Your Greatest Accomplishment

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    @SabotageTheTruth I made it to E3 with a Media Badge :D
    Still can't believe it.

    Same! +high fives+

    I went in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010.

    Going back next year if I have the funds, but right now, I am working on two major acquisitions. :)

  • Loving the positivity here and see a wide range of accomplishments!

  • @michemagius Congrats, that is a real good one. Are you doing ITF or WTF?

  • Probably either having the patience and persistence to pay off my $100,000+ of student loan debt or spending hundreds of hours of my free time to make that Kyle Bosman tribute.

    Oh, I once successfully gave someone a heimlech maneuver without being trained on how to do it, I guess that counts as saving a life.

  • Not sure.. I think I'm still waiting for it

  • @michemagius Taekwon!

  • I have been undefeated in Foosball since 2006, with what must be a close to 3000 game winning streak including dominating victories against actual pro players and champions. The closest anyone has been in the past 6 or so years is a 6-10 smashing in Vegas. I know it sounds stupid, but the accomplishment of going from a 12 year old who couldn't play to save his life to effectively god is actually something I hold a ton of pride in :D

  • @Mr-M Damn, for real? Are you some kind of savant with foosball? 3000 win streak?! There's gotta be some money in that.

  • Ya know, it might be something many people have to their credit, but I'm a college graduate. BUT: While that may be the tangible thing I could physically point to, the ONE thing I am happiest about is the friendships I have. Over the course of my life, being able to maintain friendships has been.... a challenge. However, I have been able to have a handful of really close friends that I treasure more than most anything. So yeah. Friendships. Never will there be a greater personal accomplishment. Ever.

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    @Mr-M Damn, for real? Are you some kind of savant with foosball? 3000 win streak?! There's gotta be some money in that.

    3000 was definitely an overestimate I've realised hahah, though if I could convince my friends to play me again it'll approach it pretty fast ;) people who have no chance tend to constantly ask for rematches which boost the streak a bit.

    I'm pretty geometrically minded and I've got good reactions, but I think the reason I got as good as I am is that for about 2-3 years I played multiple times every single day against my dad who absolutely slaughtered me and forced me to get good at it or face never ending childish torment for losing :P

    I've won money for it, but it's not exactly a viable thing for me to do - while on holiday in Vegas I played against random people in an arcade and made more money than I would going through official paths. I mean it is Foosball :P

  • @Mr-M scratch that there's now competitions in my country that actually have prizes that might be worthwhile. Brb registering and turning pro.

  • Other than coming to Christ and having many hurt and broken areas healed. Graduating college comes second. But me getting a full time law enforcement position would probably surpass that. Considering how long I've been waiting for a full time career opportunity to become a cop.

    But as for the college. I'm the only one of 6 kids to get a college degree. And out of my extended family, there's only at least 3 cousins that I know of who got a college degree. One of them is in residency working to become a doctor. Going back to me, I had to work my tail end off to graduate in the 4 years I attended college. And had to sacrifice a lot to reach that goal.

  • I think that the idea of an "accomplishment" suggests something that I've had to work very hard at in order to succeed in doing. If I'm being totally real here, my greatest accomplishment under those terms would be staying alive. I've done other things that are flashier when I talk about them to others-- gone to respected schools, put myself on a fast-track for a career in teaching, received attention for my work in dance and performance art-- but none of those things really felt like much of a struggle for me. The things I've had to actively struggle with have been coming to terms with my sexuality, trying to reconcile expressing my transgender identity with the need for emotional and physical safety, and a decade-and-counting struggle with depression and suicidal tendencies. There are definitely still thought processes and behavior habits I'm trying to improve on, but I'm here today and I plan on being here tomorrow, and if you had talked to me even a year ago I wouldn't have been able to say that and mean it.

  • @alexwhiteplays Allow me to be the first (as far as this thread but potentially further dependent upon how often you have shared) to say, thank you for sharing! You are among friends here and as such, have a resource to draw upon if you're feeling down. Keep positive! ;-)

  • I... uhhhh... well... see... uhhh... I... you know...

    I have no idea. : | I guess I'm pretty useless.

  • @sam776 Nah, I doubt it. Just think of something you were proud of doing and share if you feel comfortable. Even if it's something you fear others might consider silly, it's something you're proud of.. so flaunt that pride.