Pokémon Unite

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    I'm pretty excited to play this! It's funny to watch the Pokemon Company desperately push this bonding/teamwork/unite/good vibes angle because they know how toxic MOBAs are, and I hope they succeed. Not sure if my ego will be able to handle Clefable telling me to uninstall.

    Anyone else planning on giving Pokemon Unite a shot? What did you think of the presentation?

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    If it's tryhard bullshit like LoL where I get screamed at in a casual match for not knowing the meta backwards and front on my first match ever, hard pass.
    If it's some HotS type ish where nobody really cares and just want to have fun, I plays dat.

  • I imagine they're not going to have a built-in chat, so barring whatever emergent communication methods the community creates, I don't expect people to have an outlet for their toxicity. No built-in chat also makes it less hyper-competitive, so maybe people won't have super high expectations of their team. Hopefully Exp Share is on, though; I think that was 90% of what kept HotS from reaching LoL levels of toxicity.

  • @inflorescence said:

    Not sure if my ego will be able to handle Clefable telling me to uninstall.

    I feel bad for all the people who's first big exposure to Pokemon is shit like that if it goes that way. This game so isn't for me, so I have no stakes in how it turns out, and personally I'm just glad it wasn't Let's Go Johto. See people getting upset they separated this out from the other Pokemon announcements to "hype it up". I don't think that was the intent. I think it was separated out to be easily packaged to China, away from the other games they might not be getting.

    I'm also in the boat that I'm getting New Pokemon Snap, so I don't mind them announcing something I don't remotely want.

  • Yeah I have absolutely no interest in MOBAs for the reason Shimbo said above.

    I would of preferred a Gen 1 Action Game developed by Platinum to this.

  • Pokemon is such a good fit for a MOBA. Very excited to try this out. We need a decent quality MOBA on Console desperately...

  • @hazz3r I admittedly didn't play it for too long, but I thought Arena of Valor (same developer) was alright. The characters were kind of boring, and that's not going to be an issue with Pokemon, so maybe this will be the console MOBA of choice.