Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (Switch, PS4, Phone)

  • @dmcmaster This is old info, and I'm not sure this article is actually accurate. I think they just mean for connecting with random players, but information for this game has been a weird, wild ride, so hard to confirm either way until release.

  • Lots of assorted info about the game in this Twitter thread:

    The game performs well on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Loading takes about 5 seconds between areas. Online connection speed is decent, with only occasional lag. Enemy AI has seemingly been polished.

    If you’re playing online, you will be asked to “continue” when you finish a dungeon, which simply has your party return to the same dungeon. You have to disband and reform the party to explore other dungeons. Every. Time.

    The “new 13 post-game dungeons” are hard mode retextures of the main dungeons, with more difficult enemies, new dungeon hazards, reskinned bosses and new attack AI. They are not new areas.

    Here's some other excerpts:

    You cannot trade items with other players.
    With the new sorting and organization system of held-items, with capacity at 99, you should never run out of storage space.
    The player ID and game region is permanent and software based.
    A Square Enix ID is not required to play online, but there's a Friend Code system you have to use.
    Four save files are available.

    Metacritic | Opencritic

    Low score, but expected that from a multiplayer focused game. These always do poorly with critics.

  • Just wanted a quick post about how this game has be plagued with all kinds of technical issues since launch that are slowly getting fixed as well as almost the entire fanbase complaining about some design aspects of the multiplayer ranging from the lack of local coop to no online "caravan" allowing players to play the game close to what it originally played like and even stuff like players having to replay dungeons a bunch with friends due to only the host getting the Myrrh Drops / Moogle Mail.

    So far, they've been slowly working through the bigger issues, and I hope they continue and address the other complaints, but most of them haven't been acknowledged yet, so I guess at this point it could go either way. I've still been having a good time with the game, but some of their choices definitely compromised the experience it once was and are currently holding the game back from reaching the full potential it could. Not much else to report. Just hope they keep fixing it up.

  • The lack of local coop seems baffling especially since 1. It was in the original

    1. Switch version is perfect for local coop.

  • @dmcmaster but in the original, everybody needed a GBA and a link cable which was all like $200 at the time and wildly impractical. Now if you want to play beside your friends, everybody just needs a Switch and a copy of the game and a Nintendo online account...

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Actually, only one person needs a copy of the game for that scenario unless you want to play the postgame stuff, but the experience is much different than it used to be, and as a result everyone will have to do four times as many dungeons to progress everyone along, and this will also cause everyone to become overpowered. It is pretty poor design now.

    @DMCMaster They claimed they had to choose between online or local during development. They didn't say if that was due to budget, time, design balance, or what though.


    They're making some improvements. Not the big ones everyone is asking for yet, but still hoping they get to it.

  • Recent Update Patchnotes

    Some Highlights:

    Addition of a function allowing the members of a party who have cleared a dungeon together to select an alternate dungeon to play through together on multiplayer mode.

    Addition of a storage moogle in each town.

    Improvements to the storage function.

    Timing adjustments being made to Automatic Timeout triggers when no input is made in multiplayer mode.

    Also, just because it is funny:

    Fixing an issue where a boss's HP gauge cannot keep up with the speed at which it decreases.