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    The basic idea is to list new games that you are interested in, as well as games you are potentially curious about or want to give wider attention to. You can briefly describe them or ask other people to help fill you in. The hope is that regular threads like these can act as a collective filter/discovery mechanism to help people decide what is worth checking out.

    "New games" means any new title that is being released or ported this month in any capacity (not "backlogs/what you are playing this month"). The angle here is sharing your anticipation and promoting game discovery (as opposed to sharing comments about a first playthrough in progress - that belongs elsewhere).


    • If you want a handy list that covers most of the major upcoming games of the month, here's a couple text lists of upcoming games:

    Feel free to post other lists or list videos of upcoming releases that you find useful.

    • Final request: If you are the first person to mention a game please provide (at minimum) a short sentence description. (If it is a very big AAA release though, then don't worry about it.) This is a good convention that makes the thread more useful as a discovery mechanism, and especially helps out anyone who doesn't follow the news as closely as you.

  • July 17's the big day, with Ghost of Tsushima and Paper Mario The Origami King releasing at the same day.

    I'll probably have time for only 1 game this month (definitely won't miss out on Tsushima), but I really, really want to try out Skater XL. It's a skateboarding game that's closer to a simulation than an arcade game. The control system is very interesting, it's using each analog stick for each leg. It comes out July 28.

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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 releases in July 10. It's the spinoff series from Bloodstained that plays and looks a lot more like the classic Castlevania games. I got CotM 1 on my Switch already, gotta try it out soon.

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    Also, don't sleep on Deadly Premonitions 2: A Blessing in Disguise, coming July 10. I've been watching Ian and Don's playthrough of the first game and it's so delightful. Judging from that, and the trailers for this game, it's gonna be another wild ride. Honestly I just want to buy it since it has a skateboarding mechanic, lol.

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  • The remake of Destroy All Humans! arrives on July 28th. Definitely getting this finally, this has been one of those games I missed back in the day and have been feeling bad about that whenever I remember that fact.

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    I don't think I've ever looked forward to a mobile game until now (well, maybe Monument Valley 2 but I haven't even played it yet).
    This game has been out in Japan since 2017, but it's getting a global release today!!

    I'm honestly only hyped because of Yoko Taro being the director and Keiichi Okabe doing the music (listen to that trailer!).

  • this month i'm picking up Paper Mario and the Origami King and i'm also picking up Deadly Premonition 2 next week. just picked up a collectors edition of the first Deadly Premonition on the Switch tonight.

  • I'll play Deadly Premonition 2 eventually that's for sure, and I'm hoping to hear good things about Paper Mario, it doesn't have to be better than TYYD but I at least hope it does manage to get the series back on track.

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    I am really hyped about Ghost of Tsushima, I hope this game will be as good as I want it to be. Might also give Skate XL a go.

  • Crosscode is coming to gamepass on 9th July I've heard good things about it. A retro 16 bit Zelda inspired game that's been on PC for a couple of years. I'll definitely give it a go.

    I'm gonna wait on the Got reviews before I buy it. I'm worried about clearing out identical bases for 50 hours. If they mix the level design up have some good systems in place & the story & characters are somewhat compelling l will pick it up day one.

  • +1 for CrossCode, it looks like 16-bit heaven!

    Youtube Video

    The PC version so far is at 86 OpenCritic.