Mafia Definitive Edition

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    Looking excellent although everyone looks different. especially tommy angelo.

    wish they keep same character model.

  • It looks great, I just need to know whether it's actually a polished product or not. I wish they show some gameplay already, especially when it's coming not too far from now.

  • @bam541

    They will show it someday in this month, forgot which day.

    Looks good, never played the original so that's a great chance for me.

  • Still can't get that sour taste of Mafia II Definitive Edition out of my mouth.

  • New release date is now September 25th.

    Gameplay reveal on July 22nd. Check out that teaser, man this looks stunning!

  • What was the problem with Mafia II? It was buggy?

  • @sentinel-beach

    Gameplay bit looks awesome. It will be the first time I'm playing it hopefully. Love the remakes, much more impactful than remastereds.

  • Currently at 80 on OpenCritic. I think I'll get this tomorrow, missed this originally and heard so much good about the game afterwards.

  • From a quick look at all the reviews, it seems like it's a pretty faithful remake of the old game, but this leads to some critics not enjoying it because it doesn't hold up to modern standards. Honestly that made it more interesting for me, I really enjoy taking a step back to the past and seeing what games used to feel like. I still want to wait for Huber's thoughts before buying this though.

  • Played the first eight chapters. I like this! I think I've played so much open world games lately that this kind of linear story feels very good now. The city offers really nice surroundings for everything. The story feels strong and the characters and the bonds develop believably. The weakest point is the shooting which just doesn't feel that good, even the aiming is really poor.

  • This was a good game, a solid game. Nothing too special or ground-breaking, a bunch of clichés on the way as well, but it was still presented in a very mature and interesting way. Great missions and a fine cast of characters. I'll check out the Free Ride mode tomorrow for some collectables.

  • Mafia reminds us that a focused story with chapters can give us something fresh and enjoyable each time. One chapter has you doing something entirely different from another and that's great storytelling and a brilliant structure for a videogame. When open-world games thrive on repetition and sameness a less is more approach like the one Mafia gives is so compelling and it's easier to care about what happens when the story is the driving force and not the world around it.

  • @jdincinerator

    This! I want this for the love of God!

  • Just watched the impressions video by the Allies, and I'm very much liking everything that they said. I'm honestly at such a loss now, thinking about what game I'm gonna buy. There's this and like 5 other games I want to try out right now. Not to mention upcoming games that I'm also interested in... It's been an insane year, man.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541
    I'm playing thru a mission or two at a time currently and I've been enjoying it, definitely hitting on my love of old mobster flicks.

  • Bought the game on sale a few days ago, and got around to finishing the first couple missions. It's been pretty good so far. I especially enjoy the writing and the character performances, and the 30s accents are fun to hear, for sure. I'm playing it at Classic difficulty, and it feels pretty nice. The driving feels weighty and very satisfying, while the combat feels quite clunky and dated, but still fun because it's more than challenging enough. Also, I really, really like the sign guidance system. Like the guiding wind in Ghost of Tsushima, it's very integrated within the game's world, and it can be easily tuned out so it doesn't disturb the immersion. Lastly, it looks okay on my base PS4. The draw distance and level of detail in far objects can be lackluster at times, but the game looks splendid at night time, and the facial animations are pretty good.

  • Got around to finishing the game just now, and I'm impressed by how this game turned out to be. The story is gripping right from the start, and it only gets more engaging as it goes on, as the missions get crazier, and the stakes get higher. Also, the characters are quite memorable, and the interactions between the main trio of the gang can be really fun to watch. The writing is consistently good as well. Had the game's mechanics keep up with the story and mission scenarios, it would have been perfect, but it stumbles quite often.

    Aiming feels clunky as heck, but the challenge at Classic difficulty certainly made it exciting, and the kill/weapon feedback is pretty good. I wish that restarting from deaths is faster, I died a lot and it's kinda painful to sit through the slow motion animation and the loading screen. Also, enemy AI behaviour is all over the place, they can be too confident most of the times but also hang back when I least expect it.

    Driving is great overall, and easily the best part of the game mechanics-wise. The attributes of the car are pretty well represented, and I can tell when a car is just too slippery to my liking. Shout out to whoever thought of the turn-by-turn navigation system, it's so immersive and it pretty much enabled me to play the whole game with minimal HUD without many trouble. Between this and Ghost of Tsushima's guiding wind, it's been cool to see what devs can think of to provide more immersive exploration, and I absolutely love it! Also, driving around while listening to the radio feels very authentic to me. I know jack shit about the 30s, but damn, it's cool to hear the baseball games from the radio.

    All the missions are good, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be A Trip to the Country. The atmosphere of the seemingly empty farm in the stormy night is just too fucking good, even if the second half of the mission gets a bit annoying. Other favorites for me would be Fair Play, The Saint and The Sinner, Omerta, and Happy Birthday.

    Technically it runs pretty well on my PS4. The game looks very good at times, but the draw distance and far object details can look pretty bad at day time. There's only a few frame drops that I encountered, all of them feature many particle effects. Honestly it's a crime that a game like this doesn't have photo mode, I really hope it gets one in an update someday.