Worms Armageddon Superthread

  • A reminder of what REAL Worms is.

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    Genre: 2D turn-based strategy
    Players: 1-6 (hotseat, LAN, online)
    Developer: Team17
    Release date: January 29, 1999 (Europe) / May 31, 1999 (North America)
    Platforms: Windows PC (CD-ROM, Steam, and GOG), Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PS1, Game Boy Color

    Current update version: 3.8 (July 16, 2020)

    Update installer for CD-ROM version (Steam is automatic; GOG is pending)
    Highlights of 3.8 update
    Full (and then some!) 3.8 changelog

    Built off of the Worms 2 engine, Worms Armageddon is the most skillful, flexible, and feature-filled version of Worms to date. Up to 48 individual worms (6 teams of 8 worms each) can face off with an arsenal of 63 different weapons and utilities. Customize match settings such as turn time, sudden death speed, ammo, weapon power, crate drop percentage, and fall damage toggle. Customize your team's names, flag, gravestone, victory anthem, and speechbank. And either choose from one of over 17 billion randomly generated maps, or import your own!

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    Single player modes

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    Gameplay / Gametypes

    Worms are placed either manually or randomly across the terrain. Each turn, you have a set amount of time to select a worm, move, jump, collect crates, fire a weapon, or use a utility. When a worm runs out of health, it blows itself up. Worms can also be killed by drowning. The team with the last worm standing wins.

    This is just how normal deathmatch works, though. Over the years, the Worms community has conceived of many different schemes with special rules. Among the most popular are:


    Deathmatch with a short time limit and few weapons. Where you place your worms is key, as is moving efficiently.


    Left vs. right on a custom twin-island map. Some special rules apply.

    Bazookas and Grenades

    Commonly shortened to BnG, this is Worms in its most simple form. Teams are locked into position on opposite sides on the map, and only have the titular weapons and a few utilities at their disposal. Using the varying wind to bend Bazooka shots and setting the right Grenade fuse are key tactics.

    Shopper / Roper / Wall to Wall

    These demand skill with the Ninja Rope. Each turn, you must use the rope to navigate a complex custom map, collect a weapon crate, fire a weapon, and hide. Advanced players can do all this with incredible speed. Roper uses a more open map, but a shorter timer. Wall to Wall (or WxW, where "x" is the number of walls) requires you to touch all of the marked walls on the map before firing your weapon.

    Rope Race (and variants)

    Use the Ninja Rope to navigate a maze. Can also be played with Jetpacks, Parachutes, or Bungees.

    Mole Shopper

    The most claustrophobic scheme. Worms are spawned in small holes inside a solid map, and must use Moles and Blowtorches to dig tunnels and collect weapon crates. Often just called Mole, as it has nothing to do with the rope-based Shopper scheme.


    Two teams vs. two teams on a dense random enclosed map. Crates spawn every turn, and the race is on to collect as many as possible before sudden death, when you can no longer select your worm, the water starts rising, and all the worms are poisoned.


    Worms are locked in position, and are only equipped with the Super Sheep. Use it to fly around the map, collect health crates, and wreak fluffy havok on the enemy!

    Bow and Arrow

    Commonly shortened to BnA, worms are spawned in midair on tiny dots of terrain surrounded by mines, and must use the Bow to knock the mines into opposing worms. Chain reactions are prevalent, especially in the massively expanded Big BnA variant.


    Use the Ninja Rope to launch worms at a dartboard, and stick them in place with the Drill.

    Walk for Weapons

    Played on a boardgame map, the only way to use a weapon is to walk to a square with that weapon shown on it.

    Holy War

    Use Girders to fill an empty map, then let fly with extra-bouncy Holy Hand Grenades!


    1 second turn time. Demands absolute knowledge of key bindings and weapon behavior.

    The Full Wormage

    Every weapon is at your disposal, including the insane superweapons. Unlocked when you complete all the single player modes.

    --> Other schemes <--

    | Online Etiquette |


    21 years on, the online play is still fully functional (though ranks were disabled long ago), and you can get a match pretty much anytime! There are a few things you should know before jumping in, though.

    1. Beginners should stick to normal deathmatch. Ninja Rope-based games are the most popular, but they come with a set of special rules, as do some other schemes, notably BnG. If you feel you have the skills for these games, hosts are likely to ask you to name the rules. Do so quickly, or expect to be kicked out.

    2. This is a very international game. South America and Eastern Europe in particular have a huge presence.

    3. Learn the basic controls such as jumping and chatting, and remember to add your team and click the "ready" light bulb.

    4. If nobody is joining the game you hosted, you may have firewall problems. But all is not lost.

    5. Occasionally, a game may say "Pros Only", "Normal No Noobs", or "NNN". Unless you've been playing for many years and know every trick and nuance, avoid these. Thanks in large part to its complex yet mostly predictable physics engine, the skill ceiling of WA is stratospheric.


    Since 2002, the game has been continually updated not by Team17, but by David "Deadcode" Ellsworth, who was granted access to Armageddon's source code. He was later joined by Vladimir "CyberShadow" Panteleev, who mostly handles the networking side of things, and maintains the extensive Worms Knowledge Base. Among the things added to WA over the years are...

    HostingBuddy and WormNAT2 (workarounds for firewall issues)

    ...as well as countless other quality-of-life improvements and bugfixes. The tireless efforts of Deadcode and CyberShadow have enhanced Armageddon far, far beyond its prequel Worms 2 and its sequel Worms World Party (whose "remaster" is anything but).

    If you want to get more involved with the community, head over to The Ultimate Site (TUS). They have leagues, tournaments, clans, downloads, and a forum. A few of the members have...attitude, though, so watch out. Also note that the majority of the league/tourney players have mad skills, though not quite NNN level.

    Tech Support

    TUS also is the place to go for tech support.

    Co-maintainer CyberShadow and other bright folk hang out in there. If WA is crashing or you have other major problems, just post ERRORLOG.TXT and CRASH.DMP (found in WA's install folder) along with your system specs, the version of WA you're using, and a description of your problem, and they'll get to the bottom of it! :-)

    Note: If you're running the CD-ROM version, be sure the latest update is installed.

    --> GameSpot's review <--

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

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    @oscillator Bought.
    I will play Worms any time, any place.

  • WA's first update in 7 years, and likely its biggest one to date, is now available! Steam version will update automatically, CD-ROM update can be downloaded here, GOG update is pending.

    Update highlights
    Full, monstrous changelog

    WA now has insane compatibility. It runs on every version of Windows from 95 to 10, in classic fullscreen or a brand new windowed mode., and an unpatched 1999 CD-ROM can go online against an updated Steam copy. This is absolute next-level caretaking.

    EDIT: Currently 80% off at HumbleBundle.com

  • An update on which mods (WormKit modules) still work with this update:


  • You don't know the real Worms unless you've heard the Saga of Boggy B. from the OG soundtrack. :D

    I was that nerd that was downloading Bjorn Lynne tracks of ModDB back in the 90s, before Worms, in High School (I'm old). LOVE this series, and Armageddon was definitely a high point.

    And because it bears watching if you're a fan:
    Youtube Video

  • @Sazime There's a groovy track in WA that doesn't get heard in full much - the match results screen.

    Some fun vocals in the last couple minutes. :P