Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (PS4/XBO/Switch/Steam)

  • Announced at New Game Plus Expo and coming to all major consoles with no release date yet.

    Youtube Video

  • Can I just say, I HATE crowdfunding. There are probably hundreds of games I want to see sequels to that will never happen but I still would never pay for until I see reviews. Particularly for indie devs, I believe the fear that a game not succeeding could sink your company is a driver. Without that fear, many would (and I believe have) become complacent or even greedy and they would release (have released) a lesser product because they don't want to dig into the profit they have already made from crowdfunding. I get the impression Koji Igarashi is not that type.

    1. They lived up to their promise and delivered Curse of the Moon. You can argue that it was to scrape up more money for Ritual of the Night but, while I never played it, I heard only good things about it.
    2. They released a Bloodstained-themed video to apologize for the state of the beta and to clearly identify what they were going to fix for the final release.
    3. They are now releasing a sequel to Curse of the Moon that looks equally awesome.

    Instead of take the money and run, he has decided to not only make good on the crowdfunding campaign but to go beyond and make it into a self-sustaining franchise - as every crowdfunded operation should but so few do. And he will be rewarded with both greater wealth and a lasting legacy not just as the creator of this series but as a champion of crowdfunding and a developer who made it by reviving and believing in what he loved. I honestly can't say how much I admire his devotion to the original Kickstarter and this series.