Deathloop (PS5/PC)

  • This is Arkane Lyon's latest project, and it's seems to be a more violent, action-heavy version of Dishonored, coupled with charismatic retro aesthetics and a roguelike-esque timeloop design. Right now the release window is September 14th 2021, and it's a timed console exclusive for PS5 (meaning no Xbox yet) and PC. I'm a big fan of Arkane's recent output, so this is definitely high on my to-play list.

    Youtube Video

    More details about the game, taken from a PS Blog post:

    Each repeated day is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and solve the puzzle of Deathloop. It’s up to you how you go about this. You can tackle each loop at your own pace, and in any order you choose – selecting your missions, targets and explorations as you see fit. Arm yourself with a variety of devastating weapons and supernatural abilities to survive the AEON Program and break the loop. Take the knowledge you gain from each day to try different paths and playstyles as you navigate the treacherous backstreets and hidden lairs of Blackreef. Stay on your toes, rework your strategies and push forward, all the while compiling clues as to the inner workings of the island. And remember: If at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.

    There's a multiplayer invasion element in form of Julianna, Colt's (main character) rival. Some other player (or AI) can play as her and mess with your playthrough, and you can do the same to others. The multiplayer invasion element is completely optional, so you toggle it on or off as desired.

  • World and graphics look a bit bland.

  • @scotty Really? I think the kinda cartoony art style looks pretty great. I would not describe it as bland, although I'm feeling mixed about the enemy faces. I also like how the city looks with the dominantly red/orange colors.

  • I really didn't like this one. Not at all why I like their games. Looks like a arcade Dishonored. Maybe as they show more I'll change my mind.

  • @bam541

    I don't have a problem with cartoony look. I found it bland while comparing it with Dishonored 1-2's world/graphics. And even though trailer was nice after the first scene, at first action; I worried.

    It looks faster than Dishonored which is nice but I hope ''feeling the kill'' is good because trailer didn't convince me about it.

  • This was the only thing I really liked in the PS5 presentation, I love the look and feel it seems to have, plus the concept and there's a lot of earned trust in Arkane, so this is the only game announced for PS5 that I'm really interested in right now.

  • @bard91

    Not even any other game that aren't exclusive?

  • @scotty I mean some of them looked kinda interesting, but there was nothing else that made me go "yep, I wanna play this for sure", everything else that they showed made me think that I might play them if they are given for free or heavily discounted, at best.

  • @bard91

    I'm surprised, they showed a lot of good games.

  • @scotty all of this is subjective, but I would say they showed a bunch of very safe concepts that looked pretty and don't make for anything immediately engaging, exceptions being Deathloop and Village (I dont play horror). They might be good games, but not something that would get me excited at the prospect of trying something new that I can't experience already.

  • @bard91

    Yeah, very subjective.

  • Looks like dishonored with guns.

  • Banned

    @b-cell I know! I'm so excited!

  • A Bethesda blog post confirmed that the game will be running at 4K/60 FPS on PS5, which is awesome.

  • @bam541

    Didn't surprised that much.

  • @bam541
    But what about Skyrim Specialer Edition

  • @dmcmaster it will be included in Starfield as an actual playable game in the world, and thus the game will be sold at $100. There's no $60 version, it is Todd Howard's will.

    @Scotty I'm very glad that they targeted 60 FPS, usually devs like to crank up the fidelity instead.

  • @bam541

    This game doesn't offer that much in that department so it's good to know that it will be at least fluid; with that said, k+m will be no brainer for this one.

  • @bam541
    Then I guess Fallout 4 will be included as a extra in TES6

  • A new interview from IGN with the devs about PS5 features, time-loop gameplay, and the Saul Bass inspired art style.

  • It's old news already so this update is just a formality, but the game has been delayed to Q2 2021. It's a bummer and I'm kinda surprised by it, but oh well.