Hitman 3 - January 2021 (PS4/XBO/PS5/XBSerX/PC)

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    Announced at the June 11 Playstation 5 Reveal Event, Hitman 3 is scheduled for release in January 2021. IOI says htis will be the conclusion to this current "World of Assassination Trilogy".

    Notable member of the Hitman community, MrFreeze2244, ran a stream providing additional details.

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    1. Will be on current and next-gen consoles
    2. Anything unlocked in Hitman 2 will carry over. This means if you want stuff from Hitman 1, you will need to unlock it in the legacy levels in Hitman 2
    3. It will not be episodic, the entire campaign will be released in January
    4. It will have 6 locations

  • I’ll buy this because Hitman is a gem, but I kinda hope they scale back future Hitman titles and bring back more puzzle elements rather than figure out what costume to wear and how to trigger an assassination.

    On one hand, these new levels are breath taking. I couldn’t believe when I played the Paris fashion show for the first time. Or the one in Italy with the drug lab downstairs. It felt like 3 levels in one. Amazing stuff. It also fits into the idea of “world” of assassination. The locales are very globetrotty and honest depictions of real places around the world. So I get it and why they are doing it.

    But I want some of those cool levels that feel intimate like the Theatre “Death of a Showman” in Bloodmoney. I think the Hokkaido rehab facility was the closest to the vibe I’m looking for.

    I’m not putting it into words very well but I think I prefer stylized “cool” levels over massive depictions of real world places.

  • @dipset Did you play the Hitman 2 DLC map The Bank? It may be more what you are looking for but then, a big, old bank isn't necessarily the most exciting locale. I got the HD Trilogy for PS3 recently and it's rough going back to Silent Assassin and Contracts. I have yet to play Blood Money but I'm kind of afraid that it might not be as good as it was upon release and the Hitman community will put a hit out on me for not loving it.

  • I'm currently close to finishing Hitman 2, just starting the Haven Island level. Playing it makes me so hyped for this, I hope they can put even more production values and stuff since I know they're already capable of designing superb levels. The Castle level is so amazing, might be my favorite Hitman level ever. Plus, the trailer is slick as heck, great music selection.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    No I haven't played the DLC. I also haven't finished the last 2 levels of Hitman 2 so I should finish those before passing judgement.

  • Definitely looking forward to it as it was best game of show at sony event. hoping for airport missoin.

  • For those of you who really want to appreciate how excellent the new Hitman trilogy is, go ahead and download this disappointment. Even free is a tough sell.


  • @dipset

    It is the only game in the series that got me thinking ''Maybe I will play it'' when it's revealed.

  • New location reveal! They also showed off some beautiful looking weather effects. It seems like they're putting lots of work for this game.

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  • Fun fact: I thought this game was already out months ago.

  • @scotty Additional fun fact, I thought it was releasing in the summer of 2021. And I made this topic.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    Fun fact: In 1966 Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game against the Polk High School Panthers in the city championship of 66

  • @dmcmaster this was pre or post founding No Ma'am?

  • Great impressions article from Washington Post, talks about one of the levels in the game, and it sounds wonderful.

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    Starting to get hyped on this one myself. I could spend days on each level figuring out different ways to assassinate targets.

  • I really hope there's a way to reset the shortcuts. I really want to be able to experience that clean start more than once or twice before I start unlocking shortcuts.

  • Massive W in this SSD era

  • @bam541 It's not even to do with the SSDs. It's all their improvements to the engine freeing up CPU cycles. If it was designed for SSDs, I bet it would be closer to 50GB.

  • @hazz3r I know, I'm just saying that I really appreciate the devs doing this since big SSDs are still expensive to me. Hopefully other games will follow suit, and actually design around SSDs like you said.

  • so does this mean only for PC or for all consoles too? I don't really get things.