's harsh, haha. I have a funny one that, coincidentally, also took place in fourth grade. So, all throughout grade school I wore sandals. Even in the dead of winter (which is very cold and rainy in western Washington), these were what I wore.

    One day my fourth grade class goes on a field trip to some 1800s-era farm museum. I'm in the chicken pen with my teacher, standing on the wood chips that blanket the ground. Before I know it, a chicken walks up and onto my sandals, it's talons poking my feet through the holes. I make a strangled in-pain noise and gently shake my foot to shoo the chicken away, further exclaiming "stupid—ugh—chicken."

    Naturally, my teacher turns around and pointedly asks, "Did you just kick that chicken!?" Of course I tried to deny it, but she spoke over me and shooed me out of the pen, condemning my violence against chickens.

  • Once in 5th or 6th Grade (I dont quite remember) I caught someone rummaging thru my backpack, trying to steal my GBA, While the sub I had was quick to punish the kid snooping thru my stuff, the next day when my actual teacher came back I was being punished for having a GBA. I got a week of detention, while the kid who tried to steal it got a warning.

  • @Haru17 That's quite funny.

    @DMCMaster Had my GBA stolen in the 6th grade. Heartbreaking moment for me. Lost a finished copy of Super Mario World, one of my all time favorite games.

    But geez a warning from a teacher? Like that would deter someone from stealing something worth over a hundred dollars.

  • @Jak They see me chicken.

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    They hatin'.

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    (I'm sorry.)