Favourite Moments in Gaming History

  • The PS5 preview thing has got me thinking about stand out gaming moments that have stuck in my mind and I'm struggling. Do you have any that spring to mind?

  • Sony's 2016 E3 Press Conference is a definitive number one for me. Their E3 2015 Conference is also up there (FF7R, Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian).

  • Banned

    Picking up my copy of Half-Life 2 from Bestbuy.
    Sony E3 2016
    The first time I ever played Super Mario RPG.
    The first time I ever played Guardian Heroes.
    The ending of God of War 2018.
    Finally getting the hang of Spiderman PS4's combat and realizing it's almost character action level.
    Almost every single weekend of my last two years of high school when my friends would come over and we would get drunk and high and play Smash Bros Melee for hours.

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End reveal at E3 2015
    Sony E3 2016 as a whole
    The Last of Us Part II announcement at the end of 2016(PSX)
    Sony E3 2018 The Last of Us Part II and Spider-Man gameplays.

    Uncharted 3:

    burning chateau, trying to catch the plane, plane

    Uncharted 4: chapter 16, epilogue
    Spider-Man: getting the hang of swinging, final boss
    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy= final act as a whole
    The Last of Us:

    ''Oh, baby girl'' moment, giraffe moment, ending

    God of War 2:

    fighting with Zeus

    First ones that came to my mind.

  • Gonna try to be reaaaaaal subtle to avoid spoilers. If you've played the game, you probably know what I mean.

    Spec Ops: The Line
    Heavy Rain
    Persona 2: EP the return

  • E3 2015

    • Bethesda's first show, opening with a deep dive in the return of DOOM, ending on a 30+ Fallout presentation covering 4 and Fallout Shelter, and bridged with Dishonored 2's announcement.
    • Microsoft had a strong conference that closed with Gears 4, but the announcement everyone remembers is that's when they announced Xbox 360 back compat.
    • EA closed with the world premiere of Battlefront (Say what you will about the final product)
    • Ubisoft announced South Park: The Fractured, but Whole, but closed their show with bringing back Ghost Recon in Wildlands
    • Sony had the conference of dreams: Opening with The Last Guardian, and of course, Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Shenmue III, and the close was Uncharted 4 (Probably the last time a live code demo failed in a press conference)
    • Nintendo had a hodge podge of games, but none bigger than Super Mario Maker.

    That's the best E3 conference slate, from the first game of Bethesda to the last of Nintendo, and the most memorable moment for me (But there are other conferences and moments that stand out to).

  • Banned

    @e_zed_eh_intern I was actually a bit fucked up after beating Spec Ops the first time.
    Like how you just gonna make me feel all those emotions about a pretty by the numbers modern military third person cover shooter like that.

    @Brannox I remember when Doom debuted people were actually kind of unimpressed and skeptical.
    Oh how wrong they were.

  • Off the top of my head, I'm really fond of that moment the logo for Final Fantasy Versus XIII turned into Final Fantasy XV. What a fascinating decade of development that game went through!