Your Greatest Accomplishment

  • So let's take a step away from the video game world and discuss something you did that makes you proud. Did you direct a play that audiences love? Did you build a gigantic pillow fort in your house that stood tall for a month? Did you make a dinner that had all your friends craving more? I wanna know!

    Since I want to be a gracious host, I'll start things off. It's not a long or eloquent story but there's definently some poems I had written over a decade ago that I still view fondly because of all the turmoil that was going on in my life at the time, yet I was still able to write pretty consistently and they live up to my standards. Kinda just a good reminder that I can survive any storm that crosses my path. Or maybe that just means I need to try harder to accomplish things now that I'm older, who knows!

  • @SabotageTheTruth I made it to E3 with a Media Badge :D
    Still can't believe it.

  • Getting my drivers license. I was born with very poor eyesight that only got fixed in my late teens. During my early twenties I didn't have time to get into driving classes/exams and people kept saying I probably would never be able to get it, even my own family. Spend A LOT of money on driving classes and had to take 4 attempts but I did succeed eventually.

  • Getting my black belt in Taekwon Do was a big one for me.

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    I know it doesnt seem like much to others, but for me it was a GREAT achievement to move from Sweden to UK for university. Spending 3 years and finishing with a high 2:1 (second highest grade).

    Moving away from my safe parenthome and starting my own life were a huge step and kinda amazing. I feel that I have matured and changed a lot over the last years. Growing up in a way have taught me a lot and as people around me have told me, I feel and seem more down to earth and knowing whats going on.

  • I'm proud just that I'm alive and to know things that I do.

  • Getting my Bachelor's Degree after dropping out of high school. Going for my Master's in autumn.

  • @TheHashtag0nist said in Your Greatest Accomplishment:

    @SabotageTheTruth I made it to E3 with a Media Badge :D
    Still can't believe it.

    Same! +high fives+

    I went in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010.

    Going back next year if I have the funds, but right now, I am working on two major acquisitions. :)

  • Loving the positivity here and see a wide range of accomplishments!

  • @michemagius Congrats, that is a real good one. Are you doing ITF or WTF?

  • Probably either having the patience and persistence to pay off my $100,000+ of student loan debt or spending hundreds of hours of my free time to make that Kyle Bosman tribute.

    Oh, I once successfully gave someone a heimlech maneuver without being trained on how to do it, I guess that counts as saving a life.

  • Not sure.. I think I'm still waiting for it

  • @michemagius Taekwon!

  • I have been undefeated in Foosball since 2006, with what must be a close to 3000 game winning streak including dominating victories against actual pro players and champions. The closest anyone has been in the past 6 or so years is a 6-10 smashing in Vegas. I know it sounds stupid, but the accomplishment of going from a 12 year old who couldn't play to save his life to effectively god is actually something I hold a ton of pride in :D

  • @Mr-M Damn, for real? Are you some kind of savant with foosball? 3000 win streak?! There's gotta be some money in that.

  • Ya know, it might be something many people have to their credit, but I'm a college graduate. BUT: While that may be the tangible thing I could physically point to, the ONE thing I am happiest about is the friendships I have. Over the course of my life, being able to maintain friendships has been.... a challenge. However, I have been able to have a handful of really close friends that I treasure more than most anything. So yeah. Friendships. Never will there be a greater personal accomplishment. Ever.

  • @Quagthias said in Your Greatest Accomplishment:

    @Mr-M Damn, for real? Are you some kind of savant with foosball? 3000 win streak?! There's gotta be some money in that.

    3000 was definitely an overestimate I've realised hahah, though if I could convince my friends to play me again it'll approach it pretty fast ;) people who have no chance tend to constantly ask for rematches which boost the streak a bit.

    I'm pretty geometrically minded and I've got good reactions, but I think the reason I got as good as I am is that for about 2-3 years I played multiple times every single day against my dad who absolutely slaughtered me and forced me to get good at it or face never ending childish torment for losing :P

    I've won money for it, but it's not exactly a viable thing for me to do - while on holiday in Vegas I played against random people in an arcade and made more money than I would going through official paths. I mean it is Foosball :P

  • @Mr-M scratch that there's now competitions in my country that actually have prizes that might be worthwhile. Brb registering and turning pro.

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