Crash Bandicoot 4: it's about time

  • coming to PS4 & Xbox One on October 9

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  • The decision to use a breakbeat song was sooooooo good. The Fatboy Slim track just brought me right back into that era like we never even left in the first place. The only thing that could make this more nostalgic is if they colour corrected the trailer to have a silver/blue tint throughout.

    And the joke at the end sells it even more:

    "How many times have you beat this clown, anyway?"


    "Really? Only three? Funny. Seemed like more..."

    Love love love that trailer. I was never the biggest fan of Crash (I liked Spyro and other 3D platformers a lot more), but this looks like some good fun.

  • I am glad that they acknowledge (in an almost prodding manner) that there were a few more games in the Crash series, but they technically exist under a different license, so this is the fourth one now. I remember having fun with some of the other ones that came after Naughty Dog. Wrath of Cortex was fun, but it had the black-disc problem from the early PS2 where the disc had a hard time being read. I ended up having to take it back to the store and got Jak and Daxter on a whim, which was an amazing decision. I also have fond memories with TwinSanity.

    With time travel involved, maybe it's just like all those exist in a parallel universe now.

  • although they're using the whole "there are multiple timelines and this is a multiverse" garbage. that's the only thing that annoys about all this.

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    @yoshi Why does that annoy you?

  • I kinda hope Activision works out a deal with Sony, imagine getting a little Jak, Ratchet and Sly stage.

    Also the voice for the mask seems familiar, I want to say Spike Spencer maybe (Shinji from NGE)

  • @el-shmiablo because it's a cheap cop out that's lazy and shows they didn't put any effort into continuing the original story that's already in place.

  • @yoshi I'm not a Crash veteran, but did the timeline ever matter before? Thought I caught wind of word that they were retconning some worse games with some line in there or such, but maybe I misunderstood. Guess that would be shitty if you enjoyed those other games, but besides that it seems fine. I guess you could point it right back at me and ask why I'm upset Pokemon did basically the same thing, and I'd just have to surrender though. So fair enough if it was important to you and you see it as the devs getting lazy keeping their canon in order.

  • @mbun yeah it did.

    Wrath of Cortex while being a mediocre game still had important story elements where it introduced a Major Character Crunch Bandicoot to the series. And then more characters like Nina Cortex and N Trance got added in later games.

    There wasn't much of a story, but the series still always had a backstory to it and now Activision is just deleting alot of that history for no other reason than "duhhh there are actually multiple Crash Universe's guys!!!"

    That's just lazy and Naughty Dog and even Travellers tales never stooped that low.

  • @yoshi You're reading wayyyyyyyy too much into it. They've made a sequel to the original 3 games because they want to continue that feel and gameplay.

    They haven't said they're retconning the rest of the games. They poked fun at the fact that most people remember the original 3.

    Crunch, Nina, and N Trance are even all characters that you can play as in CTR Nitro Fueled. They haven't wiped those characters from existence in any way.

  • @hazz3r they can continue the feel and gameplay without ignoring the characters from the other games.

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    @yoshi How are they deleting the story of the previous games if they acknowledge the existence of those games by saying the games now exist in a multiverse?

  • @el-shmiablo how is saying there are infinite universe's "just cause" not lazy story writing?

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    @yoshi How is it lazy? It allows them to take the series in a new direction while not invalidating the previous games by saying they don't exist anymore.
    Hell, I'd argue it's even scientifically sound. In an infinite universe, the possibility must exist that there are world's similar, or almost identical to our own.

  • @el-shmiablo How is it not lazy?
    let's just sprinkle some magic pixie dust and now everything has multiple universe's so we don't have to put any thought into connecting already established stories and make stuff up on the spot "Just Cause"

  • Hell there's even a reason as to why Mario has a Mustache and that was simply because the developers found it hard to draw a nose for him with the hardware limitations of arcade games machines and the NES.

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    it's looks like a great new game. but that doesn't mean i have to like the story of it.

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