Forums Button Opens New Tab

  • Hi all,

    Do people prefer how the forum button on the home page opens in a new tab? Personally, I very much prefer it loading the current page. If I want to open a new tab, I middle click a button. To my knowledge, I don't think there is a way for force a button press to load the current page, is there? Even if there is, I find the default method of opening a new tab to be a bit tedious, and generally feels like a site opening a new tab with spam.

    I might be in the minority, so please share your thoughts if you disagree (or agree) on this design choice.

  • I don't like that either. Came up previously and if I recall correctly it was a feature requested by one of the Allies themselves. Without using browser extensions i'm not sure there is a way around that

    I just set the forums as my bookmarked page for Easy Allies. Don't use the main site much.