Pokemon Snap 2 Confirmed. Seriously.

  • I have no idea what's going on, but maybe check your Preorders for New Pokemon Snap.

    Walmart emailed me to tell me the Preorder I made back in January was going to arrive 2 days late. Canceled order. Checked Amazon for Preorder, and it was estimating not shipping for an entire month. My friend said his Target Preorder had been delayed until May 4th. Walmart also has new Preorder Bundles that just went up a couple days ago that give you either a free Pokeball hat or Pikachu beanie included with the game cost, both of which estimate Release Day Delivery right now. So, I ordered one of those now. Shitty if they delayed normal Preorders to prioritize these new Bundles instead, but either way I'll try my luck with the free hat and game claiming it'll be here launch day until something goes wrong with that, and then I'll probably just go pick it up in the store launch day if even this fails.

  • pre-order bonus's are different everywhere. in Australia the EB pre-order bonus is a poster and the JB Hifi preorder bonus is stickers.

    i cbf getting the pre-order bonus's so i'm just going to price match and get it cheap

  • @yoshi I'd still check on your Preorder and make sure the date hasn't been changed on you. Seems like a widespread thing, although I can't say if it extends to other territories.

  • @mbun EBgames Australia website still says April 30th.
    no changes here yet.

  • Review is sounding good! :D
    Youtube Video

  • I finished it a few days ago and I can't believe how much I loved it! I didn't play the original and I was afraid it wouldn't click with me, but I got hooked.

    I played around 25 hours before reaching the end, and it never felt like a drag, I tried to complete requests (although I have to say some are way too obscure or hard to trigger), snap 'em all, raise my course levels: it was a joy throughout. I also had fun editing my pics, sharing them, comparing with my girlfriend's.

    Based on the comments about the first game, I expected limited content but it's not the case at all, if anything, there were way more courses than I expected.

    It rekindled my love for Pokémon to the point where I'm considering getting Sword now, just to scratch the itch. If there's DLC for it I'll happily pick it up.

  • Didn't think they'd do this, but here it is...

  • Hell yeah! I figured there would be DLC, but this being free is super cool, and surprisingly generous for Nintendo.

  • @mbun and how much is this this free update?

  • Yeah! This game brings back to me in my better days.