The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!

  • I'm very happy 3D Dot Game Heroes made the list. It's such an incredible game and I'm glad I'm not only one one who remembers it.

    One of the best games from the last generation.

  • I have to say GOW3 is the game that got me into the series. I dabbled in GOW2 when it originally came out but the public anticipation of GOW3 had me play every prior game in the series and I ended up finding one of my favourite series ever.

    I was in love with God of War III when the screen prompt of 'L3 + R3' came up as you were from the POV of Poseidon and Kratos has your head. Click L3 + R3 and you gouge out Poseidon's eyes, snap his neck, and push him off of Mount Olympus. I didn't know it could get crazier than that, but the whole game is just murdering your way up Mount Olympus. It's one of my favourite premises ever and this game never gets old to me. I've played it like 5+ times and its just as good every time.

  • I remember playing all 3 main God of War games together after the 3rd was released.

    I had a very negative impression of 3 as soon as the fatality sequence of Poseidon happened. That was so needlessly long and drawn out. It felt like it was indulging in its own violence without purpose or much creativity. That moment is burned into my mind as one of the most annoying sequences I've ever had to watch/experience in a video game. It's a shame because everything leading up to that moment was absolutely incredible.

    The gameplay was pretty ok though. If you ignore the story it's an alright romp and the idea of battling through all the greek gods is really cool. I thought Ascension was actually a much better game in the end and the brand new God of War on PS4 is by far the best in the series.

  • GoWIII is infeior to GoWII but it's still awesome. Like others said: Premise of the story is sooo goood! Also graphics are insane, gameplay is faster than before and using every God's skills in meaninful ways was so satisfying. Don't forget how the atmosphere change with every new murder. Ahahahha. Pandora needs to be talking point too, it was meaninful. Still didn't play 2018 game but it's about to change in near future I hope.

  • Banned

    Putting this out there.
    Joel from TLOU and Kratos have a ton of parallels.
    Both are endeared to the player by loss of family members.
    Both do terrible, horrible things in their quest for revenge.
    Both can be seen as the bad guy when you look at their actions from an outside perspective.
    Both attempt to find redemption through somebody who reminds them of their lost family member.
    Both have great beards.

  • TLOU 2 = GOW3

    GOW2018 = TLOU1

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

    #4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 33 points


    #1: 2 (Phbz, tokeeffe9)
    #2: 5 (Axel, Kaminski, HappyGaming, Jamicov, NeoCweeny)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (naltmank, Shoulderguy, El Shmiablo)


    Release date: May 23 [US], June 11 [EU]
    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Platforming
    Platform(s): Wii


    GT Review

  • I never played Galaxy 2, even though I loved 1, right now I'm just waiting for that supposed Switch collection.

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my #5. I originally completed it on the Wii when it released in 2010. Even though I mostly enjoyed it, I disliked the blurry look of the game and having to use motion controls. A few months ago, I played SMG2 on the Dolphin emulator using a HD texture pack, with an Xbox One controller. That version of the game is incredible. It fixes the few issues I had, while reminding me how great of a platformer SMG2 actually is.

    I couldn't find one for SMG2 but this is a comparison for SMG1. Hopefully those Mario remaster rumors are true, so more people can experience the SMG games like this.

    Youtube Video

  • I just didn't really like the Wii at all. I didn't see the appeal in Galaxy 2 at the time because A) I don't like the art direction, and B) I don't like Wiimote.

    I'd consider emulating this but how does it even work on PC? Isn't it built ground up with motion controls in mind?

  • I have a lot to catch up on Nintendo games. Still haven't played any exclusives on the Switch besides Pokemon. This and the other Super Mario games looks like one heck of a jolly time. I just wish them Nintendo games aren't so damn expensive.

  • @dipset You can customize the controls yourself. I downloaded a controller profile that someone made. It was:

    Right Trigger as Spin Attack ( You would shake the Wii remote on the Wii)
    Left Trigger as Shoot Star Bits
    The Right Stick is your pointer ( You would point the Wii remote at the screen on the Wii)

    You used motion controls to spin attack, gather and shoot Star Bits. There are also sections where you tilt to move. You probably do lose some precision by not using motion controls. But, you don't have to stick your hand way out in front of you and wave it around like a mad man.

  • The most common discussion about Super Mario Galaxy 2 I've heard is that it's for all intents and purposes an add-on to the original, as from what I've been told, it doesn't do too much new. However, when played immediately after Super Mario Galaxy 1, the combined experience lends to one all-encompassing game. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just pointing out for people like me who haven't played either Galaxy games, they both look the same, and I couldn't for the life of me tell you which feature/galaxy/story beat is in which game.

    Still, they look fun as "traditional" 3D Mario platformers do, and the most interesting thing I've heard about 2 specifically came from what would be (sadly) the last Game Sleuth EZA will ever do.

  • I have 4 games on my own list that haven't made this one that could easily be in the top 3, 1 that I'm surprised didn't make it, and 1 that will definitely not. Gonna be wild to see which of the 4 are in the top 3, or if any of them are at all. But, 2 of them HAVE to be, or this list is gonna feel really weird.

  • SMG2 is the game responsible for bringing me back to gaming.

    My mother in law gave me a Wii, out of nowhere, with a copy of this game. Completely random thing, unexpected, and I wasn't exactly thrilled with the silly console and what it looked like a kiddy game.

    But damn, this game conquered me almost from the start. I love everything about it and is on my top 3 best games ever.

  • @sazime I’m fairly confident what the top 3 are. I have 2 HMs that won’t make it. One I’m a little surprised, one is par for the course.

  • @hazz3r I can't wait to see if one my my fav HMs got any other votes at all.

  • I thought the first Mario Galaxy was just an alright game when it came out, but Super Mario Galaxy 2? This game knocked my socks clean off.

    The sequel was 10× more creative and far more tight in its level design and challenge than the original. It's incredible the shear imagination and variety on display. A new, clever gameplay concept is introduced every few minutes. It just never let's up.

    There's seriously enough concepts and ideas in this one game to create 20+ full fledged games.

    I can't think of another instance where a direct sequel felt more fresh and novel than its predecessor.

  • Alright, I got some catching up to do.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns is something I actually didn't play until recently, but I had a ton of fun with it! I do like Tropical Freeze more, but there's still a lot of creativity in those levels and it's, in my opinion, the perfect difficulty for a 2D Platformer of its kind.

    I always go back and forth on what my favorite Pokemon games are, but HeartGold and SoulSilver are always in the conversation. Gen 2 was already one of my favorite gens, so having the Gen 4 DS aesthetic with those towns and those characters just ends up being some of my favorite vibes in Pokemon. Plus, post-game content in Pokemon is a big thing for me, and there's a lot to go through here, even beyond the second region. I also have a lot of nostalgia for how much I played this game with my friends.

    And of course Super Mario Galaxy 2 is up there for me. I haven't actually played either of the games in a while, so I'm not sure which I prefer, but Galaxy in general is just such a masterclass in a lot of regards. The mechanics feel great, the music is great, the level design is great, it's just all very great. I do prefer the setup to the first game more though, I always agreed with Bosman's take on the tiny Mario head ship and just having a world map instead of exploring the observatory.

  • I'm like Kyle where I like my 3D Mario games to be one connected world so I didn't like the level map of Galaxy 2. Even more, I really don't like the Wiimote stuff in the the Mario, Zelda and Metroid games. I feel like if I could play this on Dolphin, I'd love it but as is, it's my least favourite 3D Mario.