Your favourite Yakuza character and why.

  • I'm finally on my last chapter of Yakuza 2 on PS4, a remake of my personal favourite game of the series, but despite how much I love and follow the series, I still find it incredibly challenging keeping up with the wealth of clans, families and characters in the entire franchise

    A question obviously for those who have invested a lot of time into a number of the games, who is your personal favourite character and why?

  • Akiyama

    Used to be homeless. Scooped up an armful of cash, made some good investments, now has billions of Yen, wears one purple suit forever, kicks people in the face who deserve it. Is kinda lazy, owns a cabaret club, loans money to people who need it.

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  • It's such an incredibly hard pick for me but I must go for Ryuji Goda. He may appear a rather cliche antagonist as is, but there's so much more to him.

  • I mean, at the risk of sounding super basic, it has to be Majima. Every second he's on screen is a delight, but there is more to him than the surface level. He is loyal, competitive, and willing to do the right thing when necessary. He has also experienced enormous growth with the addition of Yakuza 0.

  • I would also like to say that I think outside of Kiryu and Majima - Akiyama is probably the most satisfying of the protagonists for me to use in combat.

  • I wouldn't say I'm a massive Yakuza fan, since I've only played 4 and 5 (and like half of 0 I guess) but Saejima pretty much solely because of this scene (spoilers, obviously)

    Also shoutouts to Shinada since nobody ever really talks about him but I loved his story in 5 and he was a real treat to play as, as well.

  • From the ones I've played being honest I don't think I can say, but not because I can't pick, but because the only memorable characters are some of the protagonist and none of them were characters I really loved, and I mostly just appreciated them for them taking part in all the insanity of the games which were the part I liked, I guess the characters themselves are just not one of the aspects that left an good impression on me from those games.

  • Other than Kiryu and Majima who are too awesome to pick anyone other than them, I love this guy Jo Amon.


    Context - I popped Yakuza 6 back into my PS4 months after completion to finish out the baseball storyline. I somehow came across Jo in some sudden boss battle on a massive ship and he started throwing exploding RC cars at me or something. I was also quasi-buzzed and I couldn't believe how mental it all was.

    Also... From Yakuza 0 to Yakuza 6, this storyline is wholesome!



  • @dipset that racing kart mini game was one of the hihglights of the series for me, and I don't know why but it also made me think of the fighter mini game in 4.

    Those are the things that make me regret not loving these games and not playing them more, hopefully 7 will be easier to digest with it's change to the combat.