The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2010!

  • @axel It's all good. Was about to comment how my second and third favorite games of the year being tied was incredibly funny when I noticed the change. Still, it's nice to know it's a guarantee!

  • God of War on the PSP doesn't get enough love. Ghost of Sparta is the second of the two PSP entries, and while I like Chains of Olympus more, GoS is really REALLY solid. I liked the concept of Kratos having to track down his brother, but much like Uncharted 4, it's understandable how introducing a close family member never referenced prior is a bit cheap.

    Thanatos is a good Olympian to despise, though I wish he was present more throughout the game. It's fun to visit Atlantis and Sparta, but they actually aren't as well realized as I personally would like. For being a PSP game, the controls are actually pretty good, because in my experience, games with fixed camera angles are better to play on handheld in the absence of free camera movement. Ghost of Sparta also is a nice wedge before God of War II, and I always enjoy seeing the fantastical interpretation of Greek mythology the God of War series provides.

    Solid and underrated game, and shoutout to @robert7lee, @Scotty, and @JDINCINERATOR for also having it on their lists!

  • I didn't get into the GoW games until the PS3 collection of the PS2 games, and never made my way to 3 or the PSP games. Man, maybe I should?

  • Despite being a huge PSP fan, I never played GoS. I did play Chains of Olympus, which is an amazing game. I guess I was tired of the franchise at that point and didn't have enough motivation to play it.

  • just a random topical retweet for people like me who never played this game

  • @tokyoslim I saw that earlier got REAL paranoid for a second about sentient algorithms...

  • I mean, "they" ARE always watching us with their 5G brain scanners.

  • Something always felt like the PSP GOW games were made by another studio and that wasn’t bad nor good, but something I felt. GoS didn’t ADD much for me but on a raw gameplay level this game is pretty underrated.

    Crazy that they released this and GoW3 in the same year.

  • @dipset That's because they were; the main console entries were developed by Sony Santa Monica. The PSP games were primarily done by Ready at Dawn.

  • I always forget about the handheld God of War games! I should break out my Vita and get that installed on there.

  • I still can't believe this game was on PSP. What an awesome technological achievement it was. And at the time I was thinking Chains of Olympus was the limit for the PSP, guess no. Also it's still great to play, check it out if you are a fan of the series.


    You definetely should.

  • Played the two PSP Kratos adventures on a PS3 collection that had them both. Fun to play, solid outings, but honestly not that memorable even though I love the series.

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes

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    Release date: May 11 [US], May 14 [EU]
    Developer: Silicon Studio
    Publisher: Atlus USA
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3


    GT Review

  • I feel bad because I don't think I ever gave 3D Dot Game Heroes a chance. Back when I had GameFly, it was one of my first rentals, but I just had a hard time getting into it. I didn't think it was bad or anything, but maybe I was comparing too heavily to Zelda because of its design and how it looks, and how it differed from the former in my head? My brother picked it up a few years later and really loved it, so I just feel like I didn't give it a fair chance.

    All that aside, I also feel like I've never been sold about the visual style, but that may be a personal qualm.

  • I really wanted to play this at some point, and I just never did.

  • I haven't heard about this in a long while and if I remember correctly, I think someone described it to me as if the original Legend of Zelda had 3D Pixel art with a camera angle that had depth of field. So that sounds interesting, but speaking as someone who really isn't into Zelda, I think this game's charm would be wasted on me, which is unfair to it.

  • @brannox I think one of the reasons I wasn't into it was because of how it didn't feel like Zelda to me. It has the overworld map and dungeons, but from what I remember you don't solve puzzles or pick up items at all, and that's where I was more out. That being said, my experience should be taken with a grain of salt. I didn't beat it, and played it very briefly for a GameFly weekend.

  • 3D dot game heroes is one of the few games that I bought and then didn't play for more than an hour. As it turns out I can't stand tilt-shift.

  • I was so certain I would love this game. I love the look, I love Zelda, I love the humour but, for whatever reason, it just never got it's claws into me. I think I stopped after less than 10 hours. It was an active quit, I just never felt the drive to go back. Maybe it gets way better later on?

  • Love this game, love the voxels, love that the visual style, love creating my own avatar, love the wacky sword swinging mechanic and how it levels up over time.

    It borrows a lot from classic Zelda, but I felt like it had a lot of unique mechanics that made it interesting to play. And I finished it, again just 8 months ago! Not only was it the first, but it's also the latest FROM game I've beaten!

    I think it holds up remarkably well, visually, because of how the visual style is used. It has some great enemy design and bosses. Oh man, then there's the thing, that's just directly pulled from Zelda.... yeah there's a lot of that. I love it.

    And I remember hearing about it for the first time because of the GT review.