Star Wars: Squadrons

  • Star Wars: Squadrons was revealed recently and more was shown at EA's Summer 2020/E3 2020/EA Play-whatever presentation. It's a first person only star fighter game. It looks cooler and more involved than the space stuff in Battlefront 2. While the graphical look brings back fond memories of playing the Rogue Squadron games, expectations should probably be closer to X-Wing vs TIE fighter.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Reading coverage (and some podcast impressions), I've learned that Star Wars: Squadrons is focused on 5v5 multiplayer. There's a dog fighting mode and a "fleet battle" mode that is more longform and has a sense of battle progression. You can play fleet battles singleplayer against AIs and there is a single player campaign (of unknown depth or any other real details). The game doesn't involve locations on planetary surfaces, everything is all outer space all the time.

    This game rewards your play with points to customize the interior and exterior of your ship (cosmetics), and various ship components (which matter in the game). But it will be a 40 dollar game with no microtransactions, no DLC, or any future content in general. What's in the box is the whole deal.

    The part about not having terrestrial battles reminded of playing Strike Suit Zero many years back. While SSZ was a much more modest indie game -- and so would be expected to be lighter on content than, say, a Rogue Squadron game -- it was noticeable to me that the "always in space" design made that game feel repetitive more quickly. Star Wars: Squadrons does make me want to give it a shot if it looks as gorgeous as those trailers.

  • I'm pretty hyped on this one, been craving for more flight combat games. I'm tired of shitting on EA for making bad games/decisions, so I hope this one turns out well.

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  • Am cautiously optimistic. Been looking for a new Rogue Squadron/X-wing v Tie Fighter kinda game. Looks to be a little more the latter than the former, but we'll see.

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    @tokyoslim I'm pretty hyped about this, but in the back of my head know that EA are going to pull something horrendously stupid that ruins the whole game.

  • I have a feeling that this one will be forgotten quickly just like For Honor or GR: Breakpoint.

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  • Per the EZA podcast discussion. I think EA might’ve already pulled their hijinx by selling this as a $40 game because it does seem like it’s broken off of something else.

    Look I’m allllll for them recouping costs and selling this as a stand-alone game if that’s the case. I just have a feeling the origin of this is cut content or something.

    Fine by me, just an observation

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    Exactly. This feels like can be added to BF2 as a DLC .

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    I have to say, I don't think this could have been a DLC for BF2 without some major reowkring of how space battles work.
    This is really smacking more of Ace Combat, which makes sense considering they got people from the AC community to focus test.

  • The game has gone gold. I'm feeling pretty great about the game, all the stuff they have shown seems quite promising for me.

  • Nice, congrads to them. I don't think this trend will apply to all games but I'm kinda loving these much shorter reveal to release date marketing. This game has a lot of promise, I hope it can deliver. Kinda interested in the VR angle as well.

  • @themarcv I agree, it's great that we don't have to wait as long for many games these days. Even the Ubisoft Forward thing that just happened revealed some games that releases soon-ish.

  • EA released a pretty cool CG short for one of the characters from the game.

  • Reviews are out, it's currently at 80 on Opencritic (16 reviews). As expected, it seems that the multiplayer is the main strength here.