The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!

  • I played a demo of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and liked it so much that I've decided to buy full game. I wasn't disappointed. Relationship between two main characters was the best thing in this game, but I also liked how the game ends. And if I remember correctly, the game looked good in 2010.

  • Anytime I hear about this game, I think of two people: Michael Huber and Andy Serkis. Other than that, I know very little about it. I just watched the provided GT review and I can't if its because of the video quality of the day or the game itself, but it looks kind of rough to me. The line at the end of hoping Ninja Theory will revisit the IP is kind of sad but it seems like a decent premise.

  • I was obssesed over Skate 3 ever since I saw one of those blooper/glitch videos of it on Machinima. Finding physical copies of the game is hard since the stock of games in my place used to be so abysmal (PlayStation didn't even recognize my country as an official market until 2009? Took a while before everything started to get good). I had to order it overseas, and boy oh boy it was worth the hassle. It's easily my favorite skateboarding game. I love the control system so much, it nails the feeling of being a fun, simulation-esque game that never got too serious. Not to mention it introduced me to Joy Division's Disorder, it's the only track I can name off the soundtrack.

    I'm so bummed I never got to try Enslaved, it sounds like a game right up my alley.

  • Two games I love were released October 5, 2010. 1) Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and 2) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Oddly, both have largely fallen largely out of the cultural conversation despite the considerable hype leading up to their release. I don't remember where (I think Gameinformer), but I remember reading one of the many "which one should you buy" articles that essentially ended like this: if you want to see how far games have come, buy Castlevania. If you want to see where games will go, buy Enslaved. I don't think the author fully appreciated how right they were.

    Castlevania was the encapsulation of the spectacle-driven set-piece game design that dominated the mid to late aughts, and had more production values and talent behind it than just about any game I had seen up until that point (people forget that Kojima was one of the producers). It threw itself into the "bigger is better" mentality that made the original God of War trilogy so immediately impactful. I loved it. Enslaved, on the other hand, revolutionized performance capture and storytelling by emphasizing smaller character moments and interactions. I say this with zero exaggeration: Enslaved was The Last of Us before we even knew we wanted The Last of Us. Both games thrust the surly main character into the role of the guardian figure, and reinforced story/character development through gameplay where you actively play out this role through combat and traversal mechanics (aided to varying degrees by your less physically impressive charge), and force you to bear witness to the power of that relationship through a morally ambiguous conclusion. The main difference is that Enslaved desperately lacked the polish that oozes out of every frame of The Last of Us. Enslaved came out before developers truly figured out how to manage escort quests (note: not sure they ever did), and the initial reaction to this revelation was only reinforced by buggy gameplay and loose combat/camera controls. There is so much good in this game, but it consistently gets in its own way to such an extent that it's no longer fun to play. That said, I genuinely believe that if Enslaved had the same backing that Castlevania (or The Last of Us, but that ruins my "paired game" set-up from the first paragraph) had, it would be remembered as one of the greats. From the first hour you can see the pedigree on display, and it's a major reason why people knew Ninja Theory was a developer to watch. So glad they're getting the budget they deserve now.

  • Another one that almost made my list. Really enjoyed it, enough to buy it again on PC!

  • Cool, Enslaved is in. That was a tough cut from my list, good memories. I think I finished the game in one day? This kind of relationship was presented in Enslaved a couple years before Lee & Clementine or Joel & Ellie, liked it already here.

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    Enslaved is ANOTHER game I had to remove from my list despite loving.
    I've been a pretty big Ninja Theory fan since Heavenly Sword and this was just another banger in their lineup of solid action games with slightly too simple combat but an amazing story and cast of characters.

  • @naltmank said it very well, Enslaved was a pioneer in storytelling, performance capture and voice acting. It's easier to take for granted nowadays but back then, few games had reached this level. The gameplay wasn't very deep or complex, but it was a damn good time from start to finish. The DLC was very fun too.

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    Oh! Enslaved are one of those games I've wanted to play, but never gotten around to playing. I hope that we get a remaster or similar of it. As Im not in a possesion of a PS3 at the moment it would nice to get something I could play on it for PS4/5.

  • I’ve heard nothing but great things about Enslaved. As you guys have said, it’s a pioneer in many ways so I’ll get to playing it eventually.

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    @lotias FYI it's in Steam and runs on toasters.

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    @el-shmiablo potatoes too? I need to clear up some space and dedicate the time to it. I guess prioritising the time is the hardest bit.

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    Enslaved can run in this.

  • Enslaved was fine, it is a game I have a hard time remembering to be honest, but it was fine.

  • I think I got Enslaved on PS+ and bought it on PC because it was so gosh darn pretty. It felt good to play, too. Ninja Theory does good stuff.

    This is the second one so far to JUST miss my list.

  • Still didn't play this too, so many games...

  • Only ever played a couple hours but still want to return at some point.

  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta

    #18. God of War: Ghost of Sparta - 11 points


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    Release date: November 2 [US], November 3 [EU]
    Developer: Ready at Dawn
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Hack and slash, Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PSP


    GT Review

  • @Axel You miscounted my Birth by Sleep vote friend! I had it second overall, not as an HM! ^.^

  • @brannox Oh noooo so sorry. Thanks a lot for pointing it out, I guess now there's a spoiler, this game will show up a bit later instead ;)