Contentious Videogame Opinions

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    @paulmci27 All controllers are bad for first person shooters.
    Mouse & Keyboard is the only way.

  • @el-shmiablo True.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Actually PS4/Switch Pro with Gyro controls are actually the best for FPS

  • I can't stand the Hitman games, try as I might I just feel like they are a big nothing burger. Sure they look pretty, especially the most recent two which I'll admit. But I just can't stand how outright boring everyone is, 47, Diana, the ICA , it just feels so boring and uninteresting.

    And the thing that sucks most I'd probably really enjoy Hitman if it had some character injected to it, or gave more direct means to get information instead of standing awkwardly by two people who just happen to be having a conversation about a Target.

    Why not add a small conversation system, (using the Paris level) you walk up to the bartender try ask them a few questions, mentions something about parking being a pain because of the work crew. So you head out and find the spot, free clothes, and maybe a list of names attached to that crew truck with one guy having called out sick. You get more to explore, and if anyone catches you "oh hey I'm Tim's replacement "

    I just feel like Hitman is 2 or 3 steps away from being the Ultimate James Bond like experience, but that it will never take thoese steps.

  • @dmcmaster

    Have you happened to play Bloodmoney by chance? Not that it ticks any of the boxes that you want, but it has a more varied puzzle gameplay that isn’t so reliant on the right costume to get to the next level.

    The levels aren’t just massive sandboxes but they are smaller and in my opinion, have a lot of character. You never have to do that “stand next to somebody and listen to them for 2 minutes”. It doesn’t have a great story but each level has a ton of character. For example, a drug kingpin’s kid’s first birthday party, Mardi Gras, A shotgun wedding, and more. The game feels less bland than the new ones to me.

    I’ll say that your suggestions would probably make for a better game. Hitman 1-3 are all looking very samey and I don’t see why they can’t vary up the gameplay.

  • I simply do not understand the love for Control. When I was reading all the dialogue about it last year, especially multiple outlets giving it GOTY, I felt like they must have played a completely different game than me. The combat was satisfying for the first hour and then you did nothing but fight the same enemies with the same weapons and same powers for the rest of the game. Exploration yielded nothing but endless logs to read. Yes, I can appreciate the strangeness of the world but it ultimately was just a space to shoot terrible AI in. In no way am I intending to demean anyone who loved it, I just feel like it didn't work for me. It took me a long time to finish because any time I played an hour or two, I needed a break for a few weeks.

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    @ozymandsss That's just Remedy games. Doing the same stuff over and over, but the atmosphere is just so thick that you (or in this case, others) don't mind the repitition.
    Same thing with Alan Wake. You just shine your light on the same enemies for 15 hours but it's all good because you gotta find out what happens next.

  • @dmcmaster Did you watch that Nerrel video too?

    Youtube Video

    And follow-up?

    Youtube Video

  • @El-Shmiablo Oh, I know. I really enjoyed Max Payne, Alan Wake (esp its DLC), less so Quantum Break. Maybe its just the relative accolades that Control got over its predecessors that makes it incongruous with my experience with the game.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    He posted a 3ed one recently too.

    But whenever I play on my PC or on Switch Gyro is a must.

  • Every game would be improved if they replaced all the voice acting with bibble-babble's a la Animal Crossing, Okami, SNES Starfox, Banjo Kazooie etc.

  • @hanabi As much as I personally enjoy that and love stuff like Loco Roco even more, I've heard so many people over the years complain about that stuff, especially the Banjo Kazooie voices, that I can confirm the contention of this opinion.

  • @hanabi I respect the opinion (and love these in Animal Crossing), but this was probably one of the biggest things that prevented me from being as into things like Chibi Robo or Okami all the times I tried them. I just wanted Issun to shut up, or to be able to listen to the dialogue in Japanese. I think it definitely works in certain places as well though, and has a distinct charm when it's done in the right place.

  • @dipset
    Blood Money was actually the first one I played, and it didn't click as well as I had hoped for, i think i remember picking it up 2 or 3 times from Blockbuster waiting for it to click with me but it never did.

    Will say I did love the newspaper mechanic where you get reported on if you leave a big mess.

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    Slow motion is one of the best gimmicks in all of gaming and every game that has it as a mechanic automatically gets a 2 point boost from me.

  • @el-shmiablo
    What about slow motion with slow motion during slow down?

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  • @dmcmaster

    I remember being blown away when Kane & Lynch came out because they have a newspaper article about it inside of Bloodmoney a year prior to K&L's release.

    Not gonna die on the hill arguing that Hitman is fantastic. I love it, but it is definitely a niche series and I think it could use some significant innovations after they finish Hitman 3.

    Dream Hitman game would be somewhere between what they already are doing, some of your suggestions about dialogue options, maybe some sort of dialogue skill tree based around deception, charm, threatening, etc, and throw in some Uncharted 4 / 007 / Heist style black market auction steal the jewel when the lights go out type scenarios.

    Or maybe a race against the clock situation where there is another rival hit man present throughout every level in the story. You start discovering little bits an pieces of evidence of somebody other than you running amuck but you can't be for sure. Over time you narrow down who the rival hit man might be.