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  • @el-shmiablo Black Ops was the first and only COD I ever bought (unless you count buying and then very shortly after selling Modern Warfare last year) and I was blown away by how bad it was compared to MW2 I had played hours of at a friend's house. I haven't played every single one since but I feel like MW2 is still the peak of the series.

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    I do not contend this opinion. Treyarch COD games are anime filler.

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    I just find the story of the first game, especially the plot twist, to be insulting to my intelligence.
    It absolutely baffles me when people tell me that it is their favorite CoD campaign. Like what the actual fuck.
    Their map design is also god fucking awful. Everything is just a gigantic clusterfuck and nothing has any flow to it.

    When Infinity Ward left Activision the dropoff in quality for the series was so evident. Modern Warfare 2019 was the first legit great CoD I've played since MW2.

  • The plot twist was very stupid, but I appreciated that they went for a psychological thriller plot instead of generic military war drama crap. But then Black Ops II and III were basically future military crap with a nothing plot and basically a different series altogether. There is no connecting tissue between BO1 and BO IIII

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    @dipset Actually, Spectre and Savannah are Alex Mason's grandchildren.
    It's a useless connection, but it's there.

  • I generally don't play games to feel challenged, and I derive minimal enjoyment from "overcoming obstacles" which usually means that something is frustrating and you beat your head against it for a while until you figure out A: how to cheese it, or B: Git gud. I don't like gitting gud. I like already being gud. That being said, I find some things easy (or not frustrating) that other people dont. RDR2's controls? Yeah, so I shot somebody on accident once. I was like, "oh - better make sure I mean to do that next time." Some people were bothered by "padding" in FFVIIR. I saw "World building" and "explaining the events of a nonsensical 1990's plot in a coherent modern remake". So Stuff like Souls, I will play for an hour or two and then not want to pick it back up again. Stuff like AC:Odyssey I'll play for 60 hours, put it down for six month, think about it, get curious about where the story is going, pick it back up, and spend another 50 hours in - and finish the game. (I'm almost there!)

    I also like sports games. So I'm a "filthy casual" and I'm ok with that.

  • To Tokyo’s point, Sports and Racing games are probably my favourite genres.

    Especially when they were better back in the day.

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    @tokyoslim said in Contentious Videogame Opinions:

    I also like sports games.

    Get out.

  • I find Stealth Takedowns and Stealthy Alternatives to be increasingly unwelcome design additions. When I see a trailer and can identify a game that includes them, I involuntarily perceive this as a potential knock against the game. Their prevalence represents a (relatively) recent shift in design sensibilities, because the games I'm talking about are not in the "Stealth Genre" and they don't want to sell themselves that way either. Stealth actions have just become a verb to be thoughtlessly included in other types of games. (The stealth genre itself, however, is perfectly enjoyable and escapes my ire.)

    Somewhat in jest, I would propose a universal rule: if a game nowadays includes a "stealth option" and a "guns blazing option", then they won't be created equal. The stealthy option is going to be encouraged more, both in terms of actual efficacy and the abstract satisfaction that the game can reward you with. So even though stealth may be optional, it is unwelcome because the game is designed with it in mind. First, all levels and mechanics have to be created so as to allow stealth to take place, perhaps, 50 to 100 percent of the time. Second, the designers have to draw your attention to necessarily details that a stealthy player needs to see/hear at various points. Finally, the combat foundation of the game has to be sufficiently hampered so it doesn't feel "too good" to play that way, where too many players might choose combat exclusively and forget about the stealth. (I'm just being cynical in that last part for my own amusement.)

  • Geoff Keighley needs to go away for a long time. Completely oversaturated and irritating.

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    @Chocobop What about like Fallout? Always felt like those had a good balance. Combat focused doesn't feel nerfed compared to the stealth option.

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  • @mbun said in Contentious Videogame Opinions:

    @Chocobop What about like Fallout? Always felt like those had a good balance. Combat focused doesn't feel nerfed compared to the stealth option.

    I'm not sure actually, since I haven't played the series.

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    Everyone is more charming with a cigar

  • I think the "walking simulators" developed by The Chinese Room are just that-walking simulators. Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture are pleasant but they're extremely tame and they abuse the "show don't tell" unwritten rule much like many of Tarantino's films do. I want to experience the rapture in EGTTR, I don't want to just walk around and communicate with projections. Some people say What Remains of Edith Finch is the same kind of game-but I totally disagree with this stance because in What Remains of Edith Finch you experience the stories the game tells you, and does a marvelous and spellbinding job of doing so.

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    On the subject of Padding and World Building I feel there is a very thin line that separates the two, I personally hate anything where your just about to enter the final stretch of the game, about to do the last mission, start the last Dungeon and your hit with "oh hey go back to everything else you've explored or beaten " it's the one thing that kills any drive to reply Metroid Prime 1 and 2 because of the last minute key hunt.

    Hell it damn near killed my drive to finish Death Stranding when you have to travel backwards thru the whole world, only now everything you built is gone and you can't make more weapons, items ect, also it's raining (killing your gear), and the world is covered in exploding ballsacks.

  • The Ps4 Controller is fucking useless for playing first person shooters.

  • @paulmci27 Why is that?

  • @jdincinerator The analogue sticks aren't great for control & accuracy.

  • @DMCMaster I haven't finished Death Stranding yet. lol
    no more tagging me in DS spoilers.