Deathloop (PS5/PC)

  • Hopefully this turns out to be official. Fuck the Bethesda launcher, lol.

  • The review embargo is here, and it's getting great reviews, as expected from Arkane. I preordered the game seconds ago so I got the PS plus discount and able to pre-load it. Really excited for it!

  • Completely forgotten I had pre ordered this, Amazon says it's arriving today but ill find out for sure after work

  • Happy to see Arkane doing great. I'm personally still not sold on the world -or Redfall, so far - but once it comes to Game Pass I'll play it. One of my favourite developers, masters of game design.

  • This definitely a most innovative title in recent year as expected.

    although was not expecting 10s.

  • All i know is that the stupid theme song makes me hate this game.

  • Banned

    I honestly find the soundtrack for this game to be spectacular. Like how the hell am I even supposed to concentrate on the game with bangers like these?

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Soundtrack of the year, easily.

  • Glad it's getting great reviews shame the AI is braindead I was hoping with this generation that we would see some innovation. I think I'll hold out until next year for gamepass, since I'll not feel guilty for not supporting Arkane since they're minted now. We don't get enough of these type of immerse sims. Soundtracks fucking class.

  • I watched the EZA review and all within the same 8 minutes I went from thinking I was wrong about the game and I just needed to see more of it played, to going full circle and thinking certain things are unappealing.

    I wasn’t expecting the braindead AI. That always bothers me in games like this. I also like being OP sometimes but I don’t know if it’ll benefit a game like this. Wondering if they’ll make some tweaks in a patch to the skill progression.

  • Finished the first loop, the morning then came again. It's pretty quickly starting to show that there is potential for those great scores the game's been getting. It feels very nice to play, both controlling Colt himself and just the game in general. The whole milieu is very strange and anachronistic, which gives the game a sort of weird over-all vibe that I am starting to like. Definitely some Dishonored roots are showing, but hey, why shouldn't they? Colt keeps talking to himself and Julianna a lot, which sits well into the situation, I feel. The huge puzzle starts to to unravel piece by piece, though there will be a huge number of said pieces, I reckon. I'm guessing I'll need only a few more hours with the game and I'm hooked in a big way. The first-person POV does a lot in that as well.

  • @el-shmiablo I completely agree. The transitions between the in-combat tracks and regular tracks are handled so well too. It happens so often for me (lol) and I don't mind it at all.

    The braindead AI is a disappointment for sure, especially after Dishonored 2's spectacular AI, but honestly it's just way more fun to go gung ho here, and since Colt's so easy to kill, I don't think the AI will impact my enjoyment in the long run since doing dumb shit will still get me in harm's way. So far I'm loving the game, it feels like a playground that keeps getting more fun to play in as you understand more of it and it's sublime.

  • I broke the loop!
    Pretty much an excellent video game. Only the story behind this all was left a little ambiguous and behind the audiologs etc., but otherwise I'd say this is my GOTY so far.

  • Played through 5 to 7 hours so far. Its really good game but It couldnot hold a candle against Prey.

    its cleverly design game but have terrible AI and need to replay same 4 missions over and over again.

  • Although its a pretty good game but progression suck. playing same 4 mission over and over and over again.

  • I think I'm at the halfway point right now, pretty much figured out half of the visionary leads already. I know timeloops are a common theme in games these days, but this is such a unique game. The way the game handles timelooping adds so much depth to the already wonderful immersive sim template. There's a lot of freedom in how you can progress through the game, and I feel like there's so much that I still miss because the way I play the game, but I couldn't care less because I'm having a blast. I pretty much play like a wannabe speedrunner, just using the Nexus the ability to kill multiple people with my one-hit-kill revolver, then quickly jumping around the place and repeating it.

  • Got around to finishing the game. It's definitely not Arkane's best work imo, but I still appreciate them trying to do something different instead of just repeating their already perfect Immersive Sim formula. The action-focused gameplay in particular still need work, I don't think they really nailed the flow of combat, and the difficulty can be pretty all over the place in different scenarios. Still, I had a lot of fun blasting through the game like a freight train late for work. Everything else is pretty great imo. Probably would give this an 8/10.