The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!

  • This is the first game on the list that I've actually played. :)

    Halo Reach is #18 of 20 on my list. The game itself was all right but It's also where my fandom with the franchise started to diminish. With Halo's Reach, 4 and 5 it didn't feel special to me anymore. Halo shouldn't just be all right, it should be big deal! I hope Halo Infinite can make Halo matter again, the same way other franchises like God of War and Zelda have done.

  • I really like Halo never loved it, but for me this is my favorite campaign. Best level variety & an easy to understand coherent story. I'm going to revisit this soon on xbox one x to see if my memories hold up.

  • Halo Reach has the best campaign of the series. I am a sucker for games that show their ending as the first shot, and seeing how it all went down is a joy.

  • Never played the game, but I listened to that soundtrack into the ground when I was driving to and from work at a point in time.

  • @happygaming said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!:

    Never played the game, but I listened to that soundtrack into the ground when I was driving to and from work at a point in time.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Reach's soundtrack. Not too many fourth (fifth counting ODST) entries can sustain memorable music.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    The production values were also excellent. The way the story played out felt like a movie, and the effects, both visual and aural, gave a satisfying intensity to the gameplay.

    The standout addition was easily Forge World, a monstrous open map with an almost equally impressive part selection and budget. And at long last, a map maker that allowed you to intersect (or "phase") parts.

    However, aside from the biggest map, Boneyard, the multiplayer maps were awful. And while Forge had a lot of flexibility, every part was coloured grey, making maps blend into each other and get old quicker than they should've.

    In my waning days of Reach, outside of Boneyard, I'd settled into only playing SWAT, a gametype that doesn't need good map design. AND one that didn't have armour abilities, which, in combination with the bad maps, made Reach's multiplayer largely a joke.

    alt text

  • I have so many issues with Halo Reach that I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many bad design decisions in this game. I really can’t list them all but my god the audio is so incredibly bad. The crunch of the DMR might be in my nightmares forever. And I swear 50% of the maps Bungie made were Forge maps. Why?

    In the end it’s an alright game but a massive step backwards in the multiplayer department. Also general aesthetics too. This game is ass ugly.

    I just bought MCC last month and Reach is growing on me a bit but the meta game around the DMR and the slow movement making sprint a requirement just frustrates me. I actually feel liberated when Halo CE or Halo 2 maps come up in the playlist after a few Reach maps.

  • On the whole, I'm not the biggest Halo fan. I got the first two games and I didn't know about the Flood, so I toughed out the first game and when I heard they were in 2, I didn't even play it. However, when I met my best friends, they convinced me to get this shortly after as a game to play with them with the assurances there wasn't Flood. So this is the game that had gotten me back into Halo, and dependent on how Infinite goes, I might drop out of the series because 5's campaign soured me that much and my friend group has drifted apart.

    As for Reach itself, it's my favorite Halo, hands down. I LOVE the story of this game, and while there are a couple of parts of the campaign I don't like (looking at you Halsey's Lab and defending Emile), I still thoroughly enjoy it. Multiplayer is whatever and while I'm not a multiplayer person, its Forge that I have a lot of fun memories with my friends, racing along the beach, flying to each other's heliports, downloaded challenge maps, quirky game modes, the jokes... I miss those days.

    Anyway, while I completely get why some may see Reach to be the downturn of Halo and some would consider it the best in the whole series, Reach is a rather sentimental game for me. I'm pleasantly surprised to see it place on our list.

    The "If They Came to Hear Me Beg" achievement can jump off a cliff though (And yes, this is how I unlocked it).

    As always, shoutouts to those who I share a vote on! Thanks @paulmci27, @Capnbobamous, @Oscillator, and @Lotias for showing Reach some love.

  • @brannox

    What happens when you do that with the game? New weapons maybe?

  • You know what's funny - Halo is something different to everybody. I quite literally couldn've give a rats ass about the Campaign mode in the Halo series. I started the series by having the PC version of Halo CE loaned to me in like 2005. My parents crappy computer could barely run the game so every character was grey and most of the environment was grey / green.

    I played the Campaign first and thought it was sooooo boring. I hated the enemies, I didn't like the corridors, and I thought the plot was mind numbing. Keep in mind, I was like 10 years old and I was used to playing tank games built into Windows XP, Arkanoid, and The Sims Deluxe Edition on my PC. I never really played PC style shooters back then. But then I tried the multiplayer and I thought it was sooooo cool. Again, I never played PC shooters. I was really into SOCOM II back then on PS2 so the deviation into a FPS arena shooter was awesome.

    I skipped Halo 2 because I didn't have an Xbox but Halo 3 was such a big deal and we'd play it at my friends house for years. That multiplayer was perfection. Every time we booted up the Campaign mode, we just felt so much less engaged with it and would eventually just go back to playing MP matches.

    So all this to say is that, to me, Halo is nothing more than a multiplayer game. But then some of my friends ONLY play the Campaign and are super into it. Friends who couldn't even grasp the concept of online gaming back then (we were kids and I was like the only kid I knew of with a networking router to play PS2 online).

    Now I'm reading in this thread that almost everybody who voted for Reach loved the Campaign mode. I personally stopped playing it on an early mission cause I couldn't stomach the bad dialogue from your military bros, but that doesn't matter to me because Halo is about the multiplayer.

    To each their own, but if Halo ever pulled a COD Black Ops 4 and just axed the Campaign mode, people would absolutely FLIP THEIR LIDS because Campaign is everything to so many people in this series. Just not for me.

  • @scotty Thanks for clarifying!

    Yes, when both Retribution and Resistance 2 are both running, if you plug in the PSP like a PS3 controller, there is an option on the main menu of Resistance 2 where you can "infect" Retribution. This causes your character to become infected by the Chimera virus and then Retribution has the following changes:

    • You still can use health pickups, but your health actually regenerates.
    • Your characters eyes glow red
    • You can breathe underwater
    • There is certain dialogue that is different in cutscenes (The one I remember is the guy you play actually acknowledges to a boss he's infected).

    There might be more, but that's the only ones I can remember at the moment. It's been a couple years since I've played through the franchise.

  • @brannox Yeah I also read the breathing under water lets you access new areas. Pretty cool!

  • @brannox

    So cool. I love PSP and still sad about Vita's demise.

  • Sad but I expected Ace Attourney: Investigations to rank low if at all since it was already late in DS life cycle and didn't sell well. I love it because it is so different from main games and has Edgeworth as protagonist along with good old Gumshoe and "a thief". Also it being more detective/puzzle is a bonus.

    I watched 5 minutes of Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie and it felt like a waste of time which I have never done to any other movie. The game is good but never finished it because my friends levels always reset and it was bothersome to even go through things again so there's that

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    Halo Reach are one of those games I hold very dearly and I loooove the halo universe in general. read the books, spent unhealthy amount on the halopedia and what not. Reach got a darker story which I loved from start to finish and I recently played it through on PC again with the MC collection.

  • @dipset said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!:

    To each their own, but if Halo ever pulled a COD Black Ops 4 and just axed the Campaign mode, people would absolutely FLIP THEIR LIDS because Campaign is everything to so many people in this series. Just not for me.

    Fun fact, in The Master Chief Collection, you can choose to install only the campaign or multiplayer component of each game, saving storage space/install time

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  • Never played it, but I watched an LP that the SBFs did a while back, and I can see why people love it. I'm curious if the voters played around release or later on.

  • @sazime I played it just last year, I was very aware of the reputation, and it delivered very well in terms of what I hoped.

    Such an obviously flawed game that manages to be so incredibly enjoyable, DP is something that is almost hard to imagine existing, hoping that 2 manages to pull it out as well.

  • I watched a bit of Ian and Don playing this. I might watch their play through before I try the new one. I love The Missing so I’m kinda in on Swery.

  • Now that this is on the Switch, I definitely need to give it its due. If it's anything like The Missing, I'm going to be way down. I'm not as familiar with SWERY as a lot of others have gotten, but its rare for someone like that to be able to give such an authored feel to a set of games.