Dex (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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    Dex has been out on other platforms for a few years already, but was just announced for Switch out of nowhere for July 24th.

    Full disclosure: I worked on it as a freelancer back in the day, so I'm excited to see it finally coming to a Nintendo console. I have no idea what took them this long to port it, back then I was working on the Wii U version, which ended up not happening!

    Also, heads-up, this is a swimming in 7s, maybe even in 6s. I'm not pushing anyone to buy it, there's some very positive reviews as well as very negative ones around, and more will appear with the Switch release I'm sure.

    But if anyone picks it up, or has played it before, share your impressions here!

  • I played it for a bit on Vita, got 2 hours in. I really like the vibe of the world and the story seems neat, but the combat felt kinda clunky and there's a lot slowdowns/lags (might just be the Vita version?). I played this and Ruiner closely, and my hunger for cyberpunk themed stuff has dissipated by the time I finished Ruiner, so I never got back to this again.

  • @bam541 I read that the Vita port was very poorly optimised :/ The combat feeling kinda clunky is a general issue though haha, the strength of the game is more in its world-building, exploration and side-quests.

  • @axel yeah the story stuff definitely seems to be the most interesting part of it. I'll probably give it another go on the Switch if it's on sale or something, I can see myself impulse buying it. Hopefully the Switch port job is good.

  • I picked it up a couple of months ago because I'm a sucker for cyberpunk games. I put a couple of hours into it & really enjoyed it. I'll get back to it once I get my Xbox back from my Sister that I lent to her during the lockdown.

  • I'm really glad about the wave of cyberpunk games we have been in recently, don't know if that is just the effect of the hype of CP2077 but I enjoy it nonetheless.

    It certainly looks a bit clunky and I'm not head over heels with the style, but at least the trailer did make it clear that the game seems to be focused in other aspects, making it look like a metroidvania RPG which doesn't sound bad at all, so yeah my interest is piqued.


    Reviews are coming in and I'm... happily surprised so far, 8/10 from Nintendo Life, that feels good!

  • Got it on PS4 when it first came out and I enjoyed the little time I put into the game. Maybe played 2-3 hours before I got distracted and moved on. I can't say I ever really felt the need to go back though. However it should be noted this is very normal for me and my playing habits, anything that interest me I'll get but because of that I tend to bounce off games a lot quicker then most and I often don't finish games I buy.

  • This game is on sale now on Switch for 2$ on the US eshop. It's definitely time to check it out if any of you are interested.