Crash Bandicoot 4: it's about time

  • @yoshi Yeah, thankfully the new trilogy remaster added saves. I only managed to beat the first game with it, didn't get very far when I tried the original version (barely got past that damned bridge level).

  • @bam541 I think personally the 2nd is my favorite of the original 3. It was the first one I had growing up, but I still pop it in at least once a year. I prefer the PS1 version to the remaster because they changed jumping and the water jet-board to feel different than my muscle memory liked. If the remaster is your first time playing the games, I feel like you probably won't have that problem though.

    I wonder if the new one will have any sections where you ride animals. I always dug riding that polar bear!

  • @happygaming said in Crash Bandicoot 4: it's about time:

    I wonder if the new one will have any sections where you ride animals. I always dug riding that polar bear!

    That would be so jolly. Riding a polar bear or something would be perfect for those bigger levels with more exploration that they mentioned during Geoff's interview.

  • Ben played the Crash 4 demo, it looks goooood. I think I'm gonna boot up Crash 3 later, gotta finish the trilogy before trying this out.

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  • So long as they fixed the jumping from the N' Sane Trilogy (which is a completely separate set of thoughts and arguments altogether) I'm all in. I've at least tried every Crash game, and even if they're not all made equal, this one looks real good!

  • Man, this reminds me. I need to platinum the first 2 games.

  • new trailer.
    love the music.
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  • Haven't heard this song since they used it in the 2015 PS4 sizzle reel commercial that I used to hear 30 seconds of constantly.

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    Great trailer though! The game looks better every time I see it.

  • Reviews are out, currently at 86 in opencritic (17 reviews). At a quick glance, it seems that the new stuff they are adding to the classic Crash formula works well enough to make the game feel fresh and fun.

  • Yeah, sounds pretty great but there are also some voices of frustration in the air. That's Crash. I think I'll give it a spin and see for myself.

  • This is Crash alright. The challenge started to lift its head already in the third level with some jumping and new mask powers. :P I feel that I'll be lucky if I ever simply finish the game, no way I'll aim for the platinum in this one. But what a weird sensation to have a sequel for a 1998 game now all of a sudden! All those classic villains returning puts a smile on my face. That was my childhood. :)

  • i was going to try and 100% this game with no deaths on the counter, that dream is quickly vanishing. i'm only on stage 2 damn it!!!

    this game is kicking my ass! definitely already one my favourite platformers in recent memory. feels just like the OG Crash PS1 games at least from a gameplay perspective so i'm loving it.

  • I died 54 times against Cortex. That wasn't too fun. The game's just really hard, at least for me. I've started to just run through the levels without even trying to get all the boxes or anything. The bonus stages I've begun to skip entirely after only one try etc. The levels are also way too long for my liking. At least the game's generous with Aku Akus and additional checkpoints after a number deaths on a same spot.

  • The last section of the last level before the final boss took me 119 times to finally get through it. After 90 attempts I checked YouTube to see how it's actually done and still it took "a few" more tries to clear it. Luckily the final boss was a pushover after that nightmare.

    So yeah, sadly I sucked at this, but in my defense the game IS ridiculously harder than the OG trilogy. With those games I had fun, even with the N. Sane Trilogy a few years back, still. This one lost its funny side soon after the first world already.

  • I'm really liking this. I think it's even better than some of the Naughty Dog Crash games. The level design is excellent and mostly focused on platforming, unlike Warped.

    It is definitely the hardest Crash game. It kinda reminds of Mega Man 9 where they tried to go for an old school difficulty but went overboard and made it much more difficult than the originals.

  • PS5 and XSX upgrades are free

  • @dmcmaster only if you bought a digital PS4 or Xbone copy which is bs.

  • @yoshi
    Where did you read that? Because everything I've found says it will work like every other next gen upgrade . More importantly save date transfers over.

    "If you own Crash 4 on PS4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade your version of the game for free within the same console family and bring your progress with you.

    If you own a digital version of Crash 4 for PS4, you can upgrade to the PS5 version for free via the PlayStation Store. If you have the PS4 game on disc, you can use it to download the game on PS5 at no cost. You'll need to keep your disc in your PS5 every time you want to play. The physical version upgrade offer is not compatible with the PS5 Digital Edition disc-free console, Activision said."