Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5)

  • @dipset I think it definitely would be unsustainable if devs keep doing this sort of thing in between big projects (Jason Schreier's article about Naughty Dog talked about how Lost Legacy was so stressful to make). I think the one of the best scenario with these smaller games would be with old/dormant/inactive franchises, or spinoff/side-stories in big franchises with a team that's dedicated to making these kinds of games.

  • Smaller scale projects like Infamous Blood Harvest (or whatever the Vampire thing was called), First Light, or Miles where they mostly reuse a environment and assets can be a great way to keep interest in a franchise, or as a "quick" way to follow up on dangling plot thread and give some closure beyond "And then this happened "

    Also in regards to Lost Legacy didn't that start as DLC then kinda got forced into being a whole new game?

  • @dmcmaster said in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5):

    Also in regards to Lost Legacy didn't that start as DLC then kinda got forced into being a whole new game?

    Basically, they had so much things that just turned it into a stand-alone. They still gave the game free to people who bought the version with the promise of story DLC.

    I'm happy that this isn't a direct sequel and is a side game where we can see the first fruits of PS5 while waiting for the big sequel in the form of Spider-Man 2. Still very excited, I'm sure it will be so much fun to play as Miles; especially web swinging looks different from Peter's. Good thinking for Sony to put something like that as a launch game, it's a strong name to push people even more to buy it.

  • @dmcmaster

    I guess its just hard to tell if it truly is re-use though. You know Insomniac is going to have all of these graphical overhauls, likely new animations, and all sorts of bells and whistles.

    For example, on my TV show, the executive producers cut the budget after S01 because of this mysterious "posing reuse" that we apparently have. The problem with re-use is that somebody needs to identify what re-use is the best and what we should get rid of. Next somebody has to organize the re-use and make it easily accessible to the team so they can quickly find it. Next, somebody with a global view of the episode needs to work with the director to figure out if the re-use is appropriate based on the needs of the scene. Once we identify the appropriate re-use then we've finally completed the task of not re-drawing something. YAY!

    Point being is that its a full time job to manage this stuff all the while the schedule doesn't stop and your deadlines are the same AND you have less money than before. So sure, sometimes you can re-use an asset, but just because that asset worked in one episode doesn't mean it works in another.

    That's just my perspective. I know in the 3D world it's easier to re-use things but I expect the same types of problems occur. For example, an asset from one level might need to be coloured and scaled differently in another level. All of this stuff takes time and manpower. Add in some extra ambition and BOOM! You have a borderline sequel on your hands.

  • -Cross-gen
    -50$(70$ if you want Spider-Man Remastered too)
    -Launch title(as expected)

    It looks awesome, I'm sure will be a lot of fun to play. Also I love those set pieces, give me more.

  • @scotty
    Wait is Spider-man Remaster confirmed?

  • @dmcmaster

    Yeap, included with MM Ultimate Edition. Probably they will sell it separately down the road.


    Apparently there's a upgrade path for current owners

  • The new abbreviation for this game is PS5MSMMM

  • Full disclosure, not my kind of game. Looked cool though. I'm wondering just how short this is going to be with the pricing and the remastered version of original bundle and such. Cool that they seem to be offering all the right consumer options, just afraid this thing is going to end up uncomfortably short if this ends up being lots of people's Day 1 game.

  • @mbun They've personally compared it to Uncharted Lost Legacy which was a pretty full fat game.
    Having a core to work off of (they've already made New York, already have a fully functional combat system and swinging mechanics, etc) probably helped reduce development time.
    I'm guessing 14-20 hours to complete.

  • And to add onto that, I would’ve had no issue spending full price on Lost Legacy. It’s quite literally a full length Uncharted game. Somewhere between 7-12 hours.

    Same goes for GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City. That was like 25-35 hours of story for only $40. If more games released as a stand-alone instead of “expansion” I’d take it and be happy.

  • I want to add this beatiful gameplay. Those radiant colors maan! Also that excitement pumping soundtrack! I just love the harmony between Miles' yellow coloured electric powers and Tinkerer's goons' purple color. This game gives me the impression of Infamous 3's neon colours and I'm glad! Also while talking Infamous, where is the new game!?

    Youtube Video

  • @scotty I mean they literally just released Tsushima. A new Infamous, if they're even making one, is a wayyyys off.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Obviously, I'm sad because their priority won't be new Infamous; GoS got good reviews they will try to continue from there .

  • A street fair in Harlem:
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    Yeah, has been for like 9 years or whatever.

  • @tokyoslim nice observation, it's gotta be some loading hiding trick or something along those lines.

    Anyway, the size of the game is revealed to be along 50GBs, and the ultimate edition (which includes the remastered 2018 Spider-Man game) is 105GBs.

  • Hopefully they reveal how to expand the memory soon