The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!

  • This game was really damn fun, but I never finished it. I appreciated that the series said "fuck it" and went full video game nonsense with the Brotherhood management mini-game, but I couldn't shake the disappointment that the series wasn't a coherent trilogy with one single vision. By about mid-game I realized that this was never going to end. I didn't care about the story, and lost motivation to finish it for that reason.

    BUT, name another game where you play in Renaissance Rome? The stealth / action / parkour gameplay was as great as ever, I loved being in Rome, and the soundtrack, like always, was breathtaking. As a whole, this game was really well put together but in terms of the series overall, it was the beginning of the end in regards to a coherent story, and it also felt like cut content from AC2.

    It isn't GOTY but it was well made fun.

  • @dipset I hear you for sure on the beginning of the end stuff. I originally wasn't going to buy Brotherhood as I thought that it was a smaller title that wasn't carrying on the modern day story. As soon as I saw the first gameplay that showed Monteriggioni in the modern day I practically ran to the GAME in town to buy it.

    In hindsight, I think Ezio's trilogy is stronger than a Desmond trilogy could have been without major changes to 3. So I'm thankful for the way everything came out in the wash.

  • @hazz3r

    I can't really comment on the Ezio trilogy because I never beat Brotherhood then dropped Assassin's Creed on the whole after a bit of AC3 disappointment. I hear its basically Apex Mountain for the series, but I can't see past the fact that AC was pitched to us as a stealth assassination game (it kinda was for one game), and a trilogy, but neither came into fruition.

    So despite the Ezio trilogy being an allegedly great thing, I just wonder what could have been if the narrative stayed on the rails and Patrice wasn't fired. I mean, he clearly was the mastermind behind the narrative elements of the series and I always wonder what I simple AC 1, 2, 3 back to back to back could've been. No AAA sequel milk it for all its worth agenda. Just a well thought out trilogy. To be fair, the narrative started going a bit crazy by mid-AC2 but I wonder if they knew this wasn't going to conclude in 3 games by that point.

  • Heavy Rain

    #10. Heavy Rain - 17 points


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    HM: 11 (Brandon_Reister, naltmank, JDINCINERATOR, TokyoSlim, Crepe, E_Zed_Eh_Intern, Sentinel Beach, DIPSET, tokeeffe9, HappyGaming, El Shmiablo)


    Release date: February 23 [US], February 24 [EU]
    Developer: Quantic Dream
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Interactive drama, Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Windows


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  • Wow! So honor. Very Mentions!
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  • Easy Allies friend zone champion.

    This was the first game of this type I played. It wasn't an incredible game but I remember a lot of it. It certainly tried to hard with atmosphere but still hit the mark most times. The lack of actual gameplay is why I think it's only an HM for me.

  • WOW that's a lot of Honorable Mentions.

    I've always stayed away from Heavy Rain for many reasons. Gameplay (which I did play Detroit: Become Human, and that wasn't too bad in this sense but I'm not too over the moon about it), the central mystery (Which I know the twist, so it's kind of lost any real meaning to visit for me), and it also doesn't look all that good in retrospect. Character models aren't the best, plus... ya know... press X to... you get it.

    All that said, it definitely made its mark, for good and ill.

  • Heavy Rain was my first narrative-driven game and I loved it. Making decisions, seeing consequences and learning the truth - it was a wonderful ride. And I've got decent ending too. It also my first platinum, because I was so interested in seeing everything this game has. I enjoyed QTE and pressing multiple buttons - it was new for me and it fit character's action. Later I played it with PS Move and it was even more immersive.

    Could be my #1, but some other 2010 game was also great.

  • Quantic Dream's games are so odd to me. On one hand, I often find myself at odds with most of the things David Cage says. Particularly, I find it annoying how he oversells the stories in his games. Then, when they are released, the stories are full of plot holes, lazy writing/stereotypes, and other oddities.

    That being said, whenever I watch the trailers, reviews, and clips of Quantic Dream's games I am compelled to try them. And, despite my opinions of David Cage and how disjointed the stories often are, I end up enjoying their games a lot.

  • Whoa holy shit. Are these the most honorable mentions a game has gotten @Axel ?

  • Heavy Rain was legitimately in my top 5 games of all time for a few years. It was doing really cool stuff with choice/consequence while maintaining a very cinematic presentation. I even like the way it played. However, as time went on, I started noticing all the flaws and holes in the actual story, and the rough edges present throughout the game only became more and more noticeable. I still think there's a lot to enjoy here, but it's aged pretty poorly overall, which is why I could only put it in my HMs here. Great soundtrack, though.

  • @crepe Despite all his rage, he is still just David Cage.

  • @capnbobamous Could be worth checking!

  • This is a game I remember being a 9/10 when I played it. I have the most fond memories of playing with my buddy and talking about the differences of what happened to each character and how things changed per playthrough. We both even still had 4:3 tube TVs at the time. I still love this game, but nowadays, it feels more like the epitome of swimming in 7's; a game that isn't bad, but has too much on top to be able to stand the test of time or its own weight. And I still love it for what it wants to do, the story it tells, the memories it gave me. But it doesn't quite hold up as well as other games I played since. Still, I think this game has something special that's worth looking at and remembering. Even if to me it's swimmin' in 7's, It'll always be that 9 in my head of what it tried to do and what it accomplished for me and my buddy when it came out.

  • I only played Heavy Rain last year for the first time, after Detroit, so it felt a bit rough around the edges in comparison. But I still had a lot of fun going through the story, it had a couple unexpected plot twists, and not that many plot holes. It also conveys cause and effect pretty well, so that you rarely feel like a scene's outcome is unfair or too unpredictable (an issue I had sometimes with Until Dawn).

    One minor gripe I remember having is the character of Madison, whose sole purpose seems to be getting naked at every opportunity in the most gratuitous ways. Plus, just like in Fahrenheit, there are

    "romance" options between her and Ethan that are not believable at all, David Cage sure loves having characters who just met in the most un-sexy of circumstances just get it on anyway.

    But those eye-rolling issues aside, I enjoyed most of the scenes, there are some genuinely stressful and scary parts, and I kept wanting to see what was next. So it does that right at least!

    Detroit is a definitely better game, in every way, but there's still value in this one if you enjoy the genre.

  • Loved Heavy Rain ten years ago, the whole game felt sort of vivid and more adult than basically any game I'd played before that. I was still living home back then and I remember when my mom stopped by in my room and was visibly surprised of what I was playing. Ethan was taking care of Shaun in his home, making food for the kid and just trying to connect. My mom sat down, fixated on the screen, I don't think I'd ever seen her like that. (Unfortunately we had some guests soon after, so the magic got broken.)

    Nowadays I've lost some of my connection to the game. Still many great memories of powerful and/or surprising scenes, but Detroit does basically everything better etc. A unique experience nevertheless and I just had to fit in in my Top 8.

  • Heavy Rain is one of those games for me where I liked it a lot when I first played it, but that feeling slowly degraded as time went on. It has great moments: I especially enjoy the VR sections with that detective, but a lot of the game started to rub me the wrong way, like how the story turned out at the end. It's still a cool game for it's time though. I still think about the main theme music from time to time.

  • Heavy Rain is terrible in just about every way except graphics, but you know what I loved every minute playing through that dumb schlocky nonsense. Finished it in one sitting. No regrets.

  • I can understand that some of the ideas in Heavy Rain are intriguing, and the game play was something new to a lot of people, but thinking about the storytelling, tone and overall narrative of that game, I can only laugh. There's nothing wrong with liking the game, but some of the tone is just... woof.

  • If we had done this in 2010, Heavy Rain would likely have made my Number 2 or 3 spot. I loved the game. I was engrossed by the story. And it was the first game of that style that I had played, having not had the information to understand what Fahrenheit was.

    I loved playing as each character. The sections with Norman were a delight thanks to those nifty glasses. I could have played bounce against the wall in the police precinct for hours.

    I enjoyed the chase scenes and I enjoyed the slice of life scenes. The multiple ways the story could play out was fun. And while for the most part, having all the outcomes laid out for you a la Detroit would probably have been a more fun experience overall, it was great fun replaying the game to try and get the best ending, or trying to let the Origami Killer get away with it.

    It narrowly missed out on my HM for two reasons.

    1. I've never been sold on the Supernatural elements of the Story, despite Cage's reasoning for their presence. It's clear that they ran out of dev time or budget, but they left these dangling threads in the game without considering the players experience.

    2. In hindsight, the way they treat Madison is gross. They literally have a section of the game where you're forced to strip for some gang member or something, and you can go pretty far before eventually you're forced to do what is the obvious continuation of the scene. I'm all for titillation in games. Have Madison run around her apartment in her knickers, or have her get her cleavage out when she's trying to seduce someone. Sex sells, and people, especially men, enjoy titillation.

    But don't have a character get undressed against their will and let the player fucking control that process. As a teenager, you bet I went as far as I could without really understanding why what I was doing was so weird. "It's in the game, so it must be okay". Don't put that shit in games man.

    Youtube Video

    But, back on to more positive things, Heavy Rain has one piece of DLC called The Taxidermist. It was a single high quality scene where there were many outcomes. It was maybe 15 minutes long, but could be replayed many many times. I got a good couple of hours out of it. It was the first episode of what was meant to be a series of DLC called Heavy Rain Chronicles. Unfortunately though, Sony paid Quantic Dream a big chunk of money to make a Move Edition of Heavy Rain in time for the launch of Playstation Move. This meant that they no longer had the staff to work on the rest of the DLC, so it got dropped and never picked up again.

    Youtube Video – [00:56..]

    It's a shame, because the Move Edition ended up being quite crap. The DLC isn't in the PC or PS4 release. The Move Edition is ironically the only release that has the DLC on the disc, so you'd need that to guarantee you can play it. I think it might still be downloadable seperately from the PS3 PSN Store, but who knows for how long.

    So yeah, Heavy Rain has a lot of good going for it, but David Cage is a weird guy who puts weird stuff in his games. ¯_(ツ)_/¯