Pokemon Snap 2 Confirmed. Seriously.

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  • Video games continue to be one of the brightest lights in the year 2020, this is such a good surprise!

  • Not sure why it took so long for them to realize a sequel should be made - hope it holds up to the original and doesn't come across as a cheap imitation.

  • I can't wait to disappoint Professor Oak yet again.

  • I think this is probably a 2021 game. If it was this year, they would have said so, right?

  • This needs to be the real deal Pokemon photography sim that nobody asked for.

    You start out as an eager wannabe Pokemon trainer, but things just don't work out for you and you come crawling back home. You turn on the TV and you see the Pokemon matches in football stadiums like in Sword & Shield. It stings a little inside because you want to be that person one day.

    Your mom gives you a shitty used Pokedex as a present one day. On it is a little iPhone style camera. Low megapixels and one built-in lens. You start taking photos of the fauna and flora around town until one day you see a strange Pokemon out in the woods. You manage to get a photo of it and hand it off to the local newspaper.

    The newspaper is impressed that this little kid discovered a new Pokemon in their area so they commission you to take more photos of Pokemon. You also get access to the local gym where the Gym Leader is training for a new match. They give you a slightly less shitty camera to cover the event.

    All goes well and you end up getting a new job opportunity in a new city. They are expecting a portfolio so you need to take photos of Pokemon in the wild along the way to this new city. Once you get there the interview goes well and they hire you. Now you have access to more money so you can save up for a real professional camera.

    Once you get a pro camera, you take a job at the Safari Zone snapping photos of Tauros' with your fancy new 400mm f2.8 telephoto lens. You start appearing in magazines and get a reputation of your own. One day you meet and befriend a trainer who is a big time gym battler who invites you to cover a live stadium match just like the ones you aspired to be in at the beginning of the game.

    You have to make sure you have all of the right equipment to be a Pokemon Sports Photographer. When the Pokemon Dynamax, it's like a boss battle where you can easily miss the moment if you aren't in the right spot with the right camera and lenses. If you succeed, you get the front cover of Pokemon ESPN Magazine and you get to cover stadium matches for the rest of your life.

    Eventually, you start selling photo books and make extra money doing that until one day a university calls you to consult for a photography curriculum.

    If all goes well, the good ending has you spending your twilight years teaching photography part-time at a university. The bad ending has you snapping Instagram photos on your Pokedex while you still live with your mom for the rest of your life.

  • @DIPSET It looks like more of the same (still a good thing, IMO). :P

  • I know haha!

    I'm just dreaming up a ridiculous game premise.

  • About 20 years slow there, Nintendo. But who am I kidding, it'll sell like crazy.

  • @miserableperson Probably because the original never was supposed to be a Pokemon game to begin with. Pokemon got slapped onto a failing project for a photography game that wasn't doing well with test groups, and it basically saved a project that was going to be a big failure and money sink.

    I don't think people quite understand how amazing it is for this game to exist. The first one was quite literally a mistake. Nobody set out to make Pokemon Snap originally, but it happened, and it turned out to be something people loved. Now after decades of fans begging for more, they've set out to actually design a new Pokemon Snap, intentionally this time!

    It would not have happened without the years and years of fan outcry for it, and Pokemon is really sassing up the spotlight.

    I for one cannot wait.

  • I'm not sure that I'll play this, but it's got me somewhat interested, seeing that Namco is developing it makes think it at least won't be a wreck but doesn't provide excitement either, guess we'll see.

  • Day 1 purchase for me. I just played through the original in the last year for the first time and it was such a positive and fun time for my girlfriend and I to pass and play!

  • @mbun I didn't know that about the original's development, that's very interesting. I think my issue is that a sequel felt obvious after the fact, especially with Nintendo trying to figure out games that could make use of the gamepad with the Wii-U. It's been 20 years and Pokemon has sort of lost its reverence with me - Shield has probably turned me off the mainline games forever - so I just hope this works out as I've wanted this for a long time.

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  • Day one purchase. I'm hoping the Nintendo tax isn't too high and they improve the amount of content from the first game. Pokemon Snap is so short.

  • @hazz3r I was dreaming about how in the modern era they could literally patch new events into the game as updates and tease going to X area to spot something new. I don't know if they're smart enough to do this, but it is now a possibility.

    I also was fearing how they could lock certain things behind paid DLC, like the endgame Mew encounter from the original.

  • I guess this is our topic for this, so here's the new trailer for anyone who missed it.
    Youtube Video

    Research Levels are how they're going to extend the playtime, so people don't blow through all this game's content in three hours. I hope it is an obscure level and not a displayed one so people can never be sure if they maxed an area and you can have childhood rumors of stuff like "if you go to the musky forest 100 times Pikachu will flip you off".

    That pretty much confirms the "Pokemon Signs" from the original will make a return, which is good to hear.

  • Really looking forward to this, doesn't look like they're trying to do too much and understand why it was beloved in the first place.

  • Honestly I would be so down for this if the game has better graphics, I just don't know if I want to take photos in a game that doesn't look good. It's very colorful at least, and the animations look pretty nice. Maybe it would look better in person.

  • @bam541 said in Pokemon Snap 2 Confirmed. Seriously.:

    Honestly I would be so down for this if the game has better graphics, I just don't know if I want to take photos in a game that doesn't look good. It's very colorful at least, and the animations look pretty nice. Maybe it would look better in person.

    I really like the models and the nighttime atmosphere.