Deathloop (PS5/PC)

  • @scotty I really like it too. I'm not keen on being too informed on games before release, but these rapid fire videos are a good balance of having some meaningful information but also not getting too deep. Plus they're usually quite entertaining.

    Also, I forgot to post about the super good Bond-esque original song in the Deja Vu trailer. It's already released to Spotify like weeks ago. Hopefully the OST gets released near the game's launch too, I probably won't get a PS5 in time to experience this any time soon, lol.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541

    It's interesting that they are not bringing this one to PS4. It definetely can run on last gen.

  • I fancy some Deathloops for breakfast.

  • @jdincinerator
    Deathloops, Turns your Cereal red with Strawberry flavor.

    Actually that kind sounds good.

  • @jdincinerator said in Deathloop (PS5/PC):

    I fancy some Deathloops for breakfast.

  • Deathloop delayed. New release date is September 14.

  • Wow, so close to launch and after so much marketing, that was unexpected! Hope it's not a sign of deeper issues.

  • Yeah, I hope it's nothing fatal behind the scenes. I'm really surprised by this.

    I guess this means that we'll see the game in more showcases... lol

  • @bam541 said in Deathloop (PS5/PC):

    I guess this means that we'll see the game in more showcases... lol

    lol. "What if you were stuck in a time loop and the only way out is..." We Know, we know.

  • Maybe it's delayed so the can make actual Deathloops?

  • I'm getting tired of this game sharing new trailers with every showcase and my -not so high- curiosity is decreasing. It would be much better if it was released already.

  • A bit late to this, but a bunch of gaming sites released previews earlier. Here's one from Huber:

    Youtube Video

  • This definitely looks like most innovative game to come out in years.

    Easily GOTY material.

  • I have a hard time accepting "blank" enemies. It's something that's irked me in a few games and I just have a difficult time connecting to sort of null-enemies (for lack of a better term).

    I think about the drones in Arkham Knight. Although I liked the gameplay, I got tired of fighting drones. It's the same reason I don't like doing Portal 2 puzzle rooms. I just prefer some sort of connection there.

  • @dipset that's understandable. I'm kinda hoping that they'll potray these enemies as comedic buffons or something like that in the game, I think they can do a lot more with the crash dummies aesthetic.

  • I don't think the newest gameplay playthrough will sell anyone who's not sold on it yet, but man, I can't help but be more excited for this. The music especially is so good!

    Youtube Video

  • This looks like a company that's been releasing some of the best games, sales don't meet the target, and they have to go full tryhard hoping people notice them and on the way lose what makes them special. Hopefully after this they'll go back to making immersive sims.

  • Im calling it. GOTY 2021. Its also have clever arkane level design that is in thier DNA.

    Cant wait.

  • I would've ate this shit up about a decade ago when my #1 favourite thing in gaming was playing however I want to play. In games like Hitman I could approach the target however I see fit. FarCry 2 had me really hyped in it's pre-release marketing claiming you can go stealth or loud and from any angle. I loved in Bioshock how you could use your plasmids and guns to string together really interesting combos like planting a mine at the top of a room with a tornado trap under it. Then I'd bait the enemy into the tornado trap and send him flying into the mine.

    It's crazy what time can do though. I just don't care to get that creative anymore. I feel like Deathloop would've been my most anticipated game when I was like 14 years old but it looks like a lot of work now. Idk I'm just not super into it. It looks decent gameplay wise but between the aesthetic and your partner in your ear and all of the teleporting, it just seems like a lot.

  • Banned

    Arkane are geniuses and I am absolutely positive that this game will be a fucking banger.
    Dishonored has some of the best combat options in any game ever. You can be a sneaky asshole or go Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series on dudes.

    If I was the type of guy who bought games at launch, this would be an easy pre-order.